Saturday, February 02, 2019

Dems are nuts. That's why Trump will win in 2020.

Once again, politically-correct Dems are holding up a big "Hate us!" sign. Of course Virginia governor Ralph Northram should not resign simply because someone else posed for an offensive high school yearbook photo back in the 1980s. Any Dem who argues otherwise might as well send in a contribution to Trump's re-election campaign.

Yet over on DU, plenty of ninnies are making just such a argument. I can only hope that these obnoxious dimwits are trolls from St. Petersburg. It's infuriating to contemplate the possibility that they might be real people.

Just a few days ago, Elizabeth Warren apologized for having that DNA test done. For God's sake, why? Any human being has a right to have such a test done -- for any reason.

There was a time, not so very long ago, when liberals put enormous pressure on Elizabeth Warren to take such a test. I recently saw a clip (which I missed when first broadcast) of Chuck Todd demanding that she take that step. With luciferian glee, he strongly implied that any refusal to do so should be construed as evidence of deceit. (Of course, Todd looks a bit luciferian under the best of circumstances.)

Warren was trapped in a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. Liberals excel at creating such situations.

The Northram case reminds me of another rush to judgment. Remember the Chandra Levy murder, which was the other big story of 2001? Many Democrats and Republicans decided that Democratic Congressman Gary Condit was her killer. He wasn't. Yet none of his holier-than-thou accusers -- a hellish coalition of feminists and Fox newsers -- saw any need to apologize for hopping to that false conclusion.

Let's mention another name: Al Franken. If one of Franken's tormentors wins the Democratic nomination, I'll sit out the next election.

I predict that, unless Mueller can find truly damning evidence, Trump will win again in 2020. He will win because progressives are repellent. He will win because most Americans hate these ostentatious displays of hyper-sensitivity whenever someone gins up a controversy involving race and gender.

Nobody likes smugness. As simple as that.

Even though arrogance and political correctness insure electoral failure, progs will never reconsider their approach. Driven by a narcissistic certainty and surrounded by noxious fumes of unearned moral superiority, progs will never let go of the delusion that most people like them. If you tell a prog "Tone down the smugness," he or she will automatically presume you to be a Klansman or a wife-beater.

Most people don't want to vote for a party in which white people constantly have to walk on eggshells. Most people don't want to vote for a party in which accusation equals proof if the accused party is white, and especially if the accused party is a white male. Nobody wants to join a party in which an accused male (like Northram) is automatically presumed to be a liar when he offers a reasonable explanation. Nobody wants to join a party in which the accused are routinely counseled to apologize for things they did not actually do, just to "get this behind us." (This clearly happened to Franken. Also to Joy Reid, in a now-forgotten pseudo-scandal.)

All Trump needs to do is to hold on to his base. Forty percent. That's all he needs. Another ten percent of the electorate will hold their collective nose and vote for Trump because they will feel that they have no other choice. Politically-correct progs make ordinary folk want to vomit.
A lot of this springs from the social primacy of feelings -- "I feel therefore I am." I feel you are reprehensible so you must be. You say otherwise but then why do I have these feelings of hostility towards you? Are you telling me that my own feelings from my own body are untrustworthy? What an incredible conceit on your part. Your LGBTQI hate mentality is palpable. You must be working for George Soros or Hillary to be so debased as a human being. One thing is clear, you owe me a confession of your criminality, the immediate cause of my distress. Or, failing that, why I feel as bad about you as I do. I'm here, I'm in the room. Or didn't you notice.
There is little I can add to your analysis. The idea that is lost is the notion of context. There is no evidence that Northam is actually a racist. His history of treatment of minority patients is impeccable. Trump was sued by the Feds in the early 70s for racial discrimination. That only would not be disqualifying if he hadn't spent his adult life and political career as a racist, but he has. It is all context. There is zero evidence that Al Franken spent his career as an abuser of women, unless you call getting to close in a publicity picture abuse.
Fuck you, Aida. I can't even afford shoelaces. I'll be damned before I let anyone call me "privileged" on my own blog. You are a de facto Trump supporter. Your words will never be published here again.

I just took a look at your picture. You seem not to be black, so saying what black people think is really something black people should decide. My granddaughter is black, well mixed race like the rest of us, but she's only 11. Her mother, however, is 30. Her comment on this matter was, "When did this happen, 1984? Well, everybody has a past, forget it, let's move on." Listen, tribalism is fine, it creates community. But to decide that our tribe is the only one with problems, that our tribe is more beloved by God or our tribe has a gene that makes us inherently superior is a real problem and leads to the breakdown of the larger tribe: Our Country or our species. We have to address the problems of each tribe, but we cannot ignore the problems of the other tribes.
Like Caesar's wife Democrats must be above reproach. Life isn't fair as is evidenced by Al Franken but there it is.
Let's use the excuse that it was 1980's Virginia and at 25 Northam was on the cusp of college frat boy pranks.
(In the latter part of that decade I was involved in an unfair labor practise suit, one of the attorneys involved had a lawn jockey displayed in their garden a gift from a fellow Shyster. They had the good sense to relegate it to the back yard.) Anyway if Northam or his campaign staff were that sloppy they missed that yearbook photo back when he could have gotten in front of it, admitted his foolishness and apologized he has nobody else to blame and should fall on his sword. If he was aware of the photo and kept shut he deserves to be booted for damage done. Again, life isn't fair and this is the territory Democrats have staked out.
In 1984 Michael Jackson look like a tanned white guy. There was no need to use blackface to potray him. For the yearbook he couldn't tell if he was the blackface person or the guy in the hood. There is something wrong here.

You know better, Joe, I'm disappointed. What did you do, dictate the post to a voice-to-text app?
The references to an Aida may puzzle people, since I deleted a comment. If you're confused, just presume that I'm going through a Verdi phase.

HoarseFace: Well, what can I say? I done plain forgot. I'm also re-learning anatomy for artists, despite all of the classes I took in school. You can fill your brain will all sorts of stuff, but over the years, that stuff tends to seep out.

You know, I used to be able to read French. Now...
Added note, Hoarseface: There are many writers who think that "ensure" and "insure" should be interchangeable. But I usually prefer the old-fashioned approach.

I've only recently given up on using "storey" when referring to the floor of a building.
I don't think you should have deleted Aida's comment. It wasn't offensive, it was either stupid or ignorant. While stupid is forever, ignorance can be cured. Perhaps explaining to her, and others who think like her, why she is mistaken could be the cure for her ignorance. I think we get smarter by listening to other viewpoints, a fact lost on Trump, and then critically analyzing those viewpoints. It seems that Aida was simply regurgitating talking points she heard somewhere. It is better to refute those talking points than to ignore them.
Please don't get angry because, I am about to add some clarification. First the yearbook is from (VMI?) med-school in 1984, the governor was 25 at the time, he first admitted he was in the picture before he denied it and then admitted that he had moonwalked to victory in a dance contest dressed as Michael Jackson, which would require very little blackface I suppose. Finally other students pictured in the book say they picked their own pictures but Northam says the yearbook staff composed his page. Finally, the yearbook says Northam's nickname was "Coonman," which he admits.

A Florida politician resigned immediately last week when a blackface picture of him turned up and not long ago, Megyn Kelly lost a second multi-million dollar job for defending "blackface." Now I understand this because back in the day in high school, we did minstrel shows every year starring Mr. Interlocutor, Tambo and Bones, all in blackface. Just think! Without blackface - Vaudeville would have never been an entertainment form and Al Jolson wouldn't have known his "Mammy!"
In 1959 one of my high school classmates suggested proforming a mistral show. It was rejected because of its racist nature. Twenty-five years later Northram dresses in blackface.
August 1991, HBO or Cinemax, live Paul Simon concert of his South African music (the Born At The Right Time tour), Dennis Miller the TV introducer, he quips that Michael Jackson and George Hamilton just crossed each other on the pigment axis.

I would like to understand one thing. If the governor is telling the truth, that he is neither one of the people in the picture, does he still need to resign? Is just having that picture on his page enough? Does it matter whether he had anything to do with composing the page?
I wouldn't write off Dems' chances at this very, very, very early stage. However, Democratic Underground is rather a shitstain on humanity, and I am amazed it still exists despite all the other social media outlets existing now, especially Reddit. Reddit, despite its flaws, is far superior because people can create their own subreddits and not have to deal with dumbass moderators who force everybody to believe the way they do. There are still a bunch of Bernie cultists on there. I was put on permanent suspension or whatever it is when I got sick and tired of those cultists. I hardly go there anymore at all.
So I suppose if Northam resigns and the Lt. Governor also has to resign due to his "indiscretions" then the Virginia elections will be overturned and the Republicans would basically have performed a soft coup and regained complete power without even doing anything except pointing out things the Democrats should have known well in advance of the elections. The Democrats need to start vetting their candidates a lot better. But what this also says in context with the Al Franken and other debacles is that if you are a white male and want to run for higher office you'd be crazy to do it as a Democrat. Any and all allegations either true or contrived will end your political career. Anyone believe for a second that the next Republican governor of Virginia won't be a true blue racist? So this becomes about something else altogether then. When a political party goes out of its way to sabotage itself then that means it isn't interested in the business of governing. What these folks (progs) are really interested in is whining about how bad and terrible the Republicans are rather than actually coming up with a real platform, better ideas that appeal to everyone, building the party from the ground up so that they have people who fill up local and state governments and have a real pool of highly qualified, vetted candidates for higher office.
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