Monday, February 10, 2020

Progressive purists make me puke

This is exactly the sort of thing I can't stomach...

No. It's a matter of acquiescing to reality.

Reality: A general election is a popularity contest. Reality: Socialists are NOT POPULAR. Reality: Feminists are NOT POPULAR. Reality: Political correctness is NOT POPULAR. Reality: Identity politics are DEFINITELY NOT POPULAR.

Reality: The Democratic nominee must distance herself or himself from these unpopular stances if she or he wants to have any chance at winning.

Here's another piece of discomforting reality: Progressives who pretend to love-love-love black people continually disdain the way black people vote. Yes, it's true that there are no people of color in the top tier of current Democratic candidates -- but you can't blame the DNC for that situation, and you can't blame an imaginary white conspiracy. The simple truth is that black voters said no to Harris and Booker while saying yes to Joe Biden. Nobody made that decision for them.

Most blacks are not progressives. In fact, most disdain the label "liberal."

Sanders supporters still promulgate the myth that, in 2016, African Americans would have voted in greater numbers if Sanders had been the nominee. Bullshit. Many African Americans just plain hated Sanders; they backed Hillary in massive numbers throughout the primaries. Without their support, she probably would not have won the nomination.

Sanders supporters will no doubt offer a screwball rationalization as to why most black people won't vote for their candidate. There's always a screwball rationalization. Progressives are really, really good at coming up with screwball rationalizations.
A movement that is about half the human race being treated like human beings--feminism--exists not because it is popular--it exists because it is right. Too bad whiny white dudes like you feel threatened by it. Evidently you see women as inferiors, for how you be threatened about them otherwise? BTW, women's rights and the rights of racial minorities are NOT identity politics, a right-wing term that came from the era of McGovern's campaign.

The alphabet soup movement (LGBT,etc.) IS about "identity," especially the "T" movement, which at bottom is a right-wing movement and not on the left at all. It is virulently anti-feminist.

You DO understand, don't you, that you hold the EXACT position about this as the man you despise, Bernie Sanders. He thinks women's rights are not important or the rights of racial minorities aren't, because everything is about economic CLASS. That is total bullshit because there are vital issues separate from economics. Just because you can improve the economic lot of working people doesn't mean women and racial minorities' issues are just willy-nilly taken care of. It doesn't work that way. However, it benefits the butthurt white dudes, the group that IS in power, so it is okay to ignore or trash the rights of women and minorities.

You would have been right up there with George Wallace and the segregationists back in the 1960s because the civil rights movement was not "popular." Of course, you are too young to remember those years. Nixon promoted his "southern strategy" because the civil rights movement was not "popular" with the working class, the "hardhats" as they were known then. You are just like them, and you are wrong.

Twice the dickishness and a quarter of the writing ability of Cannon. Goodbye worthless hillary bot.
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