Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Enough Already

The Deprogramming Dilemma – 21

Enough Already

By D-Jay

How much longer are we going to put up with this homicidal stupidity?

While Anthony Fauci worries that the U.S. is “going in the wrong direction” and “it’s not going to be good,” statistical models warn that daily Covid cases could surge back into the hundreds of thousands by early August.


Do you really need to ask?

Equipped as we are with ample supplies of some of the most effective vaccines in history, the people of the United States have the power to stop Covid-19 in its tracks and lead the world back to normality.

Instead, the usual Trump cult/QAnon crowd is driving us full speed back into a full-blown pandemic, with all the misery and death that entails.

Now don’t get me wrong.  If this was strictly a case of suicidal stupidity and the willful idiots themselves were the only ones likely to be affected, I really wouldn’t have a problem with it.

To be perfectly blunt, the more of them who kill or incapacitate themselves, the more they demonstrate the depths of their delusions in the starkest possible terms, the better.

They are, after all, hellbent on destroying not just American democracy, but rational thought itself…and let’s not even think about their potential impact on the climate catastrophe.


In this case, the members of the foolish fringe are not threatening only themselves, their families and their communities of like-minded morons.

Let ultra-virulent viruses like the Covid-19 Delta Variant run rampant and before too long it will evolve into something resistant to the vaccines as well.

Looking at the recent growth in breakthrough cases of fully vaccinated individuals coming down with the virus, a case could be made that this might already be happening.

Fortunately, the great majority of the most serious cases and deaths are still occurring amount the unvaccinated, but how long do we have?

Who knows?

Unless the suicidal/homicidal vaccine resistance dam is broken, however, one thing we can with near certainty is that it is just a matter of time.

So enough already!

Enough coddling the people who have let themselves fall prey to this most ignorant and destructive of delusions.

Time to take off the kid gloves.

The fantasists have sunk so far into their anti-vaccine propaganda world that it is tearing their families apart.  Loving wives are leaving their husbands, broken-hearted husbands are divorcing their wives, children are forced to cut off all contact with their parents.

Carrots do not work with people who are so far gone.

Time for some sticks.

The bigger, the better.

Of course, mandates of every sort should be put in place everywhere they can.

France and other European countries have shown that nothing brings about a massive uptick in vaccination rates as the imposition of an effective vaccination passport system

New York Mayor De Blasio’s new mandate requiring vaccination or weekly testing for ALL city employees is also an excellent step.

But why stop there.

If I were President Biden, I would do all that and also issue the following Presidential directives:

- After 30 days for the proclamation, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA funded insurance and all private health insurance companies would no longer cover Covid-19 treatment for people eligible for a vaccination who had not received at least their first dose and 30 days later this would be extended to the second dose (except in the case of the single-dose J&J vaccine).

- All federal government employees, starting with the military and security services, will be required to be vaccinated.

- Insofar as it doesn’t violate their Hippocratic Oath, hospitals should prioritize treatment for patients who are vaccinated over those who have chosen not to be, especially when the situation becomes bad enough that some sort of triage is needed.

- The FBI, CIA and other national law enforcement and intelligence agencies will identify the people, companies and foreign intelligence services most responsible for spreading vaccine disinformation. All non-classified material will be made public, and those who have had family members, business partners, etc. die or been seriously impacted by Covid after having fallen prey to the disinformation campaigns will be encouraged to participate in (multi-billion dollar) class-action lawsuits against them. While these suits would be civil, the federal government would support them in every way possible.

- The broadcast licenses of any television or radio stations deliberately promoting vaccine disinformation would be suspended.

In short, hit them hard…now.

These people are not our friends and – at least until they change their ways - they don’t deserve our sympathy.



Contributing factors to our democratic decline:

From the Right

Truth Decay – Destruction of the Ability to Distinguish Fantasy from Reality

Ever Worsening Demonization of the Media

Manufactured Distrust of Science and Expertise

The Iron Bubble of Disinformation

The Dark Money Conspiracy

Information Warfare Aimed at Us

Domestic Terrorism

Emergence of a Full-blown Cult of Personality

Ongoing Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering

Election Security

Continued Weaponization of Social Media

Toxic Right-wing Pseudo-Christianity


Sexism and a Pseudo-Macho Mentality

Putinism and the International Neo-Fascist Movement

Lack of Education in Civics and Critical Thinking Skills

Destruction of Crucial Democratic Norms

The Collapse of Good Manners and Propriety



From the Left (and Sometimes the Center)

OTT PC (Over-The-Top Political Correctness)

Inept Messaging

Lack of Media Investment


Surrender of Rural America Without a Fight

Failure to Call Out and Counteract Toxic Right-Wing Christianity

Failure to Call Out Right-Wing Racism, Sexism and Fascism for what it is, and Counteract it in Time

Framing Too Many Issues as Being Rooted in Race Rather than Economics and Class

Failure to Recognize Just How Bad Things Can Really Get

Forever Bringing Beanbags to a Knife Fight

Failure to Protect Critical Norms


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