Thursday, February 25, 2021

TAXES! But is that really IT...?

It finally happened! Cy Vance has Trump's tax returns! And that's not all. The investigation into Steve Bannon is gaining steam as well, and Donald Trump Jr. has been deposed in the inaugural funds "misplacement" case.
That said, we still have a couple of reasons for cynicism. A lot of people don't trust Cy Vance, who has been notably unconcerned by Trump's various perfidies in years past. 
More importantly, why is Trump still making ambitious plans for the future? As Esquire magazine used to ask: Why is this man laughing? If he's as doomed as doomed can be, he should bloody well act doomed. Does he know something we don't about Vance? Or has Trump gone into "Hitler in the bunker" mode, admiring huge models of triumphal buildings he'll never erect?

When it comes to possible federal charges, Michael Cohen believes that Trump has issued himself a secret pardon, and that he will play that card only when it needs to be played. If so, the feds would be well-advised to depose Trump ASAP in order to get him on perjury.
(Side note: I really like Cohen's "Mea Culpa" podcast, especially the opening segment in which he wraps up recent events in the news. He always seems so EXCITED! And ASTOUNDED! By everything that HAPPENS!)

Did Trump pardon any crime he may ever have committed throughout his entire life? Can he also extend such a sweeping pardon to the Trump organization and to members of his family? 
Apparently so. We must find some way to reign in the pardon power.

Another question: How can Trump prove that that such an all-encompassing pardon was in fact issued before he left office? 

Fortunately, the "secret pardon" gambit can extricate Trump only from federal charges. The state charges are a different matter.  

Still another question: If the documentation proves beyond all doubt that Trump has committed criminal acts -- such as bank fraud or tax fraud -- will he still have a wide enough political base to stage a comeback? In other words: What does it take? When will the MAGA morons finally give up on this guy?

I'm a little sorry Trump is no longer on Twitter. His incoherent screams of rage-gasm must be glorious.

On another topic: In this famous photo, why does Melania look like she's on the verge of orgasm as she leans in toward Epstein?

I fully anticipate that the news that NYC prosecutors have obtained millions of pages of Trump's tax returns is something we won't here about again. It isn't likely to be followed up on. We got news that the IRS put its most elite, cream of the crop team, to investigate Trump and we never heard from them again. We constantly hear about things that never get followed up on, this is going to be more of that bullshit.

In other news, Mitch McConnell is on Team Trump:

The Republican Party is the property of Trump, it exists to serve at his pleasure. Plans are already in the works to take back the Senate and House in 2022 (retaking the Senate is very likely, given the lower voter turnout in midterm elections) and the GOP is primed for a 2024 return of Trump. This time, as dictator/imperator/emperor. God-Emperor Trump is not just a meme like I thought. Apparently, Republicans absolutely love bootlicking and worshipping Trump.

Biden is a gapstop at this point, nothing more.
Trump never admits anything. On the contrary, when he acts as if all is fine, he is in total denial. He will be planning a come back from a jail cell if he ever ends up in one. He will keep saying he is innocent and being unjustly persecuted and all the evidence is fake or it's the fault of others who prepared his taxes or handled his finances. The Trumpers will believe every word and plan his jail break in the name of justice.
What to watch for with Cy Vance is Jun 22nd, when the Primaries for NY DA occurs.

Vance will make sure to have charged Trump by then out of simple self interest (he may even wait for a few weeks before that date, to charge him, in order to have it fresh in the News and voters mind).
If he doesn't charge Trump he can kiss his career goodbye as he will lose the primary.
His past actions don't indicate what his future actions will be in this case, except as so far as if he's looked out for himself in the past, he will look out for himself in the future - and that involves nailing Trump to the effing wall.
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