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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm done with Hillary

If she runs against Obama -- she won't, but if she did -- I will not vote for either. See Glenn Greenwald here.
Though Clinton's language was draped with the subtleties of diplomatese, there is little doubt that she, too, is justifying a potential attack by a foreign government on unarmed American protesters (ironically, Clinton's remarks came at the same Press Conference where she impugned the patriotism of others -- namely, critics of the Libya War -- by branding them as "on Gadaffi's side").
Worse, the Clinton State Department is now explicitly threatening Americans who participate in the flotilla with criminal prosecution...
No forgiveness for you, Hillary. Ever.
I think Hillary woke up and smelled the coffee. This is the twilight of her political career and after the SoS gig will retire.

Come to think of it, wasn't Hillary condemned for meeting with Yasser Arafat's daughter and agreeing that it was time for the establishment of a Palestinian state?

She must be doing something right if she pisses both sides off.
I wasn't thrilled when I read of Hillary's comments on the flotilla, and frankly I didn't support this Libyan fiasco, never really bought into the 'humanitarian' angle [I mean who 'are' these rebels and doesn't this really have more to do with Qadaffi pissing off the allies with his demand for more oil revenue. Not playing nice seems to be a capitol offense in our Corporate World Empire].

Hillary's always been much more of a hawk than I'll ever be. But . . . there's no pol I agree with 100%. And looking at HRC's entire record? She still has my support and would have made a far better POTUS than the one we're stuck with right now [and anyone presently in the field].

I believe Hillary Clinton will retire shortly and turn her attention to fostering her support for the advancement of women and children throughout the world.

That's no small thing.
well we forgive you, Joe, for dismissing any concerns of Hillary's inner hawk. Remember when she was telling AIPAC that all options are on the table?? Even those of us who never said Mensa, never inferred that Vince was David Kellied who were PUMA-friendly but not in Loooooove with HRC... you still banned us from commenting. All for saying she was as hawkish as anyone else... so we forgive you.

Thank you, Secretary of State Clinton.

My eyes glaze over at the feeble babble about Palestinians. Maybe if anyone cared about moving those stone agers into the 20th let alone 21st century i'd perk up.

But I salute you, Hillary, that is to say SEC of STATE Clinton, on your indefatigable support for women all over the world and on your war against human trafficking. Especially in the face of the modern petulant male who thinks prostitution and violent video games are some kind of inalienable right. Gag.
I'm with Anonomous at 7.51. I think Hillary was still the best option in '08 and probably would still be the best for cycles to come, though she won't run again. She has a lifetime of work on issues forwarding the concerns of the disenfranchised, and she deserves to be honored for that.

H.T. Mergatroid
SOS Clinto will always have my support-- for whatever it's worth.

AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Whaddawe gonna DOOOOO????
Tell you what we're gonna do, Andy. We're gonna define the terms "anti-Semitic" and "pro-Semitic" in ways that don't require a Secretary of State to countenance the killing of American citizens to advance Israeli interests.
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