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Friday, August 12, 2011

Are Hillary supporters nutcases?

As noted earlier, I'm done with Hillary Clinton. If she can justify a foreign government's attack on American citizens, then to hell with her. From the beginning, I feared that association with our current wretched administration would work to her discredit.

That said, Riverdaughter's latest is brilliantly-written stuff:
Yes, the Tea Party Republicans were responsible for setting fire to a fragile economy but Obama lent them the match. He’s a disaster of boutique governance, first appeasing one group of electoral voters, then another, making it up as he goes along, reactively tailoring policy to the interest group du jour.
The latest party propaganda on the subject comes from Joan Walsh at Salon. Joan acknowledges that the party may have made a mistake in 2008 but you won’t hear Joan upset the weenie tray at the cocktail party. No, indeed. Joan is ready to commit the country to another four years of Obama just so she doesn’t get associated with the delusional Hillary diehards. And you know who Joan has been swilling margaritas with by the content of her posts. By their memes ye shall know them.
I'm convinced that Hillary would be a much better bad president than Obama is, but the same can be said of the kid behind the counter at your nearest McDonalds. We need someone else. Elizabeth Warren sounds good. So does Russ Feingold. Jeez, I wouldn't mind Kerry or Biden, even though those names will probably cause my readers to howl and yowl.

You have to grant Mr. O's brilliance at dealing with his in-party adversaries. Biden and Clinton were brought inside the Obama shithouse, where they too could be beshitted. Edwards self-destructed.

Hm. Edwards. Did someone on Obama's staff help to trip him up? Or rather, help to expose his self-trippage?

A woman named Pigeon O'Brien has confessed that she was the person who leaked the Edwards affair to the National Enquirer. (O'Brien and Rielle Hunter worked together on a website called "Being is Free," a title that makes me want to toss more cookies than the Keebler elves see in a year.) On the other hand, during the primaries, Edwards secretly offered to endorse Obama if the latter promised him the veep spot. You'd think that Mr. O would have snapped up that deal, since Hillary began to overtake him in the later contests. This sequence of events leads me to suspect that the O team knew that Edwards had a secret.

Anyways: Sorry, Riverdaughter. I don't think you're a nutcase for supporting Hillary. But she's done. Dee yew enn done.

Riverdaughter and I have one thing in common: The sorry outcome of 2008 gave us both I-told-you-so rights for the next zillion years. And a thousand Joan Walshes can't take that away from us.
There's 18 million or so people with ITYS rights-- many of us sre really hardcore anti-Os. I still support SOS Clinton but I'm hoping for a Warren/Franken challenge to O. (Or ok Warren and anybody.)
Unfortunately I feel the way you do. I think Hillary is the best so far but I can't get excited for her at all as I think she would just be ground down in the job if she got it. In 08 I felt her rhetoric was too too old-fashioned to make me believe anything. I hate to admit I went for Obama and hoped. The second day he was in and picked his cabinet I knew for sure. Done.

The director of my dog rescue group had voted dem all her life. She voted for McCain. Because. O said he would only use public funds and then he welshed on that. She said he was a liar and she couldn't vote for a liar. I was willing to excuse him and let it go. Stupid me.

Now of course I think any one will be a clown in the job. It's tuned into a nothing office so nothing will be the result of anyone in the oval office. God I never thought it would come to this. And yeh, rd is brilliant and nothing she says will do any good.

DeLillo's description of the president in Cosmopolis says it all.
Remember that moment in HRC campain the so called crying speech? it still haunts me. She said politics is not a game you don't know what is coming that is when she choked and the media called it crying. HRC's supporters should wipe every ones face on that day after day till they acknowldege they were just stupid kids
Over the years Hillary has acquired too much baggage. Some of it earned most dumped by the republicans and their toadies in the print and broadcast media.

Had the Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermanns of cable news been journalists instead of shameless pom-pom boys for Obama we might now be coming out of the Bush recession under president Clinton.

How much of this is on Pelosi because she couldn't abide a female more powerful than herself inside the Beltway?
I'm not sure whether we'd be in a much different place now with Hillary Clinton presiding, but the Democrats wouldn't be looking quite so lily livered, I'm sure of that. She'd have made a rugged stand or two against the right-wingers, somethong Obama is incapable of, or so it appears.

I believe that Obama was the Chosen One from the get-go. Chosen by the cabal of wealthy a/holes who really run this country. They thought he was a fresh new face, part black, so would offer an "historic" presidency, highly intelligent (we were told) to counteract the idea that Bush had been an ignoramus (I wasn't convinced of that but it was a good act). Good presidency to lift the fallen image of the USA internationally.

The MSM had their orders, Matthews, Olbermann et al did their thing discrediting her efforts at every turn, ridiculing her trouser suits etc. - and the talk show hosts picked up that schtick too. Decent Democrats like Kucinich abd Gravel were routinely ridiculed and hounded out very early on. Couldn't allow any populist to get even a brief look in.

I see a similar thing going on now with Jon Huntsman by the Republicans. He's the best of a bad lot and he's being largely ignored, while Perry, not even officially in the race yet is getting loads of air time. I watched a bit of MSNBC and CNN last night and they went on and on and on about Perry.

We shall see, but I have a funny feeling that the ratbags who run/own the country now would like Obama out and maybe Perry in....just a theory.
Back in the 1990s, when the Israeli-funded Clinton-haters were spreading their control-mechanism bile (against Bill and Hil') the river of disinfo that flowed from the Mellon Sciafe-branded wellspring wasn't all lies, Joe.

As I'm sure you know,effective disinformation is often brewed from a recipe that has more truth in the mix than lies. And part of the seductive truth component in the anti-Clinton propaganda torrent of the time was the "whispered" allegation that theirs was a "marriage of convenience," made not in Heaven (or in Little Rock) -- but in Langley.

When the covert operations branch of the CIA is properly understood as the "enforcement arm" of Wall Street, and not as just some rogue cabal motivated exclusively by scooping up illegal-drug profits, the "method to their madness" (assassinations and overthrows, etc.)becomes much easier to recognize. And the Rose Law Firm's spooky history of questionable clients and odd facilitations starts to make perfect sense. (Ever read "The Spider's Web: How the U.S. Armed Iraq"?)

Yes, Joe, long before Barak and Michelle signed on as Faustian, secret servants of Wall Street, Bill and Hil' were on call (between rounds of apparently good governing)to do "the company's" business, too.

Andy Tyme
1) The "rivers of lies" about the Clinton were never "Israeli-funded" (whatever that means) ad were always lies. The sy-ops on Bill started when he was Gov, put in place by regional reactionaries who later collaborated w/the Newt/Federalist/whacko oil wing of the party.

2) I'd take Feingold, Biden or Warren in a heartbeat. In a primary and in the general. They'd all b tough in the northern heartland and stay even on the coasts in the long primary season. Kerry is as ruined politically as Edwards.

3) There's a story somewhere re:Edwards' collapse (self-propelled) and O's A Team -- Axelrod knows both North Carolina politics and the trial lawyer world, the two key nodes in Edwardsland.
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