Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mein Pillow: Mike Lindell, Frank Colon, Michael Flynn, Russia and Q

Many are giggling at the idea of Mike Lindell, the "Mein Pillow" guy, visiting the White House with plans for a new coup. I'm not giggling. 
Lindell emerged from the White House confident that Trump would remain in office. These days, that's not a claim we should giggle at.
As most people know by now, Lindell was photographed carrying the plans for his scheme out in the open for the camera's lens to see. Not all of the text was visible, but a goodly amount was legible. (Lindell exemplifies a principle I've stated in many previous posts: Conspiracy theorists are the real conspirators.)
Mr. Lindell maintained that the notes he had did not contain the words “martial law,” although the photograph showed it to be the case. He said the “fake news” was stirring it up. An administration official said that the blacked-out part of Mr. Lindell’s notes could be seen when looked at closely, and that they referenced firing Mr. Cipollone. The official said that Mr. Lindell got “loud” while waiting in the West Wing lobby.
The first line of the text mentions a "Frank Colon" of Fort Meade. Later, the text seems to read "Instruct Frank to collect evidence on..."

Mr. Colon turned out to be easily traced, probably via his LinkedIn profile. 
Intelligencer spoke with a person fitting that exact description — a cyber attorney based out of Fort Meade — who expressed confusion on Friday afternoon at apparent plans for him to be involved in a coup. This Frank Colon described himself as “just a government employee who does work for the Army.” He seemed befuddled why he would floated to the president in any senior role and said that he never met Lindell, although “I’ve seen him on TV.” (Lindell did not respond to a request for comment.)

Colon said “I get called into a lot of projects for the Pentagon,” including Operation Warp Speed, but that it “would be odd to reach that far down” in the Defense Department for a role like national security advisor, “but people know me in the Pentagon because there’s just not a lot of [people doing cyber law].”
Unfortunately, there is very little about Colon available on the web -- and believe me, I've looked. He's with the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade, U.S. Intelligence and Security Command, which is described thus by Wikipedia:
The 780th Military Intelligence Brigade conducts cyberspace operations to deliver effects in support of Army and Joint requirements. The 780th MI BDE is the only offensive cyberspace operations brigade in the U.S. Army. The organization actively fights alongside its partners to achieve U.S. supremacy in cyberspace and in the electromagnetic spectrum.
The big question -- which no-one else seems to be asking -- is this: How the hell did a pillow peddler even hear about Colon? 
Colon is not known to the public at all. The Q freaks didn't have him on their radar. Conspiracy buffs and parapolitical researchers were not familiar with his name until Lindell inadvertently publicized it. 
I can think of only one way for Colon to have come to the attention of a guy like Mike Lindell: Michael Flynn
There is a very good chance that Flynn is the one who told Lindell about Frank Colon. 
Know this: Flynn and Lindell are "great friends," as Lindell himself said on a January 6 Facebook post. Also see this Mediaite story from January 4. 

Flynn headed the DIA, which of course has worked closely with the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. Flynn takes a particular interest in cyber warfare. Thus, it is exceedingly likely that Frank Colon, a figure unknown to the public at large, became very well-known to Michael Flynn. 

For this reason, I am nearly 100 percent persuaded that Flynn was the one who told Lindell that Colon was trustworthy -- a Goodfella, if you will. The kind of guy you want by your side when you're staging a coup.

Now let's take things further.

Flynn's Russian ties are well-known. In a previous post, I've discussed how he became unnervingly close to a Russian woman whom many suspect of being a spy (although she denies it). Some have described this woman's relationship with Flynn as a classic honeytrap, although I've seen no evidence of a sexual entanglement. 
We all know about Flynn's links to Sergey Kislyak and the GRU.

We also know about Flynn's notorious Moscow speaking engagement in 2015 on behalf of Russia Today, Putin's propaganda arm. From the Corn/Isikoff book Russian Roulette
One of Flynn’s former deputies pleaded with him not to go. “Please, sir, don’t do this,” said Simone Ledeen, a military intelligence officer who worked for Flynn and was a family friend. “It’s not just you. You’re a retired three-star general. It’s the Army. It’s all of the people who have been with you, all of these analysts known as ‘Flynn’s people.’ Don’t do this to them. Don’t do this to yourself.”
Yes, Simone is the daughter of Michael Ledeen, the infuriating neocon who will do or say anything to get us into a fight with Iran. 
Should Frank Colon be counted among "Flynn's people"? I have my suspicions. Should "Flynn's people" be counted among "Uncle Sam's people"? I have my doubts.

For a while now, the Flynn family has been pushing QAnon's theories and memes. The Q qooks practically worship Flynn. 
Russia likes Flynn. And Russia loves QAnon: See here and here and here. If you read the stories at the other end of those links, you'll start to suspect that Q has been a Russian project all along. 
Former crack addict Mike Lindell is now a leading denizen of Q-land. (His history of substance abuse does not surprise me. Back in the '90s, it became clear to me that many within the conspiracy theory demimonde were drug users.)
Why was Frank Colon tasked to play a key role in Lindell's coup plans? He says that this plot came as a huge surprise to him, and that he is "just a government employee who does work for the Army." But this can't be the full story. 
As a matter of basic political hygeine -- or perhaps basic self-protection -- the Biden administration should examine every molecule of Frank Colon's existence. Anyone associated with Michael Flynn should be purged from our military.


Anonymous said...

There is a picture of Trump on top of cnn website right now. Dude looks really tired. And i asked myself why the fuck would you destroy yourself and your whole business empire and family like this by doing one stupid stunt after another??? Then I remember his ghostwriters comment that there is nothing there but a black hole...

I am expecting him at any moment to tear a rubber mask off his face and reveal a terminator robot from another dimension.

Anonymous said...

On that Facebook link to Lindell, he posted yesterday apparently for his and Trump followers to have faith... Trump will be president 4 more years. There is a link to some religious nutters claiming that QAnon apparently going to reveal some more dirt. They hint they are gearing up for something.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I strongly suspect (as I think you do) that QAnon is an intel agency psyop or honeypot, and also (but perhaps contrary to your own deductions) that the Podesta email leaks were too. In any case, have you really examined all that pizza-flavors gibberish that he supposedly wrote? No, I don't mean the wild exegesis done by the conspiranoids or the oversimplification-dismissals done by mainstream news, but the actual, primary texts, whose authenticity was never denied by Podesta or one of his spokespersons. The excerpts I've seen are genuinely weird, and if there is a rational, trenchant analysis somewhere on the web. please link to it -- or try it yourself (but not when you're hungry, of course!)

OTE admin said...

Lindell, Flynn, Bannon, and our beloved Roger Stone are up to their eyeballs in this sedition against the U.S. Even if they are arrested and sent to the slammer, this country isn't out of the woods. The nutjob right has been around for DECADES, at least since the McCarthy era, and they will be around for long after. The key is to identify them, jail the offenders against the country, and completely marginalized the rest. This is easier said than done, especially when these extremists have been bankrolled for decades by billionaire interests. It's going to take years, if not decades, to root the rot out. If, of course, it can be done.

Anonymous said...

Flynn, Bannon,Stone, QAnon, Trump all have some strong Russian connections. The government should start there if they have the balls. Then go after Rupert Murdoch who has strong Russian and Chinese connections.Ask the tough question why an Australian/UK citizen was allowed to come to the USA and startup news network that stirs up kooks to rebellion and helped install a Russian stooge president?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Joseph.

I did not find Mr. Colon listed in the DC or Maryland bar. He may be a member of some other bar. If that could be tracked, his listing might provide additional information. The Twitter account that appears to be in his name is full-bore Trumplican. (Note: he denies he has one.) There is an interesting gap in the posts between Nov. 3 and Jan. 15.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on if Nancy is really going to do the impeachment trial after the 20th? Some folks say it’s not really legally possible, the way the constitution is written.

Anonymous said...


I wonder what you mean by emails of which "the actual, primary texts, whose authenticity was never denied by Podesta or one of his spokespersons?"

Were there emails form the Wikileaks dump that Podesta said were his? Others he denied?

As far as I recall the whole dump smelled of, well Russian-handled dump.

Did anybody spend, or waste, time going through it all?

When you mention not to go through it when hungry, are you making a joke about pizza being ordered and pasta sauce. Or are you making some sort of Q-like reference to sickening "pizza" being ordered?

Anything sounds "genuinely weird," as you say they sounded to you, when you are a conspiracy peddlar.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast with those facile, off-hand dismissals, anon2:42. Virtually every prosecuting attorney in the U.S. is a "conspiracy peddler," since "criminal conspiracy" is a basic charge to "sell to a grand jury" whenever there's more than one suspect for a crime and there's some indication of mutual planning.

The arrogantly pejorative term "conspiracy theory," however, was devised by psyop experts at Langley, a half-century ago, for their OWN malevolent and documented CONSPIRACY to dampen, by ridicule, the American public's growing and well-justified doubts about the mendacious, disinformational Warren Commission Report and later cover-ups of covert-action crime.

Successors to that original psyop team, but in the modern era, now play a "double game," deliberately generating and web-spreading implausible, bizarre, yet cleverly seductive (to the weak-minded) QAnon scenarios to tar-with-a-broad-brush and thus discredit all serious and well-reasoned doubts about official government pronouncements -- which too-close inspection risks exposing as harmful, even deadly, lies.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, it’s 2021. Who was John Podesta?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 4:50 pm. Anon 2:42 here.

I thought at first that it was 4:50 am and that you’d been up all night.

Get some rest, friend.

Then rethink your approach, which in the end is incomprehensible. But sounds bad.

To be clear, I am in agreement that conspiracy theories are everywhere. But when I see someone promulgating the notion that Pizzagate had even an iota of truth to it, I know I’m dealing with either a nutcase, a hoaxer, or a Q style fascist.

There is no partial truth available to the Pizzagate people.

Anonymous said...

The QAnon/Pizzagate fantasy-twaddle is a skillfully intel-crafted VACCINE! It's probable intent is to make the "reasonable" sector of the U.S. public mind strongly IMMUNE to any serious consideration that things like this:

or this:

or this:

could EVER occur among the power-elite in the holy land of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!

Anonymous said...


Anybody with an ounce of sense and experience reading the newspapers knows these crimes are committed in the US.

However, the whole point of this thread is that nobody with an ounce could believe the Pizzagate/Qanon type of story.