Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Manafort: Wait...what?

Rachel Maddow just reported that ABC News is reporting that Manafort is seeking a possible cooperation agreement with Mueller. In other words, a flip.

But ABC News says something very different...
Sources tell ABC News that Mueller’s office is seeking cooperation from Manafort for information related to President Donald Trump and the 2016 campaign. Manafort, however, is resisting and his team is pushing prosecutors for a plea agreement that does not include cooperation, at least as related to the president, sources said.
I can't find a more recent story from ABC or any other source. I'm still betting that Manafort will go for the pardon, not the flip.

Added (unrelated) note:
Once again, I'm going to press you to do what you can to stop Kavanaugh. This guy should be in jail, not on the Supreme Court. The most effective approach is to call the Senate. Forget email: Use the phone and interact with a real human being. I promise. It will be painless.

Call (202) 224-3121.

For the purposes of this call, you live in Maine and your senator is Susan Collins. She is a Republican who can be turned. Call that number, ask to speak to Collins' office, and you'll be connected to a pleasant person who will take your message. Simply tell that person "I want Collins to stop Kavanaugh -- please. If she doesn't, I will regretfully never vote for Collins again." Don't get angry. Just say bye-bye pleasantly and hang up. If you want to lay it on thick, say "Ayuh" and work in a reference to Stephen King or Moxie or clambakes. And don't pronounce the letter R: You pahk the cah.

Never say anything that can possibly give rise to a story like this one. Leave the vulgarity and the hate for the other team. You're playing for Team Nice.

Alternatively, you can live in Alaska and your senator is Lisa Murkowski. Same script. Don't say Ayuh and leave Moxie out of it.

Your area code doesn't matter. These days, a phone's area code does not necessarily indicate where you live. Just make your pitch and leave the stage ASAP. I used to make these calls in the wee small hours; weirdly enough, actual human beings would answer, and sometimes they would be chatty. That may not be the case nowadays.
Every call I've made to my senators has gotten me their voicemail. I left a message regardless of whether or not I was throwing my voice down the Memory Hole.
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Voicemail is fine. SOMEONE listens to it.

And it gives you the chance to call again during work hours.

It was back in the 1990s when you might have a chance to talk to staffers, if you called around 3 a.m. Sometimes, they seemed genuinely eager to mix it up, and maybe give you a bit of a scoop from the inside. But I haven't had a chat in quite a while.
I'd worry more about Manchin and Heitkamp before Collins and Murkowski.
Marcy thinks that Manafort is in serious money trouble because he owes $30 million. But as Vox points out, the threat of re-trying the 10 charges declared as a mistrial in Virginia and the DC trial yet to come, Manafort is depending on a Trump pardon to bail him out. So Manafort needs Trumps pardon plus some Russian Oligarch cash to keep the Putin Poisoners away.

But Bobbie Three Stripes remains in control since the two trials coming up and Mr. Manafort's attempts to bribe witnesses can keep Paul Manafort spinning for years because Trump has to wait until the stage clears to issue a pardon.

Then there is Aras Agalarov's offshore company wiring more than $19.5 million to his account in a New York bank just 11 days after the Trump Tower meeting.
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