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Friday, August 05, 2005

Blame Iran!

If the mainstream media is so damned "liberal," then why has it become a dumping ground for neocon horsecrap? We all know the sad tale of Judith "Marionette" Miller of the allegedly leftish New York Times. But let's not overlook Jim Miklaszewski of NBC:

The massive roadside bomb that killed 14 Marines Wednesday flipped their 37-ton vehicle on its top and blew it some 40 feet down the road.

Tonight, there’s disturbing information that some of the most sophisticated of these deadly weapons are reportedly coming from Iran.

U.S. military and intelligence officials tell NBC News that American soldiers intercepted a large shipment of high explosives, smuggled into northeastern Iraq from Iran only last week.
S'funny -- not long ago we had a flurry of stories talking about the increasingly close ties between Iran and the Iraqi government of Iyad Allawi (installed, as Seymour Hersh clarified, in a U.S.-rigged election). Now we're told that Iran is providing bombs to the insurgents who hope to deep-six Allawi.

And who are Miklaszewski's sources for the Iran accusation? (I mean, aside from unnamed individuals.) One of them, it turns out, is none other than our old pal Michael Ledeen, which is worse than citing Machiavelli. Another named source is Donald Rumsfeld. You believe him, don't you?

A reader informs me that this isn't the only time NBC has recently cited Ledeen for the "inside dope" on Iranian perfidy. Said reader refers to NBC as the "Neocon Broadcasting Network."

Since the Iraq war was founded on a lie (hey, that's what the yellowcake scandal was all about ), and since lies have marked our "progress" over the past two years (remember the staged descent of the Saddam statue? Remember the supposed shipment of night vision goggles from Syria?), why should we trust the latest dirt on Iran? If the neocons were willing to fib us into the last war, they'll fib us into the next war.

One wonders just what Ledeen has to do to get himself discredited in the eyes of the mainstream media. Nobody considers him unbiased. Nobody thinks he doesn't have an ax to grind. And there are (let us try to put this politely) many excellent reasons to doubt his honesty.

Ledeen is a veteran Iran-contra schemer who was also tied, in many published reports, to P2, an infamous quasi-fascist secret society which had infiltrated much of Italy's government and intelligence services. Ledeen played a key role in spreading the proven lie that Bulgaria ordered the attempt to kill John Paul II. (Come to think of it, NBC also did everything it could to promote that hallucination.) Ledeen is still best buds with bank robber Ahmed Chalabi, and with the shadowy Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar. Despite Ledeen's pro-Israel -- no, let's be more precise: pro-Likud -- pronouncements, his real intellectual leanings go toward fascism, Italian-style.

(By the way, Ledeen's daughter Simone was part of the coalition authority in Iraq -- despite having very few qualifications. But she did have the right last name.)

Most spook-watchers believe that someone within Ledeen's "axis" cobbled together the yellowcake forgeries which rest somewhere near the origin point of the current war. As noted earlier, former CIA terror experts Vincent Cannistraro and Phil Giraldi credit those forgeries to "a couple of former CIA officers who are familiar with that part of the world who are associated with a certain well-known neoconservative who has close connections with Italy." On further questioning, Cannistraro fingered Ledeen.

If that's true -- and the smart money's on Cannistraro -- then we can safely classify Ledeen as a man who values his sick ideology more than he values truth. So why on earth would a mainstream news organization such as NBC cite any of his manipulative spew?

By the way: If you want to know what the American military will face once Ledeen and his buds get the war they so obviously hope to ignite, check out this report in Asia Times. They now have lots and lots (and lots) of increasingly precise long-range missiles. It ain't gonna be so pretty this time, my friends. Very quickly, the nuclear option will become the only option.
This latest is truly absurd. No one could be happier than Iran at the rule of the Iraqi religious majority now in power.

Why in hell would Iran be supporting the insurgents, when they've got exactly what they've been dreaming of for years, in the U.S.-installed Iraqi government?
Good evening, Joseph.

In the July 20, 2005, article, "Cheney Wasn't Involved Either... Right", Ray McGovern comes within a hair's breadth of alleging that Michael Ledeen and Elliot Abrams were involved in the physical forgery of the Iraqi-Niger document, itself: something of a hack job not much better than cut-and-paste with Elmer's glue, Scotch tape, and White-Out, if back channel stories from Wilson associates are to be believed.

Having to some extent annoyed Blogosphere Left with my insistence that it's the forgery, not the outing of Plame, that's the big-ticket item on this hit parade, I still find myself wondering if the White House will manage to contain this scandal to a couple of saps who did nothing but carry water for the war-makers at the top of the food chain. Hanging Rove out for the Fresh Meat wagon down to the federal pen might feel good, but it doesn't touch the crime of that was used as pretext for war: outing an NOC didn't get the war going; that forged document was one of the instruments that did.

Yesterday, a couple of AIPAC mules were indicted for what looks like an unrelated case of passing documents back and forth to the Israeli consulate. What I didn't see was an indictment handed down against any conduits within the Administration. That could mean one of two things: business as usual in Neo-Con Washington, Inc.; or the conduit is the subject of a more critical, on-going investigation into a larger criminal enterprise—perhaps one having to do with the Plame scandal. The second scenario is unlikely, at least in my judgment. I make no bones about this in my series on the scandal: in Part III, I set forth the case that the federal prosecutor's conflict of interest profile in this whole investigation reeks of an impending whitewash. I could be wrong.

I certainly hope I am.

The Dark Wraith has said his peace, here. Be well, Joseph.
dark wraith, methinks you're too tightly focused on the facts. The war in Iraq is not going well; the American economy is, despite the manipulated numbers, in tatters; the housing bubble is about to implode; and my instincts are that Mother Nature herself is ready to wreak deserved justice on this country. It isn't that you're wrong, please understand. I have to agree that the Valerie Plame outing is a miniscule issue in relation to the misguided war that has wrought devastation in the cradle of civilization and, not incidentally, killed at least 1800 American soldiers. But one might also argue that even the war itself is small potatoes--a minor overseas military skirmish. And likewise the horrific but casual and virtually unremarked torture of our prisoners of war.

No, the issue is none of these, and all of these. We are simply at the end of the burst of energy that gave us the Enlightenment, the American republic, and the Industrial Revolution. These guys that we're up against,the neocons, are a bunch of posturing clowns. There is absolutely no doubt they will self-destruct, whether over the Plame outing or the war or Gannongate or torturegate or some other nasty misstep or scandal. It really doesn't matter what particular straw breaks the back of their papier-mache juggernaut. It's western civilization that's really at stake. Fight the good fight, as you are doing, but keep an eye on the forest: the worst is yet to come.
Good afternoon, UniRealist. Thank you for responding in a thought-provoking way to my last comment.

Here's my conclusion. The Project for the New American Century is an aggressive, operational blueprint, now. Arising from that has been an implementation strategy, again embodied in physical documentation, by the Pentagon. I deal with this in an exhaustive manner in my series, The 21st Century, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of which can be accessed by the embedded hyperlinks.

The conclusion I've reached—shared by some, but certainly not the majority, of progressives—is that, by its very nature, an implementation of this kind, once begun, cannot be stopped: essentially, it has a life of its own that would survive and in fact transcend the small men now infecting Washington, D.C.

In its broad stroke, this policy has set the nation and the larger world onto a path that will lead to a very grim world, at least grim to the minds of people who had anticipated a liberalizing, pluralistic, and progressively enlightening globe in this new century.

I honestly believe that it is possible to disassemble this Administration. Events of the past five years have shown that it won't be easy, and it won't come with some instant epiphany by the majority of Americans. At the end of the day, it is that majority which is responsible for the reprehensible era in which we now find ourselves. Evil cannot rule without the consent of a people with free will who elect to forego the liberty that underpins it.

But even if we can diminish and ultimately end the reign of these cruel and small versions of another era's fascists, their work will already have been done. Long after their kind has been chased back into the shadows, the land will have been laid to a waste that will cultivate a brutish configuration of nations toward each other and toward their citizens.

In other words, UniRealist, while we may be able to end this plague, the disfigurement it has wrought upon the peoples of the Earth will pass, now, from generation to generation across the future.

For that, may the neo-conservatives be damned for all Eternity, just as they have damned us and our children in kind.

The Dark Wraith has spoken.
dark wraith, I've read some of your four part essay previously. I'll go back for the rest.
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