Wednesday, December 05, 2018


QAnon fans have been predicting that D5 -- December 5 -- is the big day when Trump arrests all of his Deep State foes. They spent much of yesterday and this morning assuring each other that the arrests will happen at the National Cathedral.

I caught a glimpse of the ceremony a short while ago. Hillary refused to look at Trump as he and Melania filed past. Obama was smiling and courteous as he chatted with Melania, who sat next to him. Bill Clinton smiled at her as well. Nobody talked to or interacted with Trump, who looked like he would rather be anywhere else.

I've never seen a president more obviously despised by all of his predecessors, regardless of party.

(After a brief pause.) I just checked again. No sign of an arrest.

If D5 is not the Day of the Storm, what will the QAnon crazies say? They will surely have some kind of rationalization...

(Scroll down to the next post for my thoughts on the Flynn business. I have a few nuggets of information which you probably won't find elsewhere.)


Emjaybee said...

Hillary acknowledged Melania with a nod. It appears Trump refused to make eye contact.

That aside, I wait with bated breath for the Qanon-predicted arrests. :P

Mr Mike said...

The Qs got it wrong, D5 isn't Dec. 5
D5 is hexadecimal for 213 base 10 or Aug 1, 2018. The bad actors have been arrested and replaced with body doubles. In Devin Nunes case they put a suit on a Hoover upright since they both suck.

Joseph Cannon said...

Interesting theory, Mike.

Alternative: D5 should actually read as DV, the inversion of VD. Obviously, Trump intends to get rid of his foes by infecting their catamites with venereal disease.

Wait. What about Roman numerals? D = 500. 500 times 5 is 2500. 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue is the address of a hotel in the DC area. Obviously, THAT is where the pedo ring is located!

Any further ideas?