Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trump Tower money laundering

I trust Craig Unger. This is SUPERB reporting. We're finally starting to understand the role played by Russian crime boss Semyon Mogilevich, the most evil gangster in history.

This interview is beyond important: It's mandatory. By hook or by crook -- or more likely, by library -- I'm going to get hold of this book.

Elsewhere... Here's another book I need to acquire. I stumbled across the 2008 video embedded below while researching the man I believe to be Q. If my theory is correct, Q once worked with Willis Carto, the American fascist leader who is the subject of this lecture. The lecturer is author George Michael, who wrote a biography of the secretive Mr. Carto.

I embed this video here because there is a moment, toward the end, when Michael seems to prophesy the coming of Trump. It's an eerie passage. In fact, much of this video seems to forecast our current situation: Essentially, Trump's program is Carto's program.

This presentation seems particularly predictive if you understand the truth about Francis Parker Yockey, the fascist mastermind who became a Carto associate. (Michael explains the alliance but doesn't give enough information about Yockey.) Yockey's main contribution to extremist thought is his pro-Russian stance. Yockey argued in favor of an alliance between American Nazis and Russia -- and he was brave enough to so so during the heyday of McCarthyism (and not many years after the Battle of Stalingrad).

In 2008, the very concept of such an alliance seemed absurd. And now it's happening.

Craig Unger gets a couple of things obviously wrong. He says Trump was, at the start of his involvement with Russian money laundering in 1984, just "an influential businessman", but he actually already had a history of involvement with American organised crime.

He also contrasts the American and Russian mafias as if the Russian mafia is uniquely aligned to the state, when we all know the American mafia has long been aligned with various organs of the state.

He also cites a single source who is a Russian intelligence agent, which open the possibility, to a cynic, that he might be a witting or unwitting dupe.
In the clip Unger seems to identify the “Russian Mafia” with some kind of Russian government organization, with Putin as its supreme Godfather and ex-KGB officers as the mobsters. If that’s the book’s thesis, it’s simply ludicrous and I wouldn’t bother to read it.

Seth Hettena’s very recent “Trump/Russia” seems more useful. And if you want to understand the specifically American branch of the Russian mafia, Robert I. Friedman’s “The Red Mafiya” (2000) is still indispensable (and a riveting read!).
Craig Unger, "House Of Trump House Of Putin", chapter one;
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