Sunday, March 31, 2019

Biden has a secret

The latest allegations against Biden were leveled by an operative who pretends to be objective, even though she is obviously on Team Bernie. Basically, she's another Cassandra Fairbanks. This brouhaha demonstrates, yet again, that "Me Too" is a monster of the right.

Any male Democratic candidate will fall prey to this monster. We all recall how one woman was offered a mere $20,000 to "Me Too" Mueller. Add a couple of zeroes to that offer and you can wave bye-bye to Beto or Biden or Inslee or Castro or any other Evil Penismonster you can name.

Even Buttigieg is not immune. Recall what happened to George Takei.

It is my belief that identity politics -- specifically, what is called "intersectional" feminism -- is a tool designed by and for the fascist right, who are manipulating the left into self-destruction. We are talking about an international phenomenon. No, that's not the right term: We should speak of an international plot.

(Do I still have enough of the conspiracy theorist in me to use that wording in public? I do.)

In coming posts, I hope to trace this plot to its philosophical roots, to the place where postmodernism joined the fascist project of dismantling the Enlightenment. The ultimate goal is to end democracy and to divide the world's real estate on the basis of race.

M. Foucault, meet Mr. Dugin. Oh, I see you've already met! In fact, you are brothers.

To understand how identity politics serves the far right in this country, you may want to observe the process elsewhere. A good place to start would be this interview with Dutch activist Tamara Brouwer. In her country, as in ours, the left has lost power while the far right has gained muscle. Why? Because the left was taken over by identity politics. Simply that and nothing else.

Let's get back to Biden. From The Atlantic:
He says his family wants him to run. Some close supporters have been told in recent weeks that, after his aides had telegraphed that he’d wait until the first week or two of April to announce a decision so that he could slip just past the March 31 first-quarter fundraising deadline, now he might wait until after Easter. That’s April 21. Three more weeks. At least.

So, observers ask: Is there some scandal that he’s afraid will pop? Is he afraid to lose? Does he not really have the fire in the belly to do it? Is he demonstrating how his age and mentality might not be the right fit for either a presidential campaign or the presidency?
There is indeed a hidden scandal. No, I'm not talking about the nonsense that has transfixed a good many people for the past few days; that crap is simply the latest variant of the Franken gambit. I'm talking about something rather more substantial -- the main course, not the appetizer.

I've made oblique reference to this scandal since 2008, when I first learned of it. Visualize one of those situations in which a man and a woman make the same mistake, but only the man must suffer because All Women Are Holy and All Men Are Satan.

Even in our current crazed culture, Biden could easily survive this scandal. By modern (that is, post-Trumpian) standards, it simply isn't that bad. But the airing of this particular piece of dirty laundry would connect Biden to a certain family whose name is known to all, and the mere mention of that notorious name would cause the entire nation to guffaw and hoot and howl. The real problem here is the laughter factor, not the underlying sin, if sin it be.

Again: Biden can survive revelation of this scandal, but only if he gets out in front of the problem. If he has already attempted a John Edwardsian behind-the-scenes cover-up, he is doomed and must not consider jumping into the race. There is simply no way that Team Trump does not already know everything, because one prominent member of the aforementioned family is, or was, a Trump supporter.

(You may be able to name the name based on the clues given above. I will neither confirm nor deny.)

Privately, I've mentioned this business to two veteran watchers of politics. I explained to them why I trusted my source, and they did not try to convince me that my trust was misplaced. Both of them advised me not to mention the matter. I told them I would keep mum, but might reconsider that stance if Biden decided to run.

Frankly, I'm not sure what to do now.

I'm not anti-Biden. Quite the opposite, in fact. Back in the 1980s, I decided that Joe Biden would make a great president. But before he decides on a run, he needs to de-skeletonize his closet now. Otherwise, the Me Too movement will slaughter him.

They've already gone after him, quite unfairly, for the way he questioned Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Biden has been forced to apologize even though, in fact, he did nothing wrong on that occasion. Youngsters who weren't around at the time have a skewed understanding of what really happened back in the days when Reaganism ruled the airwaves and Dems were practically voiceless. Throughout the hearings, the media constantly assailed Biden for being partisan, for being unfair to both Thomas and the Republicans. Now, Biden is being assailed for letting the Republicans on the committee speak freely. If he had tried to squelch them, the entire country -- right and left -- would have screamed about bias and cover-up. Biden would have succeeded only in giving credibility to those who claimed that Anita Hill was the tool of a Democratic conspiracy.

Biden must stop apologizing. He would do far better to slam "Me Too" madness and to embrace the growing movement to combat identity politics on our campuses. That would gain him some attention. Even if he does not win the nomination, he would prove that not all Dems are in thrall to this "identity" insanity.

Of course the current attack on Biden is a right-wing plot. To prove the point, one need merely note that Kellyanne Conway asks us to Google "Creepy Uncle Joe" videos. Better, I say, to track the operatives who put those videos up on YouTube.

This campaign reminds me of the great smear campaign of 2016 -- the one that claimed that Hillary was dying of five fatal diseases. This lie was aided by a cannonade of doctored videos designed to gull low-IQ hillbillies. She was, and is, in admirable health.

("Five fatal diseases" was a bit of humorous hyperbole. Ever see this great old movie? You should.)

A message from Biden. Of course, the intersectional feminists do not believe that he (or any other male) has the right to speak, since his skin is white and he uses the wrong pronoun. But non-insane people may want to listen to what the man has to say:
“In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort," Biden said. "And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention. I may not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear."

"But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention," he said. "And I will. I will also remain the strongest advocate I can be for the rights of women. I will fight to build on the work I’ve done in my career to end violence against women and ensure women are treated with the equality they deserve. I will continue to surround myself with trusted women advisers who challenge me to see different perspectives than my own. And I will continue to speak out on these vitally-important issues where there is much more progress to be made and crucial fights that must be waged and won."
Again: Please stop apologizing, Mr. Biden. The same advice goes for every other "Mr" seeking political office.

Remember Al Franken. I will never forget -- and I will never forgive the intersectional feminists for that bit of political theater.


Jsteed2020 said...

You think everything is a conspiracy, you're being simple minded Joe, Manichean even. The cultural shift is a generational thing. If we had a sane political discourse, we would have a national discussion about thia. As it stands we're going to have some national discussion and a lot of agents provocateur trying to ride on it and corrupt it and use it for their own ends. They can both be true.

Jsteed2020 said...

The only right wing plot (here) is to turn us against each other. Don't you engage in it too Joe.

Joseph Cannon said...

Unk, it's cute. You accuse me of thinking everything is a conspiracy; others accuse me of being an opponent of conspiracy theories. The truth is what I've always said: Liberalism gives us no conspiracies worth mentioning; but there are real conspiracies on the far right -- indeed, the far right has no other way of attaining power.

The national discussion must include the evils of Identity politics. In future posts (presuming I can reestablish a readership), I will discuss how Identity politics always serves the agenda of the racist right. Moreover, I now understand the relationship between Identity politics and postmodernism. Heretofore, I've avoided grappling with postmodernism because I considered it a useless and amusingly incomprehensible trend in art criticism. I now understand it as a full-bore attack on all Enlightenment ideals, which means that postmodernism is, in essence, a mask worn by fascism when it seeks to infiltrate civilized soirees.

As for turning us against each other: Consider the Spanish Civil War. The outrageous and despicable behavior of the left insured that Franco had plenty of recruits. The reason fascism won in Spain is simple: The insane lefties destroyed the credibility of the sensible, pro-Enlightenment liberals.

That's what's happening here.

The only way to avoid repeating the Spanish error is for sensible liberals in this country to repudiate both the fascist right AND the "Identity"-crazed left.

That is the course of action which will win back a good chunk of the white electorate. White people matter too, and they simply won't vote for a movement predicated on hatred of white males.

We've been hearing a lot of nonsense about feminists and minorities forming a coalition, so fuck the white males. This is insanity. Most WOMEN hate what feminists have become; sane women refuse to accept the perpetual dehumanization of the male because most women love their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers and sons.

And even if a narrow victory were to be eked out, how the hell could such a coalition GOVERN? We need unified action and some sort of national consensus if we are going to combat global warming.

The only chance for human survival is for sensible liberals to woo back white people. Identity politics is worse than genocidal. Identity politics says that whipping up hatred of white males is more important than the survival of the planet.

Identity politics IS racism -- hyper-racism. Identity politics is a necessary part of the overall fascist scheme of dividing the world's real estate according to ethnicity: "You lot go over THERE, and you people go over THERE. The idea of unity, of equality, of shared humanity, is over." Intersectional feminists have actually done this experimentally in a classroom setting, and I can easily visualize Richard Spencer or Steve Bannon or Alexander Dugin beaming in approval. THEY want to conduct the same experiment on a worldwide basis.

Identity politics is the single worst idea in the history of ideas. Henceforth, this blog will be dedicated to its eradication. Nothing you can say will change my course.

Anonymous said...

how stupid do they think we are?

Joseph Cannon said...

I saw that, anon. Some of those comments are aggressively stupid. People simply do not want to admit the obvious: She's an operative.

I'm not a touchy-feely kind of guy, but I've had women give me (notorious ugmo that I am) the occasional pat, and even the occasional peck. It wasn't sexual. It was just the way they were raised, which happened to differ from the way I was raised.

Stephen Morgan said...

The reason the Spanish left lost their civil war is foreign intervention. They had the support of the Spaniards who elected them, but the Fascists had German air support, Italian tank units, oil redirected by American oil companies, colonial troops flown in on British planes, and so on.

Jsteed2020 said...

Is it the Kardashians? That's where my mind went

Michael said...

Joseph, does your mysterious Biden scandal have any connection to this? :

Watch the whole thing, folks. Then go in the bathroom and throw up.

Mr Mike said...

Lucy Flores isn't an Agent of Trump, she's a Burno out to clear the field for Bernie Steal-a-Watt.

Anonymous said...

So I have a historical and civics question:

As I recall it, the Judiciary Committee did not vote a majority for the SCOTUS nomination of then-Judge Clarence Thomas. He received a tie vote.

Those who do not gain a majority for confirmation out of the Judiciary Committee are often considered a failed nominee, who does not then move to a full Senate vote consideration.

Of course, Judge Thomas was waved on to a full Senate vote, where he won by a very narrow margin. I presume that was then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Biden's decision.

Has he ever explained that decision? I know the Southern senators were under pressure from their black constituencies who supported him (no less than Maya Angelou speaking up for him iirc).


Alessandro Machi said...

I don't know if you have been watching Madam Secretary, but the way Elizabeth McCord's character is being flushed out for a Presidential Run is inspiring. She jogs, coverses while on an Elliptical, and has punched an out of control leader in the Nose.
Which one of those three things has Hillary Clinton done? Name one if you are going to maket he claim that she is in great health. Not showing off her physical fitness cost her the election in 2016, was she too modest? Embarrassed? She could have called Trump out at any time if she was in decent shape and put him in his place, she didn't do it, why?

Alessandro Machi said...

Michael, there was a tweet pictured in that video with 20,000 retweets, but it also had almost an equal number of likes. I do not think that is normal. Usually the Likes should be substantially more than the retweets.

Alessandro Machi said...

There definitely is a generational issue here. What complicates things is being a kid in the social media age means having been abused behind the scenes via social media gossip. It can happen any time, any where, real or made up. These kids have had to scab these wounds and vow to fight gossip and social bullying. They equate what happened before social media with what they went through.

I just read of a hiring app that is for women only. So it will be either Women only apps, or 50/50 apps. Not to leave out the Reparation Apps that are soon to follow.

There is one simple rule that is superior to the identity driven manias permeating the media. Just find people who are cool, honorable, and empathetic, and be that way in return. It's really that simple.

Lenny said...


Jsteed2020 said...

I should clarify that although I don't think #metoo or feminism are conspiracies, yes I think the Flores matter is a Bernie hit job.

Gus said...


That video is disturbing. However, growing up in the 70's and 80's I had relatives, both male and female, who did similar things with children and teens (also both male and female). I'm not suggesting it's fine, just that for older people like Biden, it may seem completely normal. Now, in the present political and social climate it would certainly mean a dead in the water campaign for Biden and quite possibly legal issues. I personally have no interest in Biden and wouldn't vote for him (unless he is the Dem nominee, because I will vote for anyone with any chance of beating Trump), so I have nothing invested in him running or not. I think video like that though, will ensure he can't beat Trump (despite the high creepiness factor of Trump himself).