Saturday, August 13, 2011

Job creation: Propaganda versus reality

A well-coordinated libertarian propaganda campaign is trying to convince the public that Obama-imposed "regulations" are strangling job growth. The propagandists rarely attempt to offer specifics about just which job-killing regulations are in place now that were not in existence in, say, 2005 or 1995.

The cartoon seen here illustrates this propaganda position. Always remember: When conservatives rail against "entitlements," what they really want is to get your Social Security money. They want that money invested in Wall Street, where the big investment bankers can rob it, just as they heisted so much else before and during the 2008 crash.

That's why the guy who drew this cartoon is trying so hard to convince people that the problem with today's economy is Social Security and Medicare. Of course, we had Social Security and Medicare during boom times and things were fine. The cartoonist wants you to forget that little point.

This cartoon, along with the rest of the propaganda barrage, is designed to distract you away from an obvious truth: The reason there are so few jobs is lack of demand. (Also see here -- and that link goes to Murdoch's WSJ!) The problem isn't regulation or taxation or Social Security, despite the false memes being spread by libertarian opportunists. The problem is that potential customers have no money to spend. The economic elevator has stuck at the bottom.

Only Keynesian solutions can unstick the elevator -- but Keynesian ideas are now politically verboten. The public believes that this approach has failed, when it fact it has not been attempted.

It takes a remarkable propaganda effort to convince people that the obvious is not obvious. But the CATO-ites are clever birds. They could convince you that you have no nose, despite the evidence of your own mirror.

Added note: Look closely at who is in the boat. An old person, a black person, and a college kid. The Republicans really pushed college loans at one time when they got a piece of the action. Now that Obama has cut the private sharks out of the action, they hate college loans.


Mr. Mike said...

Perhaps the guy what penned that cartoon was offered Chris Matthews' carriage house at his Nantucket estate. Ya gotta wonder what was in it for Keith Olbermann when he called for that hit on Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I believe that EVERY Social Security recipient, even the most conservative, knows that SS is solvent, self-funded and not part of, but separate from, the budget. So when they look at a cartoon like that, they know THAT part of it's a crock; and it pisses them off because it affects THEIR income, and/or their parents, and was earned.

I think it goes in the give-them-enough-rope-and-they'll-hang-themselves folder.



Jotman said...

Now that Obama has cut the private sharks out of the action, they hate college loans.

You mean to say Obama cut some private sharks out of the action? Where did you hear that? I find it hard to believe Obama would hurt a shark.

Anonymous said...

The bankers are like hyenas waiting to eat the $2.4+ trillion from the SS fund. I'm entitled to file a claim if I survive because I paid into the system along with my employer matching tax. The hyenas are out to make the word "entitlement" a dirty word, as if it's welfare. If I don't make it, and I die, the government keeps the money. It's an insurance.

Hoarseface said...

Take a look at the rowers - "Free Market" and "Job Creators"

The whole "job creators" meme pisses me off, and just like "free market" it's presented as an idol we're all supposed to kneel before - "Thank you, beneficient Job Creator, and the Free Market in which you operate, for without you I would be nothing"

In my mind, a job creator is someone who's meaningfully employed with a paycheck to spend. Better yet, one who buys locally when possible & avoids national chains.

Anonymous said...


by Mickey Grant

Saturday, 13 August 2011 08:12

I understand that one of the new Republican budget proposals being whispered about in Washington behind closed doors is one where a citizen over 65 can simply opt out of life. All of this is to be done at their doctors office and takes 30 days to process. The immediate family gets a 10K survivors bonus upon the pain free death of their loved one. Even the death will be cost effective as they plan on utilizing area dog pound facilities unless the citizen makes a "ash request." If that is made then the survivors only get 9K and likely won't speak as highly of the deceased. Party officials say this will save the country over 1 trillion dollars if 80% of American citizens take this option and die at 65 plus the economic stimulus will create many new jobs in the funeral industry! Potentially this will have a positive effect on Green House gases as these millions of former "live" citizens will not be driving cars or using electricity from coal burning plants. There is said to be much bi-partisan support of this as so many Democratic law makers have secretly joined the Republican Party. Currently there is a top secret study being done to determine how this would affect the makeup of current Congressional districts. So far it appears to favor the Republicans as more Democrats in the study have become so demoralized with the potential of Bachmann being president that they have indicated that they were already willing to take the "Grand Op Out of Life" Medicare Choice. Bachmann aides who do not want their names revealed have indicated that they even support giving the hundreds of millions of older Democrats who choose this death option a posthumous Presidential medal.

CambridgeKnitter said...

Anonymous, Isaac Asimov wrote this story over sixty years ago. It was his first novel, "Pebble in the Sky". The big difference is that his cutoff age was 60 rather than 65.

djmm said...

Excellent post, Joseph! Can you or someone here do a cartoon which (unlike this one) is makes the accurate point? (I have no artistic ability.)

CambridgeKnitter, thank you for that reminder. I love Asimov.