Monday, September 07, 2020

The Malignant Messiah

Today's post was provided by D.J. Morris, a.k.a. D-Jay. But before we get to it, this note: The Trumpers are still proclaiming that Russiagate was a hoax, despite the recent report from the Senate Intel Committee (chaired by a Republican). If you meet anyone who has fallen for this "hoax" narrative, direct them to this thread by Seth Abramson. It's dense, but perfectly comprehensible.

Also: Marcy wants to know why someone like Flynn has fallen for QAnon. This mystery is less mysterious if you accept my theory that Peter Debbins, longtime spy for the Russians, is Q -- or rather, one of the team of people who has contributed to the Q mythos. Debbins taught at the Institute for World Politics, which has strong ties to Flynn. The two men must know each other. Maybe they came up with the idea together.

And now, D-Jay takes it away...

*  *  *

The Malignant Messiah
Trump cultists – This is who you worship now.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump worships two things…money and himself. Always has, always will. If you live your life by a different set of values - if you devote yourself to service to others, let’s say, or if perhaps you give your life for your country – in his mind, you’re a “sucker” and a “loser.”

That’s who he is. And if you are one of his die-hard supporters, that’s who you are, too.

Face it. Call yourself a Christian if it makes you feel good, but if you are a member of the Trump cult, what you worship now is him. He is now your messiah.

Not Jesus.

Not Yahweh.


He lies about everything.

Every lie he tells is yours now.

He cheats on his wives.

He cheats on his taxes.

His sister said he cheated his way into college.

There is every indication he’s planning to cheat in our elections.

He cheats at golf - and even drives his cart on the greens, for heaven’s sake.

His cheating is yours now. You’ve enabled it.

He’s a racist. One of the worst.

If you still support him, you’re a racist, too. Believe it.

He’s ignorant and incompetent. He lost the $400 million his daddy left him and was kept out of the poor house only through a sudden influx of Russian oligarch’s money. Ever wonder what he’s given them in return?

That’s on you now, too – and if he’s a traitor, so are you.

The blood of every person who dies unnecessarily from Covid-19 because Trump was too busy tweeting, doing his hair and watching stories about himself on Fox News to develop a coherent policy is on your head as much as his.

The destruction of American democracy thanks to Vladimir Putin’s installation of this human wrecking ball is down to you. Without your willful ignorance, it could never happen.

Civil war, if it comes, is your fault. He is lighting boxloads of matches every day and tossing them into the sea of gasoline he’s poured…and you’re just fine with that.

As Danny Deutsch said a few days ago on Morning Joe, “That’s who YOU are.”

Trump is your god now so anything he says must be true.

Anything he does must be right.

No need for you to think any more.

No need for you to study the available evidence about anything and make up your mind for yourself.

You have a messiah for that now.

With your savior at hand, the RNC doesn’t even need a platform anymore. Whatever he says goes.

As for the rest of us…the ones who still believe in justice and democracy. The ones who think we’re all in this together. The ones who don’t think that every problem can be solved with a gun. The ones who know that the climate change will kill us all if we don’t get our act together soon – or blow ourselves up first. What are we to make of all this?

What are we to do?

For a start, we can stop letting you off the hook so easily.

Yes, we can blame Trump for his crassness, narcissism, greed and demagoguery and his skill in hypnotising you.

Yes, we can blame the creators of the right-wing alternate fact universe in which you live, for undermining your ability to think for yourself.

Yes, we can blame the purveyors of manufactured conspiracy theories, cleverly designed to pull you further and further into a fever-swamp of oh-so-self-assured paranoid delusion.

Yes, we can blame those who have corrupted Christianity so badly that people like you can actually think that Trump is doing the work of God…and not the other guy.

But in the end, it’s you – the everyday Trump voter. The members of that 35 or 40% of Americans who are with him no matter what.

You are the problem.

Without you, Trump would just be another idiotic blowhard.

But you have made him your messiah.

You have put him in the position where he can destroy our country…and probably will.

We don’t forgive you.
Wow...thank you for that.
Just curious, who is DJ Morris? Seems like a good writer. By the way, I assume you've seen this Even if Trump weren't a racist, xenophobe and anti-semite, racists, xenophobes and anti-semites think he is. And qanon's theory of blood eating elites reminds us of what? Hmmm, blood libel, maybe?
So well stated.
We will remember and we won’t forgive!
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