Wednesday, June 24, 2020

When will the madness stop?

Every time I see a headline which indicates that Biden has this one in the bag, I become more convinced that Trump will win.

Biden has fastened upon an excellent campaign strategy: He is the invisible man. Wisely, he has decided to stand aside and let Donald Trump punch himself repeatedly. If Donnie wants to smash those tiny fists into that hideous orange proboscis, why interfere?

Eventually, though, Joe will have to talk to the country. When he does, he'll make enemies. He's in an impossible position: Nothing he can say will please both the all-important purple state swing voters and the Identity-obsessed postmodernist fanatics.

No Dem can win while the so-called "left" is engaged in a cultural revolution so extreme it would have alienated Madame Mao herself. "Progressive" freakazoids want the Democratic party to wed itself to the following platform:

1. Black people are Gods. All white people should stay perpetually mired in self-hatred.

2. Women are Goddesses. Anyone committing the sin of penis-ownership should be forever disallowed from saying anything on any topic.

3. The transgendered are Gods/Goddesses/whatever. Any "scientific" principle they espouse, however ill-evidenced, cannot be questioned.

4. All white Americans of previous generations are to be considered racist, no matter what positions they actually held in life. Therefore, all public statues are statues of racists, and must be demolished. 

5. America in general is despicable and should be destroyed. Democracy is odious because it gives too much power to whites and to males.

6. Cops must be eliminated. We must ignore the majority of Americans who say that they do not want cops to be eliminated. The majority is white, and White Lives Don't Matter.

That, in essence, is the new progressive creed.

Biden will soon be forced to address this platform. He'll have to say whether he agrees with it or disagrees with it -- and no matter what he says, he's fucked. Even if he manages not to fumble the wording (which he probably will, because he's Joe freakin' Biden), the poor guy has been placed in a classic no-win situation. Inevitably, his words will incense huge swaths of people -- on the far right, on the far left, in the center, off the map.

Biden's numbers will plummet. Trump will announce that he is the only force standing against chaos.

And that's how the most corrupt, decrepit and deranged individual in America's political history will win re-election.

Bet on Trump. The polls of June will not resemble the polls of November.

Trump might as well pardon Flynn, Manafort and Stone right now. Most people don't care about them. Most Americans are not intellectually capable of following the details of their criminal cases.

In the USA of 2020, it's all about Identity politics. The Alt Right and the Stupid Left have both embraced it. Soon, Identity politics will kill the left -- and perhaps democracy itself.

Anyone who understands basic human psychology can predict that white voters will soon rebel against the left's continual anti-white bigotry, while men (and the women who love them) are going to say fuck you to the left's institutionalized male-bashing. Progressive "cancel culture" appalls many who would prefer to vote for progressive economic policies.

Remember when the campus free speech movement was associated with the left? Now, the neo-Stalinist progs have wholeheartedly embraced censorship.

The protests are not peaceful. Any liberal who tells you otherwise is lying. Yes, I fully agree that -- initially -- protests against police corruption were both long overdue and very, very justified. But the protests have devolved into insanity:
Wisconsin crowd pulls down statue of abolitionist who died fighting slavery
Crowds outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison tore down two statues and attacked a state senator amid protests following the arrest of a Black man who shouted at restaurant customers through a megaphone while carrying a baseball bat.

Video released by the Madison Police Department shows the man talking through the megaphone Tuesday while walking around the restaurant’s outdoor patio. He goes inside and paces through the restaurant with the bat on his shoulder, saying he’s “disturbing” the restaurant and talking about God and the police before walking out
That black guy clearly needs treatment by mental health professionals. Unfortunately, anyone who says what I just said is considered a racist.

The country has gone mad.

This current madness is not a revolution. As Abby Hoffman once noted, the first duty of the revolutionary is to get away with it. The prog-mob won't get away with this shit for very much longer.

A backlash is coming. Trump will benefit.

We're living in a pressure cooker, and the Trumpers want to turn up the heat. Their plan is obvious: They hope to intensify the insanity on both the right and the left. They hope to force the Democrats into allying themselves with radicalism. They hope to sucker the Dems into embracing unpopular ideas such as reparations and defunding the police.

As I keep reminding people, democracy is a popularity contest.

Here's how the madness played out recently in Dundalk, the Baltimore suburb I call home. I did not witness this incident first hand; the report comes from a neighbor.

In a grocery store parking lot, an elderly black man made a minor driving error -- the sort of thing that happens every day. No big deal. But the offended white driver got out of his car and shouted the worst possible racial epithets at the black man. The red-faced white guy kept shrieking like an air raid siren, and nothing could stop him. He literally shook. At one point, he fell on the ground and quivered in rage-gasm. He acted as though his entire life, his entire sense of Self, was at stake.

A crowd gathered. Very soon, this tiny contretemps threatened to become a full-fledged riot. Fortunately, my neighbor -- a large and rather intimidating fellow -- convinced the screaming white fanatic to redirect his fury at him until the cops showed up.

Thank god for the police. I'm told that they handled the situation in an exemplary fashion.

I've lived in this town for a decade, and I can assure you that nothing of that sort has ever happened here before. My neighbors are basically ill-educated working-class types; there's a reason why outsiders call the place "Dumb-Talk." But it's a mixed community where people generally get along. People don't want to fight; they'd rather get high and watch Marvel movies.

Honest to god, I've never before heard anyone here use that particular insult. Come to think of it, Dundalk is one place where even black people don't use that word.

At least, that's the way things were until the summer of 2020.

A word about slavery. Throughout my life, I've heard black people loudly announce: "Cleopatra was black!" This statement is usually followed by a derisive remark about that barely-watchable movie starring Elizabeth Taylor.

I never could understand why any black person would want to be associated with Cleopatra. She was a vile human being -- murderous, scheming, ruthless, and utterly self-centered. Yes, she was famous. So what? Does everything come down to name recognition?

Here's the truth: Cleo was Greek. Her family was installed on the Egyptian throne by Alexander the Great. The royal line infamously intermarried, brother with sister, in order to maintain its so-called purity.

(You can imagine the results. My current pooch is the result of an accidental brother-sister pairing, and lemme tell ya: That dog is nuts.)

Here's another neglected truth: Cleopatra kept slaves. Lots and lots of 'em.

So why do black people keep telling me that she was black? Jeez, who wants her?

Another word about slavery. There are many more slaves in the world today than there were before the Civil War. Few American lefties talk about modern slavery because the majority of today's slave-owners are not white people of European descent (except in Russia). Thus, the "guilt factor" is not politically useful.

One of the major strongholds of modern slavery is Mauritania, which did not make slavery illegal until the 1980s. The barbarity persists in that country because Mauritania suffers from a weak government, growing ethnic divisions, and ineffective police forces.

Mauritania teaches us these lessons:

Disempowering the police creates slavery.

Radicalization creates slavery.

Disunity creates slavery.

A lack of national pride creates slavery.

In this country, the neo-Nazis will use any strategy to create disunity and discord. They want a race war -- a war which black people cannot win.

Infuriatingly, many "progressives" seem be doing everything they can to help the neo-Nazis attain their goal.
Meanwhile, Governors Newsom and Cuomo refused to use the two Hospital ships Trump provided to safeguard seniors who did NOT have COVID from Seniors who had COVID-19 and were being sent to Nursing homes and mixed in with the Non-COVID seniors.

Thousands of Seniors may have needlessly died while their relatives got to watch through windows at the Nursing Homes. If those had been two Republican Governors the media would have been all over this.

I am surprised at your refusing to see what is not being reported.

Benedict Donald "won" last time for four major reasons:

(1) Russian interference. (May Putin suffer the fate of Mussolini, and may his judges in the afterlife be Rod Serling and a committee of his favorite scriptwriters.)

(2) The misogyny of the dudebro media and much of the general electorate. This time, Benedict Donald's opponent also totes a pecker.

(3) Donnie Two Scoops had the advantage of running against one of the two primary victims of the most lavishly funded, well-organized, and insanely passionate smear campaign since Goebbels & Co. went after (((That Certain Minority))). She is not running this time.

(4) A lot of people were not passionate supporters of Donnie Dumbass; they simply shrugged and said "Aw, how bad could he be?", and either voted for him, or did not bother to vote at all.

Now, they know exactly how bad he can be.

And even with all that, his own man Bannon said he basically managed to draw an inside straight.

This time, Putin and his minions really have their work cut out for them. I'm not saying they can't do it, but they will really need to step up their game this time.

Joe - Nothing in our country means more to me than the first amendment. I don’t care how dumb or crazy someone’s opinion might be they are 100% welcome to it and can say whatever they want. The most recent efforts to limit free speech by the domestic terrorists as well as Facebook and such scare the heck out of me. Whatever our voters political biases might be they are right to fear this trend.
I won't call Cannon's scenario impossible, but it depends absolutely on one major factor in American politics remaining true:

For the scenario to work, "unwoke" white adult American citizens must still compose majorities in a sufficient number of states.

If that be true, Cannon's scenario, while still uncertain, is possible.

OTOH, if we have finally reached that long-predicted inflection point where the coalition of non-white adult American citizens plus "woke" white adult American citizens finally compose majorities in a sufficient number of states--if the demographic "asteroid" has finally hit--then "unwoke" American culture will go the way of the pterosaurs.

@Anon: Whatever they want? Do you say that they have the right to yell "Fire!" as a prank, in a crowded theater or similar venue? Do they have the right to peddle the glories of drinking bleach? Do they have the right to call for the murder of their fellow citizens?

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact."
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