Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Where we are

You know those panoramic views that are stitched together from multiple photos? Here is a brief panorama of our society right now.

1. Senator Mike Braun of Indiana signaled opposition to the Supreme Court ruling that legalized interracial marriage in all states. He later tried to walk it back. Prediction: He'll suffer no electoral consequences for this gaffe. 

2. Lindsay Graham flew into a rage because Ketanji Brown Jackson opposed detention without trial. 

3. Trump supporters seem to be increasingly united behind their true leader: Vladimir Putin. The author offers several reasons as to why this is so, although the most important reasons were left out. 

  • Putin's hacks control cyberspace to a greater degree than most of us care to admit.
  • Putin's money buys obedience to a greater degree than most of us care to admit.
  • Our oligarchy is pro-Putin to a greater degree than most of us care to admit.
  • Fascism is more popular in the United States than most of us care to admit. 

4. Jackson is trying her best to sound like an originalist. In other words, a Democratic president's nominee must try to sound as conservative as possible, while a Republican president's nominee must...try to sound as conservative as possible.

(Originalism is hypocritical bullshit. Have you ever seen an "originalist" jurist advocate a return to the Founders' quaint notion that only Congress can declare war?)

5. Josh Hawley's insane pretense that Jackson is a pedo-enabler is the Q-uintessence of Q-ism. 

Put it all together, and what do you see? The country has gone far to the right, and the right has gone mad.

But that's not really it. Better, I would say, to argue that the country has gone to the extremes -- and we may never again find a rational center.

Added note: To illustrate that political insanity is a right/left affair, note Cassandra Fairbanks' unabashed embrace of Putin. For the longest time, Cassandra was a Bernie supporter who convinced many that she was a lefty. She was actually working for Stone. And Stone, I suspect, is working for Putin. 


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Alessandro Machi said...

Were you watching the same Josh Hawley I was watching? He was magnificient. 3 months entence and apologizing to the family of the peddler when the Sentence could have been something like 10 years? I feel badly for you. It took my Mother being manslaughtered in front of my eyes at an ER in Los Angeles, and the absolute indifference from EVERYBODY who was a Democrat in 45-7 Dem country with a Dem Mayor and a Dem Governor for me to see how much more dangerous Democrats are than Republicans.

Start watching some of the up and coming conservative sites, you might realize they make a lot of good points. I was a lifelong Democrat so my changing to Independent then Trumplican, then Demlican was a time to reflect. Everything you think is evil about Trump, I can make the same case about Nancy Pelosi.