Monday, August 03, 2020

It's gotta be Demings

GOP media has shown its hand: They're going to hammer the "we need law and order" theme. See here and here and here. No word on who was responsible for the shooting spree at that Portland apartment complex. Boogaloo? I expect white supremacists to commit many provocateur actions between now and election day, in order the create the impression that it's all going to hell.

Biden can blunt this line of attack by choosing Val Demings, a former police chief who was spectacularly successful at her job. Announce that she will oversee police reform. Task her with bringing both justice and peace. Who else can meet this crisis?

(Kamala Harris would make a fine Attorney General. It may be to Biden's benefit to announce that she is his pick for that job.)

The Russian trolls, the Bernie Bros, the Krystal Ball watchers and the proponents of Identity politics will all denigrate Demings, using whatever rhetorical tools they find handy. But let's face it -- those creeps would do their dirty numbers on anyone else Biden chooses. I love Tammy Duckworth, but in this election, we need a cop.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the black helicopters, buudy.

Gus said...

Yep, this isn't surprising. Interestingly, it's very similar to how Putin seized power in the late 90's, by ordering bombings of apartment buildings and blaming it on Chechen terrorists. So Trump and followers following Vladamir's playbook seems appropriate.

Joseph Cannon said...

Hey "buudy" -- were you referring to my contention that white supremacists might stage violence attributed to BLM protestors? Is THAT the idea you considered redolent of "black helicopters"?

Check it out:

The sourcing goes to the cops in Richmond. If you think the story is wrong, take it up with THEM.

joseph said...

Not sure that naming a Cabinet before the election is legal

Joseph Cannon said...

Well, j, a man can always hint.

William said...

Just watched Val on YouTube. Great choice.