Saturday, August 01, 2020

A Trump health mystery

This tweet has me wondering...

That's what it looks like to me. But that kind of IV is put into place long-term. In other words, he must have been in a hospital for at two or three days, at least. How could such an episode be hidden from the public?

A normal presidential physical would not require an IV.

One reply to this tweet suggests that a stroke has forced Trump to take blood thinners. Heart failure seems even more likely. He's obese and he eats crappy fast food: Would anyone be surprised to learn that a cardiac episode was the reason why Trump had to make that mysterious trip to the hospital last year?

When a commenter asked why the bruise appeared on the left hand, the same ICU nurse responded thus:
Good question. Here’s my take after 30 years in ICU - anatomy dictates where venopunctures are performed. We “stick” the non-dominate hand/arm of the patient, but ultimately “stick” where the best vein access exists. Almost never use the hand for simple blood tests. Hands = IV’s.
And they spread rumors about Hillary's health...!

Update: Actually, that's his right hand. It seems odd to use the dominant hand for an IV. So maybe it IS a bruise?

PS. Why is he carrying newspapers? Nobody reads physical newspapers anymore. And Trump doesn't read anything.


stickler said...

"Left hand"? Looks like the right to me.

Joseph Cannon said...

I'm just reporting the conversation as it appears on that thread. The fact that the bruise is on the right hand makes this episode more mysterious. Maybe it's NOT an IV entrance.

In truth, the possibility of Photoshop occurred to me early on. Has anyone traced this image to its source?

Anonymous said...

Medical interpretation can be difficult. It’s always best to follow the life of the individual patient in working toward an explanation. He is very likely taking blood thinners, so bruising could occur.

Since it is Trump, maybe he banged his hand on the edge of the Resolute Desk grabbing for a falling cheeseburger.