Friday, September 18, 2020

Paranoid thought for the day

There was no forensic examination of any state's voting tabulators in 2016. Trump's lawyers -- quite suspiciously -- fought against any such investigation. But you know damned well that if Trump loses, he'll want the machines and the software examined.

What if they find something? What if some form of malware is planted? What if the malware seems to be in communication with a foreign entity? What if the purpose of the malware is not to change votes but to frame China or some other nation?

What would happen to our orderly transition of power then?

I direct your attention to this story from 2017:

But the site is also drawing another conclusion with the source code: that the CIA can frame other countries for its malware attacks.   

WikiLeaks points to how the CIA anti-forensic tools support other languages such as Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi. “This would permit a forensic attribution double game,” the site said.

I see no way to defend against such a tactic. Our nation could enter into a period of all-against-all chaos.


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

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OTE admin said...

More reason to be a bit more paranoid: RBG has died at the age of 87. Now the USSC is going to be a huge political football this fall.

gadfly said...

Inquiring minds want to know if Trump has his dirty hands involved in the timing of RBG's demise. Just last week he began the rant on the next president could have four Justices to appoint and he said he was reserving Amy Coney Barrett for replacing Ginsberg.

The Senate gets to decide whether to act on a judicial nomination, and it decides this as a matter of politics and prudence - so Trump ignores the authority of the Senate and demands that McConnell get an up or down vote before the election. But the ugly hearings that preceded the Bork, Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Kavanaugh votes suggest that forty-four days may not be enough time if Democrats do their jobs.