Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Why does Slate promote anti-white racism?

Here's a passage from a Slate story by a woman named Julia Craven, who tells her readers why she took up riding a stationary bike.
But setting up the bike to work with my body took too much energy, and it had to be done each time I walked into a studio. And I often felt those classes were just too white. I can’t recall having a Black instructor or even someone of color. These instructors exist, of course, but so scarcely that I never ended up in one of their classes even though I tried.
Julia Craven, you are an anti-white bigot. 
I don't want to hear your excuses. I don't want to hear any bullshit along the lines of "But...history!" I reject all use of the word "history" to rationalize offenses against Equalism.
What do I mean by Equalism? I mean the Golden Rule. The idea is easily grasped if you conduct this simple exercise: Mentally rewrite Julia Craven's passage with the words "white" and "Black" reversed. 
(Being a bigot, Craven capitalizes Black while leaving the hated word white in lowercase. Yes, I've heard the arguments justifying this practice. Those arguments are racist gibberish.) 
What would we conclude about a white writer who offered the following text?
And I often felt those classes were just too black. I can’t recall having a White instructor or even someone brown or Asian. These instructors exist, of course, but so scarcely that I never ended up in one of their classes even though I tried.
What would people say about me if I expressed so inexcusable a sentiment about a black instructor in any field -- fitness, art, literature, music, cooking, math, auto repair, biology, anything? I would be excoriated, and properly so. 
And yet nobody will castigate Slate for publishing this bigot. Our society's insane tolerance of anti-white racism will have -- has had -- a completely predictable backlash. The hated will hate back: Such is human nature. Critical Race Theory is a machine that makes racism
The machine was deliberately engineered for that very purpose. The bigots who promote Critical Race Theory want separatism. Having succeeded in re-segregating dorms on many college campuses, they won't rest until they've enacted Farrakhan's dream of a re-segregating all of society. 
CRT advocates make no secret of the fact that they hate liberals like me far more than they hate the Proud Boys. Anti-white bigots are every bit as dangerous as anti-black bigots; the two should be considered allied forces. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hitler was the ultimate exemplar of Identity Politics.

The purpose of CRT is to distract progressives from thinking about class. Forget about the One Percent; ignore Peter Thiel and the Kochs. Your true enemy is some inarticulate white dude working the midnight shift at 7-11. That's the message.
Do you honestly believe that Robin Di Angelo would have any support from corporate America if her message was "Return tax rates to 1964 levels"?

Do you know how I get my exercise, Julia? I walk. I walk because I rarely can afford bus fare these days. Do you have any idea how decadent an article like yours seems to eyes like mine?
Who speaks for the struggling -- a guy like me, who rides the bus (when he has the fare) and who buys clothing from thrift stores (but only the half-price items)? Or a hopelessly bourgeois narcissist like Julia Craven, who drives her nice car to the gym and who can afford luxury items like exercise classes and Pelotons? When was the last time you rode the bus, Julia? When was the last time you subsisted on biscuits in gravy?

Who does your nails?

CRT is used by the oligarchs to divide an ever-more desperate working class against itself. The academics and writers who promote CRT do not speak for the oppressed class; they serve the oligarchy. 
And they are well-compensated for their efforts. For this truly privileged cadre, life is a swirl of lattes, Pelotons, iPhone upgrades, gallery openings, lovely vacations, designer clothing labels and shopping excursions to Whole Foods. And throughout it all -- hilariously, obscenely, infuriatingly -- they snarl and sneer at those who live in basements and eat rice and beans from the food bank. 
They dare to call me privileged. Well, I'm gonna exercise my privilege to say go fuck yourselves.
There is only one way to expose their propaganda for what is: We must identify and castigate any writer, of any race or sex, who propagates a non-Equalist view. Only Equalism is legitimate; only Equalism is moral; only Equalism serves the working class. All else is bigotry disguised by casuistry.
While I get what you’re saying, I also think you’re wrong, and this might be the most anodyne and worst example you could have used to make your point
Justin, the seemingly anodyne nature of the comment is precisely why I made a big deal out of it. We've reached the point where we routinely give this sort of thing a pass; most of it don't even notice it. But that attitude is wrong.

In a way, we've reversed the situation of the early 1940s. Remember the scene in "Casablanca" in which Ingrid Bergman refers to Sam as "boy"? I don't think that Bergman was a racist, and the same is probably true of the writers. But that kind of language was so pervasive that even otherwise-decent people fell into the habit of using it.

Eventually, socially acceptable anti-white racism is going to have BAD consequences, especially when you consider how many people will soon lose their jobs to automation. And it is precisely the incessant "anodyne" examples of anti-white racism which -- as they pile up day after day -- are likely to push young people toward fascism.

I will even go so far as to predict that the most zealous among the white "woke" progressives will be the likeliest to switch their allegiances to the neo-goosestepper movement. To a degree, this has already happened. You should research how many in the Alt Right were originally politicized by their participation in the Occupy movement. It's a pattern.
I agree wholeheartedly - especially picking a seemingly "anodyne" example. Perfect.

I'm a mutt Acadian French Catholic with a considerable amount of Native blood for a "white" boy. I don't get offended by bigotry, however it's obvious that CRT-ers are real racists/bigots. When they spout off like this Craven chick, they know in their hearts that they are bigots and get off on it (cause they're getting away with it).

She hates herself more than anything.
Do people in this country reached the point when they hear about shooting they go meh? I am afraid so
Yes, it's about the class war. Here in Australia we have an endlessly corrupt Tory government caught up in a litany of sex and finance scandals. Women have come out in droves against the sex abuses and the government has responded by including the word "Women" in virtually every Ministry title. Nothing like a bit of social diversion to distract from the union-bashing and public looting that is the staple of conservatives everywhere.
Off topic: I thought of you the second I saw that Salvator Mundi is in the news.

On topic: I have done a lot of thinking of late about the performative wokeness rampant in My Fair City. I find it to be less a cover for bigotry than a cover for why you shouldn't pay any attention to the people complaining that neoliberals are selling off our city piece by piece. The one thing I find heartening is that, in general, when black people speak up (as opposed to the white people claiming that they are speaking on behalf of the interests of black people, because they're just too oppressed to speak up for themselves), it turns out they tend to agree with us old white people a lot more than they do with the people claiming to speak for them.

I hope you're okay. I know I'm not the only person who looks forward to hearing what you have to say, whether or not I agree with it.
Hey Joseph! You okay? We're really looking forward to your next post!
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