Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Supreme Court will crown Trump

If the House and the SDNY were wise, they would drop the demand for Trump's taxes. The Supreme Court will rule in Trump's favor -- on any question. We're living in Kompromat Kountry now, and thus we must presume that they (and by "they" I mean The GOP or the FSB or a number of other parties) have the goods on John Roberts. The Federalist Society -- not a pro-democracy organization -- has picked four justices.

As Tom Carter (a leading figure within the Society) once put it: “The Christian right has been written about a lot, but hardly anyone talks about the Catholic right. Four Supreme Court justices -- they’re more successful than anybody. The NRA, the Israel lobby, Big Pharma: No one else has had that kind of impact.”

In their mania to get Trump, the Dems may invite a ruling which makes him more powerful than ever. I am particularly worried about the other issue which will go to the Court -- the McGahn supoena. If, when, the Supremes rule in Trump's favor on that score, democracy will be in even worse peril than is the case right now.

In this thread, one participant predicts that the Supremes will quash the subpoenas to reveal his taxes. Another participant answers:
If that happens, we need to all agree that it is time for a General Strike. All who can need to take to the streets until this nightmare is over.
I'd like to see that kind of action. This government cannot long exist without the revenue produced by the blue states. Unfortunately, the red staters think that they are more prosperous and productive than they actually are. In fact, they are leeches, taking more from the federal government than they give in taxes. The only way to educate the ignorant and uncivilized red staters on this point is for their superiors to turn off the money spigot.

A general strike will teach those Trumpers. They will no longer speak about a civil war. They'll learn that leeches cannot long survive without their host.

Here's an amusing example.

No small number of Alt Rightists are flirting with Yangism. Without the productive blue states, who will provide those $1000 checks?
Take a look at today's events in Malta. Where is Joseph Mifsud? Malta appears to be going "bang" and the effects will spread far and wide and possibly very fast.
That was me that made the comment about Malta. I got anonymous by accident. Joseph Mifsud is an interesting character. A lot of Russian billionaire bracket money is in Malta, a heavily mobbed up country. Nick Cohen is attempting to make Mifsud look like a Walter Mitty, but he isn't. Boris Johnson denied meeting Mifsud until a photo of them together came out. My hunch tells me there are going to be some big "events" in what remains of the British general election campaign.
You mean they wouldn't do if it wasn't for the Kompromat? An incorrigible optimist you are...

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