Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Why did the CIA Director privately meet with Mitch McConnell?

Laura Litvan covers the Senate for Bloomberg.  She reports that Gina Haspel had a sudden, secret meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
The meeting lasted 20 minutes. To the best of my knowledge, nothing like this has ever happened before. If you know of a precedent, tell me about it.
Yes, I know all about the rumors that Trump intends to get rid of Haspel, just as he got rid of Esper. I have little doubt that her head is on the chopping block. But why would she feel compelled to discuss that situation with Mitch McConnell

When you look at everything that has happened today -- stories like this and this and this and this -- only one explanation makes sense: Trump has a plan. He's gonna do it. He really is going to try to pull off a coup. He is putting his people in place, and he's going to do the unthinkable.
I think Gina Haspell went to McConnell to confront him about this conspiracy. I think she asked him: "Is this truly what you want? Does Donald Trump mean that much to you?" Maybe she has an Ace up her sleeve -- kompromat on Trump, or on McConnell, or on the GOP in general.
Do not minimize or rationalize Trump's actions. This is not a psyop or a fake-out. Keith Olbermann says that what we're seeing is just another money scam, but Olbermann is wrong. Trump is not simply preparing for a 2024 run or for the creation of a new media empire. He knows that if he leaves office, he faces jail time and financial ruin. 
Everything points to a coup. If you saw the exact same signs in any other country, you'd know what was about to hit.
The enforced optimism on the liberal websites must end. Stop sneering and scoffing. Stop minimizing the dangers. Stop telling yourself that it can't happen because it wouldn't be legal. Stop telling yourself that Trump won't risk inciting Civil War II. Trump is supported by a legion of fascists who want Civil War II.

Trump has an army. We don't have a Hulk.
Added note from Natasha Bertrand:
Confirmed: Nunes acolyte Kash Patel will be new Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller's chief of staff
Patel was the real power behind Nunes -- a Giuliani crony who played a key role in the Ukraine scandal and in protecting Trump from the Russia probe. Nobody quite understands how or why that guy rose so far so quickly.  

Anthony Tata is another pro-Trump fanatic who suddenly gained great power at the Pentagon. He's also quite insane.
Tata has called Obama a terrorist and suggested John Brennan should prepare for execution.
Four leading Pentagon officials have been forced out in a single day. A lame duck president would not elevate his loyalists unless he has good reason to believe that he is no lame duck.

Trump is acting like a dictator. A coup is coming.


BobNP said...

I am noticing a lot of my right-wing Trump friends are joining the right-wing chat group similar to Facebook call Parler.I understand you need to have a history of right-wing posts on social media and be seen as a true Trump supporter before being allowed to join. It seems mysterious. Has anyone else seen a similar pattern? It would make sense to have a means of communication amongst themselves if something is coming up. They whine and whine about Facebook and Twitter being so-called liberal, but really they have total freedom of communication. They want to keep something secret obviously.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he isn't elevating these people -- he is paying them off for their service by giving them permanent jobs.

Trump is 74 and in poor health. He isn't planning a coup. He will leave the country.

B said...

Nothing would surprise me at this point. all he needs to find is one real case of voter fraud, and R's belief in it of '20 election will jump from 70% to 90%. Big flags were Mexico and Russia saying they would wait. MAGA has the guns on the streets, and Trump has the police on his side. It's really only the Pentagon that could stop him.

fred said...

I accept the warning signs of a coup sentiment in the Trump cabal but I'm a bit lost on the mechanics. What pretext could be used? Can you say a bit more about Trump's 'army' and how regular forces might be tricked or forced into participating. Most Trump followers now accept that they can't win democratically but how many are prepared to support a coup and by what means? Trump will destroy everything he can on the way out the door. But I don't see the mechanics of how he could actually steal government. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Barr, too, met with McConnell. Very unusual indeed. See


Anonymous said...

I, too, am worried about a coup. It smells really bad.

President Elect Biden is something of an optimist and is currently taking the high road, but I do believe he has contingency plans in case Trump moves. He has been in politics too long with too much experience.

Lame Duck President Trump will probably try to have Republican legislatures appoint their own electors, contra to the will of the voters. I hope Republicans will resist. If they don't, I am pretty sure Biden has a plan.

That said, it could get ugly. A lot will depend on where the military stands.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I rather doubt very many members of the military would break their oaths to defend the Constitution, in order to support a privileged draft dodger who called them "suckers" and "losers", and who sat on his tiny orange hands while his master, Putin, paid Taliban goat-fuckers to kill their comrades-in-arms.

Also, Trump is a stupid coward--not the sort of fellow whom I can imagine could pull off a coup.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Trump has an army? Oh, you mean Meal Team Six? ;)