Sunday, March 15, 2020

Remember decency?

I believe that every word you'll hear in this clip is said from the heart and without guile.

Yes, I've disagreed with things that McCain -- both McCains -- have said in the past. For that matter, I've disagreed, from time to time, with Joe Biden. He was not my first choice, or even my second choice, in this election cycle.

But this video clip isn't about politics or policies. This is about humanity.

Remember when we had a president who could speak such words? Remember when we had a president who was not petty, not self-absorbed, not needlessly belligerent, not a vulgar narcissist? A president who could speak with  empathy, wisdom and generosity?

Yes, Biden can ramble and appear to lose his train of thought. But give him time. He always finds his way back to a place of eloquence, dignity, and honest emotion. He is not afraid to speak as an educated man, yet he also speaks to average Americans. He can even quote -- spontaneously -- literary figures and great philosophers. That is something we once expected of people in public life.

Remember when most of us understood when to put partisanship and pettiness aside? Remember when incessant ad hominem attacks and inane conspiracy theories were considered the hallmark of tiny minds?

Remember when politics was not war? Remember when politics ended and mere life could take its proper place?

Remember decency?

Please share this video, especially to those of a different political persuasion. Ask them: Remember decency? 
Maybe it's off topic, but what happened to Peter Dau?
What do you mean, what happened to him? He sold himself out to Bernie Sanders, that's what.
you are a true believer. true believers are also known as fanatics. the lord jesus was raised up after death to the right hand of God. Moses parted the red sea and led his people to the promised land. Is there any difference between people who believe ever word their political party leader speaks is true, sincere and truely decent and the freaks who fight and die for God or ALLAH. I dont think so. Mccain was a front for the military industrial complex. His daughter is likely a billionare. Saving and loan Mccain. Biden whos son is employed by Ukranian oil crooks and who is so bought off he doesnt represent voters , he represents campain contributers (banks, military contracters etc) whow! you really believe he is sincere, honest and decent. what a fool you are.....
I must bow to your expertise on the subject of fanaticism, sammikins.
@Sam: Sir, this is an Arby's.
I have to say in last night's debate, Sanders was way more respectful of Biden than he ever was of Hillary Clinton.
And according to some polls, Sanders received more votes in some states in 2016 than 2020 from people that did not like Hillary more so than approved of Sanders.
Your point seems to enforce the idea that Sanders himself has a personal dislike for Hillary as a person more than an opponent.
Democrats and the media by spasmodically overreacting to the death of what appears to be about 6000 people after almost 5 months of coronavirus are laying the groundwork for Trumps re-election. In about 6 months after the economy is destroyed and businessea go belly up because healthy people were all holed up in their homes to avoid spreading disease to old people who should have been the target of the quarantine... Well there is going to be hell to pay. And Democrats and the media will be the target although it was right wing trolls in the foreign British run tabloids and Matt Drudge who started the panic. I would like to know if they sold a bunch of stock back in January.
We don't need no stinkin President. We don't need no stinkin late stage capitalism. We got this dinosaur.
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