Monday, August 13, 2018

Support Peter Strzok. Plus: Omarosa's secret...?

His recent firing is an absolute outrage. Why the hell shouldn't an FBI agent have personal political opinions? Everyone knows that there were plenty of FBI personnel who hated Bill Clinton. Strzok made a superb impression during his testimony; as far as I am concerned, he and Lisa Page are heroes.

If you can, please support him

Almost needless to say, the Strzok firing is now being used as an excuse to re-open the HIllary email probe, which was a true witch-hunt. This, despite the fact that the Strzok/Page emails demonstrate that he didn't really care for Hillary either; he seemed to prefer John Kasich, the only "normal" Republican in the 2016 race. That bit of news has yet to penetrate the right-wing info bubble. 

Elsewhere: Intriguing as these tapes may be, I do not trust this Omarosa personage. This piece helps to explain my misgivings. Why would anyone be fired in the Sit Room? That claim doesn't square with what we've all heard about how the White House works.

What Omarosa says about Melania's "I don't care" jacket is persuasive, but it's really no more than speculation, or personal opinion. 

Although we're all a little sick of "eleven dimensional chess" theories, I suspect that something extremely devious is afoot. But I'll revise that opinion if Omarosa's evidence does serious damage to Donald Trump.

As we try to figure out the Omarosa situation, consider these words from a previous Cannonfire post (published last January)...
Last night, Michael Wolff told Bill Maher that Trump is, or until recently was, having an affair in the White House. Wolff also alleged that there is a paragraph toward the end of his book which subtly hints at this situation.
During the "shithole" controversy, Alex Jones offered a rant in which he denied that Trump could be a racist because he (Trump) has had a secret black lover. Jones even hinted that this news could be made public soon.

Mind you, I'm going on memory here. Please understand that something like four million "shithole" articles have passed before my eyes, so there is some possibility that I've confused one shithole reaction with another. Yeah, I know what you want to say right now: "Well, go find the actual article and provide a link." Have a little pity, willya? Nobody wants to begin his day poring through the wit and wisdom of Alex Jones.

Bottom line: I'm fairly certain that AJ said words to that effect. If I'm right -- and if he's right -- then we have one obvious candidate for Trump's mystery date: Omarosa Manicault Newman.
It's even more difficult to track down what AJ said at that time, now that YouTube has grown unfond of him. But I distinctly recall hearing him say those words.

Added note. In the previous post, I mentioned my theory that Q is actually a hoaxer previously associated with a fascist rag called The Barnes Review. Yesterday, I did a hell of a lot of research into this guy, and found evidence that he was involved with one of the most famous hoaxes of all time. I also discovered his real name -- the one (probably) on his birth certificate -- and his current location, AND his connection to Russia.

In short: Mr. Burch is the most amazing man you've never heard of.

I'll have a new video up soon. This one will be a mind-blower.
A car injured pedestrians outside the Palace of Westminster in London today, and the driver has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism. This video clip shows some of what took place. The BBC have spotlighted the car. Now look at the car behind, the one that changes direction at 0:18.
Given Trump's propensity to "raw dog" his lovers Omarosa on the pill?
the Audio quality of Mr. Kelly is superb. I am curious what audio recording device Omarosa used. I suppose if it was hidden in her bosom, or in a small pen, and the acoustics in the room were very good, maybe she could have captured audio quality that good, maybe.
But I can't even hear any echo or Omarosa making any movements that would generate sound.
What I find fascinating about the entire issue is that Mr. Kelly appears to have cause for firing Omarosa. And Trump sounds remorseful over her firing.
What has gone forgotten is how soon after the Alabama loss in which something like 97% of all African American women voted Democrat may have been the root cause of her firing. Whatever she was supposed to be doing around the Oval Office, her day job must have been to at the very least attract some African American Women to vote Republican.
So at the the end of the day, there are accusations that Omarosa used government vehicles for personal reasons, may have overspent on things not related to her job, and screwed up heavily in the Alabama race.
This is a perfect example where a Conservative comes up with an actual list of incompetence, and the "victim" suddenly acts as if because they recorded their own ouster, it is supposed to prove something evil about the White House.
This is how Trump is able to fortify his base and even gain support of those who are on the fence.
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