Monday, November 11, 2019

Is Stone hiding the "Trumpworld Enigma"? More clues...

Before we get to our main topic: When Donald Trump Jr. tried to talk about his book Triggered on the UCLA campus, he was heckled. Amusingly, he was heckled not by liberals or socialists, but by Nazis.

Of course, they wouldn't use that term to describe themselves, but I feel comfortable with that nomenclature.

A few posts back, I mentioned that the far, far right is kinda, sorta over Trump. At least, they are getting over him. We're seeing the first stage of a breakup. They may stay together for a while for the sake of the kids, but the dizzying first flush of infatuation is over.

This attitude shift seems to be motivated in part by anti-Semitism: The white nationalists don't like Jared and they don't like Trump's attitude toward Israel. But the shift also has to do with the fact that some of these white nationalists -- most of whom made the familiar libertarian-to-fascist segue -- have decided that they now like the idea of getting free goodies from the State. They want that free $1000-a-month check that Yang has promised. In short, socialism no longer bugs these guys-- until someone reminds them that socialized medicine means that white people may have to contribute to health care for black people.

This may be the first important fissure in Trump's base.

Roger Stone lied to Congress and he threatened a witness.
At least, those are the charges against him. The main thing he lied about is his communications with Julian Assange. Stone tried to bully Randy Credico into saying, falsely, that he functioned as the Stone/Assange conduit. Credico denies that he was the backchannel.

What matters is not Credico's credibility or what information Stone got or did not get from Assange. The important question is this: Why did Stone lie? Why did he try to force Randy to give false testimony? What is Stone hiding?

He must be hiding something. The idea that Stone concocted a backchannel to Assange is absurd. Stone would not risk jail to protect a figment of his imagination.

In the preceding post, I argued that Stone is really hiding an ultra-secure messaging system which members of Team Trump used for their most sensitive conversations. (By "sensitive" I mean "illegal or unethical.") I compared this system to the Nazi "Enigma" code machines, well-known to all WWII buffs.

For want of a better term, let's call this system the Trumpworld Enigma.

Can we prove that the Trumpworld Enigma exists? Not conclusively, but the evidence favoring the idea is hard to dismiss. See my earlier post.

An anonymous reader offered a fascinating follow-up to that post. Normally, I discourage anonymous comments; signed comments tend to be of higher quality, even if the signature is just a silly internet handle. But I will always welcome an offering like this:
Robert Mercer, among many others, was granted a US patent for a secret method of communication. The phrase “secret sharing” was used in its description.That sounds more literary than it is; secret sharing refers to breaking a message up into many parts and distributing it among many partners or channels. If I knew more about the current state of encrypted communication I would have tried to dig specifically into that story.

Back during the 2016 campaign period, it was observed that Mercer’s yacht would be seen docked in the same harbor as the yacht of the oligarch Rybolovlev. Perhaps similarly, Trump’s jet would be seen at various airports at the same time as a jet, tail insignia M-KATE, belonging to oligarch Rybolovlev. It was my speculation at the time that there was some low power wifi-like connection being made. Not possible to believe that method could support voice. But it would be completely invisible to the NSA.

Of course, I can’t locate a link to the patent story at the moment.
Link on the jet and yacht set:
Link to the Mercer, et al patent:
Robert Mercer was the main owner of Cambridge Analytica. I'm not sure if that patent is the patent -- although, frankly, it's a little hard for me to research anything involving computer science above a certain level. (I can understand most of the stuff discussed on Linus TechTips, but that's about it.)

According to this Medium article, one of the listed owners of this patent is Sylvain Mirochnikoff, a French executive at Morgan Stanley who is married to Rebekah Mercer, daughter of Robert. Rebekah appears to be the real power in the family these days.

(There's some reporting that Sylvain and Rebekah are getting a divorce. Officially, they are still together.)

I'm surprised that more attention hasn't been paid to Sylvain, since he's a major Republican donor with ties to Putin's world. Unfortunately, if I were to reprint what this Medium article has to say about those ties, your eyes would glaze over. If you're not actually in the world of high finance, these details are usually as confusing and alienating as...well, as a patent describing the latest developments in encryption.

As briefly as possible: Sylvain was a director of ISE, the International Securities Exchange. This exchange is set up to trade options electronically. In 2013, ISE formed a partnership with the newly-created Moscow Exchange, which benefited tremendously from the election of Donald Trump. (Why? See here.)

Thus, the Mercers might well have gained access to inside information regarding the privatization of big Russian concerns like Rosneft and Sperbank. Lotta money to be made there, potentially.

Incidentally, the afore-cited Medium article mentions Mercer's yacht, often seen in suspicious proximity to the Rybolovlev yacht. The Mercer yacht is called the Sea Owl, and -- as you can see -- it's a beauty. The interior was designed by Serge Mirochnikoff, apparently Sylvain's father.

Let's get back to our Enigma theory.

I've tried to do a little further research into this "secret sharing" system, although I'm hampered by the fact that this shit ain't my shit. The word "quantum" keeps coming up -- yes, the same word often heard in Marvel movies when characters try to sound scientific. Bickering over the details of this communications system might be of some interest, but let's not ignore the fundamental fact that such a system exists. Mercer money really did go into the development of a modern "Enigma" device -- a way of sending messages without any worries about NSA eavesdropping.

I think that this system is what Stone is protecting. 

Incidental data shard #1: Did you know that Putin's former wife now lives in the south of France? Check out her posh digs -- apparently paid for by Valdimir Satanovich himself, even though the couple divorced in 2013.

Incidental data shard #2: Did you know that Rebekah Mercer once had a role on Xena, Warrior Princess? It's true. Here she is with an arrow in her gut.


maz said...

This isn't a communications or encryption patent; it's more of a data storage patent to allow large encrypted files to be stored in pieces across multiple locations. It's particularly useful in cloud computing implementations -- although I have no idea what makes it better or worse than any competing method. It's a very open-ended patent; I'd think it was from a patent troll, given its lack of specificity, but I guess it's actually a core patent for Security First's Secure Parser Extended product. That's designed to provide fragmentary encryption at a very low level -- as in implemented in server hardware -- but, again, I don't know what makes it special compared with other approaches. (I should mention past Apple CEO John Sculley praised the tech in an interview on Fox News, so it's quite possibly bullshit. ;-) )

I assume Mercer, et al, are part of SFC's $65 million investor base. The tech seems like something Cambridge Anal would have been very interested in, since it would allow them to distribute their truly massive store of purloined data across multiple centers without worry someone would steal it back...

Again, I don't see any indication Stone had access to anything other than garden-variety encrypted communications; he certainly didn't have the self-control and fear of exposure to use even them.

stickler said...

The link goes to a patent application, not an issued patent. In any case, Robert Mercer is not indexed as inventor in any patent of any kind. Mine, in contrast, is indexed to 14 US patents.

Mazoola said...

The application contains a link to the awarded patent, IIRC.