Monday, November 09, 2020

America's Sorest Loser

Before we get to D-Jay's offering, I'd like to sound a word of warning: The firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper is pretty damned scary. There is no good reason for such a move, unless Trump thinks that firing Esper can help stave off The End. 
Esper was the one who resisted Trump's call to use troops domestically against American protesters. Seems likely, then, that Trump has something in mind that is likely bring out protesters. Lots of protesters. Never forget that Trump supported what the Chinese military did in Tienanmen Square.
Trump is replacing Esper with Christopher Miller, a Special Forces guy. Incidentally, traitor Peter Debbins -- remember him? -- was also a Special Forces guy. Just thought I'd mention that.
Here's an interview with Miller that I've not yet seen.
Vladek goes on to add: "And not for nothing, but he's also ignoring the currently governing Executive Order on DoD succession, which likewise puts the Deputy Secretary first..." 
A reader of Vladek's thread had the courage to say out loud what everyone else is thinking...
Watch for a flurry of attempts to elevate mid level officers loyal to Trump to flag officer positions.

That will be a sign the end game of an illegal military based coup by Trump.
Yep. This is all kinds of horrifying. 
Adding to our unease is this squib from last June...
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said he would block confirmation votes on two Trump administration appointees until he receives answers from the White House on the sudden firing of inspectors general at the Department of State, the Intelligence Community. Grassley said he'll block any unanimous consent motion to confirm Christopher C. Miller to be the director of the National Counterterrorism Center until he gets specific answers on the firing of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.
Why was Atkinson fired? Because he got the impeachment ball rolling last year. In other words, Miller is a fanatical and dishonorable Trump loyalist.
I hope D-Jay has something to say that can cheer us up...

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America’s Sorest Loser

By D-Jay

Decent and serious man that he is, and being totally committed to bringing our shattered country back together, President-elect Biden knows that the last thing he should do right now is to openly express his real feelings about the immature idiot currently occupying the  White House.  Don’t you just know, however, that there are all kinds of things he’d like to say but can’t.

In case you haven’t noticed, though, here at Cannonfire we don’t often feel the need to hold ourselves to such a high standard of decorum.

We get to call ‘em as we see ‘em…and if the truth hurts, well, so be it.

So let me put on my wizard’s hat and see if I can channel Uncle Joe’s inner devil…the sharp but quiet voice usually kept tightly bound to silence by his large phalanx of better angels.

Take it away Mr. President-elect’s dark side:

Enough already, Donald – grow up!  For once in your life stop acting like a spoiled four-year-old who didn’t get the right toy for Christmas.  Doesn’t any part of you know how to be a man?

Just admit you lost and move on.

Even Melania has told you that -- although she just be angling to get to her divorce proceedings going sooner.

After four years of treating our sacred presidency as nothing more than a tool for your cheap self-aggrandizement, can’t you just this once do something for the good of the country you are sworn to protect? 

Get your lard ass off the golf course long enough to tell your rabid supporters to put their guns back in the cabinet and stand down.  There’s no way in the world you are worth starting a civil war over.

After that, put on a damn mask already and tell your fanboys to do the same.  Thanks to you, 100,000 Americans are getting Covid and more than 1,000 dying from it every day.  For Christ’s sake, can’t you at least pretend to care?

After that, head back to the golf course or Mar a Lago and sulk to your heart’s content. Or start getting your papers ready for the Donald Trump Presidential Library.  That should take your mind off what a pathetic loser you are for an hour or two. The sharpie-enhanced map room!  A short stack of single-page Presidential Daily Briefing cartoons!  That ought to do it.

Please, please, please, authorize other people to handle the real work of the transition. Lord knows that you wouldn’t know how to do it even if you wanted to.

Stop firing hard working members of your administration out of petty pique because their honesty somehow offended your delicate little ego.  Are you really that insecure? 

Of course you are.

And to those 71 million people who cast their ballots for you (more than 4 million less than for me, in case you’re counting), I’ve got a few simple questions…What the hell were you thinking? 

Would you tolerate this sort of behavior in a four-year-old?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Are you really that blind?

Is this really what you want for our country?



OTE admin said...

I think Keith Olbermann pretty much said it today about Trump's halfassed legal maneuvers and scheduled rallies are just ways to scam the gullible out of more money to either pay off Trump's debts or to help jumpstart a supposed 2024 campaign. He knows he's lost, but he is going to try and milk this election it all it's worth.

Trump is a big admirer of televangelists because they are hucksters like he is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cannonfire has made me too paranoid over the past year.

But if the counting machines really could be hacked then it’d be mighty clever for a foreign adversary to hack the recounts

Anonymous said...

Joe (and DJ)... What is going on with CNN and other news shifting PA, GA, and AZ back to undecided today? I’m all for seeing drumph ride off into the sunset, however my guess is we are going to find out that overzealous voters may have worked too darn hard to help him go and that those extra votes for Joe are going to be deducted. What is the story? Figuring out what may or may not have happened in those three states is about all that matters, as if they go away Trump does not go away.