Friday, November 13, 2020

Trump's coup needs an anthem. Also: An easy way for YOU to fight back -- right now!

The headline for this story inspired me to jot down the following lyrics. (Younger people may not know the tune. Here. You won't thank me; some earworms stay in your brain for life.)
A coup is a coup, it's true, it's true.
And no one has heard of a human pooh
Unless the pooh won't say adieu
And his name is Mister Trump.

Go right to the pooh who plans a coup:
I bet he won't tell you what he will do.
He never says a word that's true.
Evil Mister Trump!

People think that the Nazis lost
In forty-five, they say.
But we ignore them to our cost:
They'll take elections away!

A coup is a coup, says Q, says Q.
Democracy will end for you.
You never wanted a fascist coup?
Well listen to this:
"Heil Fuehrer Trump!"
The above-linked New Republic story addresses the seriousness of this coup attempt. I think that we're all safer if we err on the side of "Take this thing seriously." Everyone knows that I'm a notorious doom-bucket who would rather predict disaster than offer glimpses of hope. But I'm not the only one who can't shake an ominous feeling. 
Sorry, but Trump would not attempt to remake the military at this late stage of the game unless there was a plan for him to continue past January 20. I'm not sure what's happening behind the scenes, but this isn't about the Georgia run-offs. This isn't about 2024. This isn't about a potential Trump news network. This isn't about Republicans "humoring" Trump. 
Don't listen to those who minimize or rationalize. There is a scheme
Here's how YOU can counter-attack -- right now. We can make life miserable for the law firms. Porter Wright now refuses to represent Trump any longer. It appears that Porter Wright developed a conscience. The looming end of democracy can have that effect on people -- even on lawyers. (I always thought that Shakespeare was a bit too hard on 'em.)
The other Trump election law firm, Jones Day, is best-known for representing McDonalds. I bet that if fewer than a hundred people wrote to McDonalds and asked them to hire new representation, Jones Day would soon follow the example of Porter Wright. 
Go ahead: Send McDonalds a message. The Complaint phone number is 1 (800) 244-6227. The phone number for the corporate office is (630) 623-3000.
The CEO of McDonalds, Chris Kempczinski, probably doesn't want you to know his email address, and normally I wouldn't tell you. But these are desperate times:
Tell 'em you prefer to eat burgers made by people who don't do business with sleazy shysters trying to end democracy. Tell 'em you always liked Whoppers better anyways.
Jones Day is already feeling the heat. The firm insists that its client is not Trump but the Pennsylvania Republican party. French fried PoTAYto, french fried PoTAHto...  


Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong.

You write, "Sorry, but Trump would not attempt to remake the military at this late stage of the game unless there was a plan for him to continue past January 20. I'm not sure what's happening behind the scenes...."

But this assumes that Trump is capable of having a plan and then putting it into action. We've seen little evidence of anything other than disorder and an ability to spread chaos. Which has certainly been damaging enough.

However it would be just like him to think that he could have a big takeover by putting into place a few stooges, on the level of Devin Nunes flunkies, who would prove to be powerless against the huge bureaucracy of the military.

I think that more of the same destructive disorder is his plan, plus his hopes to work out some escape from his legal problems. At this point he has made himself so toxic that it's hard to see how he makes it.

Not that anything would really surprise me. We'vve gotten here because our Democracy has been severely weakened.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

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gadfly said...

Donald Trump is fighting to remain as America's first unelected dictator in the tradition of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus who has remained in power since 1994 simply by constantly rigging elections. So the Trump strategy seems to relate to Lukeshenko and is referred to as "Minsk-on-the-Potomac." But even election rigging requires successful alteration of vote counts to favor the Trumpster but this time he heard "You're fired!" loud and clear. So if his fallback plot involves some form of coup tactics as a viable option (which it is not in our form of government) by The Donald, a crash with a loud thud will be the only result except for an extended visit to the Gray Bar House. As Bill Kristol, the conservative leader of the Never Trump movement, said: “He couldn’t organize a one-car funeral; he sure as hell can’t organize a coup.”

joseph said...

It's not that the law firms grew a conscience, it's that Trump doesn't pay his bills. When Trump is president, the firms may go on the arm for him, but now that he has lost, they just aren't interested.

margie said...

Lol, good point

Casbott said...

To be pedantic, Shakespeare meant that in order to seize power the first thing you must do is "kill all the lawyers" as they act as a check on power.

And as for a coup d'etat attempt, I've heard a far more plausible theory.

This is an attempt to be able to push through a bunch of last minute arms sales to questionable countries, by installing his people in areas of oversight in the Pentagon and so forth. They aren't in positions to order troops and actually control the military, these are the guys that would typically sign off on deals.

The arms deals are a way to generate money as no doubt Trump is getting kickbacks with money in international accounts that will never go through a US entity.

And there is also the possiblity that he is also trying to set up a safe haven by currying favour with the UAE… Donald and Jared have business connections there, Trump owns several properties in the UAE and the UAE bailed out Jared with his 666 Park Avenue problem that was a obvious bribe by the UAE.

And most importantly, the UAE does not have a extradition treaty with the US.

The US military as a entry despise Trump, the top brass have always loathed and been wary of him and planned around him, and the recent revelations about his comments and inaction on the bounties has also turned the rank and file troops against him.
A military coup would not succeed as the majority of the military see him as beneath contempt.

With Trump it's always about money, and trying to get it via corrupt means.