Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Enemy within

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the existence of a member of the Resistance within the Trump administration. After all, we have plenty of "secret Trumpers" operating within the Resistance: Bernie, Chapo Trap House, the Young Turks, about half the Me-Tooers, anyone and everyone who insists on Identity Politics, progressive purists, ultra-smug students who won't let Bill Maher perform on campus, assholes who insist on hurling the word "privileged" at struggling white males who have lost their jobs and may soon lose their houses...

Trumpers all. None of them will admit it, of course. But all of these people are part of the "Trump 2020" campaign.

Donnie, why are you complaining? You have but one "traitor" to worry about. We have a legion of traitors.

Elsewhere: I never thought I would root for Marco Effing Rubio. But -- holy shit. Serious question: Is Alex Jones literally certifiable? I'm old enough to recall a time when a guy who acted that way might end up in Camarillo (which used to be southern California's version of Bedlam).

What is the correct way to respond when a cray-cray volcano explodes just a few feet away from you, as happens to Rubio in this video?

Added note. CALL YOUR SENATOR -- TONIGHT. Tell him to vote NO on Kavanaugh. The man's performance today made clear that he intends to enable Trump's criminal conspiracy.
Correct way to act in such a situation is violence. Up the ante. Only solution. Bully will turn tail.

Speaking of cowards, look up "Alex Jones" "parking lot incident" for a howler.
I dunno -- s/he (wait: this is a tRump official we're talking about, so definitely he) may not know it, but the snowflake who authored that op-ed is a member of tRump 2020, as well. Basically, rather than doing the right thing and using his privileged (?) position as a member of the inner circle to help bring down tRump legally, he's continuing to earn his paycheck, protect his post-tRump marketability, helping shield Congressional Republicans from being held responsible for their failure to apply any restraints whatsoever to the giant toddler foisted upon us by uneducated, middle-aged white people, -- and fan the flames of the duh-right's [not-really-the-]Deep State paranoia. Admittedly, in some ways withholding information from tRump so he won't do anything stupid with it is not in the least like not telling Kennedy Lumumba is dead basically as a way to fuck with him -- but in other ways it's exactly the same thing. If the author honestly believes Potus is a threat to the nation, let him act like a hero and take the fight public.
Yes, plants in the enemy camp are commonplace, but these plants rarely publish anonymous NYT op-eds that undermine their own alleged purpose. Heck, there is virtually no evidence this “senior official” even exists. NYT tells CNN it “did speak to him directly, but wouldn’t even say how so.” It all went through a mysterious go-between although, come to think of it, there’s no really good reason why it should have. Perhaps his name is Dr. Cain-N'Degeocello? I’m smelling a hoax here. I remember how a German magazine’s reputation was all but destroyed when it fell for faked Hitler diaries.
Trump chose to meltdown in front of law enforcement professionals, the sheriffs from across the U.S. at the White House for a photo-op. Don't think that they won't spread the word back home. They know guilt when they see it.
What's with republicans and stolen Democratic Party emails, seems Koathanger Kavanaugh was on the receiving end of some when he worked for Bush the Lesser.
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