Monday, July 02, 2018

Will Cohen spill? (No.) Does Kamala Harris have a deep, dark secret? (Maybe.)

Depending on how things play out "off camera," I may have to forgo plans for expanding my activities -- in fact, I may just have to call it a day. But the looming Exit sign should not stop us from mulling over a few points.

Cohen. The Cohen interview was mildly encouraging, and it certainly gave everyone the impression of barely-hidden criminality. Even the righties understand that it's not a question of if Trump is dirty but whether his confederates will expose the dirt.

That said, I see no need for anything so gauche as hope. Cohen clearly is angling for a pardon. Betwixt the pardon and the polonium, the man has no incentive to fink on our new Czar.

Sorry, Digby, but Cohen will not play the hero, and shame on you for raising liberal expectations.

Broidy. The Cohen interview has renewed speculation that Elliott Broidy falsely claimed responsibility for an aborted "love child" fathered by Donald Trump. As most now forget, that theory was first aired on this humble blog (check the date). It has since been mentioned -- sometimes obliquely -- on a couple of the leading MSNBC shows.

In the past, I've noted that the woman in question, Shera Béchard, has offered strong hints that the "Daddy Donnie" theory is accurate. By "hints," I refer to a series of tweets warning against the dangers posed by narcissists, a topic which seems to be very much on Béchard's mind. Trump is the World's Greatest Narcissist -- as even he would probably admit, as long as he can claim the title "World's Greatest." (I fully expect him to be referenced in psychology textbooks one of these days.)

Guess what? Shera continues to drop hint after hint. For example, she retweeted this.

Here's a response from one of Shera's readers:
Did @realDonaldTrump have you abort his baby. It’s going to come out! @TomArnold knows the truth. Get paid now contact a reporter. Tell your story before abortions are made illegal. @MichaelAvenatti @MichaelCohen212 @Elliott_Broidy the truth will come out. Hypocrisy at its best!!
Every single time Shera Béchard tweets about narcissists, she receives this kind of feedback. Her readers assume that she's talking about Donald Trump, and Shera never upends that assumption. That's the important point: Shera never says "No, you have it wrong."

Nothing in Cohen's contract prevents her from saying those words. At the very least, she could say "Don't jump to conclusions."

In many other less-weighty threads, Shera responds to the things said by her readers. But whenever her readers say "You aborted Trump's child, didn't you?" she just lets the idea hang out there in cyberspace, without refutation. Under certain circumstances, isn't silence is a form of confirmation?

I used to say that the Republicans would never end abortion because they benefited from the issue in GOTV terms. But Trump will actually do it. And when he does, evangelicals will forgive even the pay-off to Bechard.  

"Ma! Ma! Where's my Pa?" "He paid for your abortion, ha ha HA!"

(Believe it or not, there are some supporters of abortion rights who have decided to blame the upcoming Roe overturn on -- get this -- the Clintons. They did it. The right will blame the Clintons if Roe survives. The left will blame the Clintons if Roe goes away. Feel free to blame the Clintons if your dog soils the carpet.)

Does Kamala Harris have a deep dark secret? When the BernieBros smeared Kamala Harris, I became a fan. Now that they seem to like her better, I like her less.

Her early call to abolish ICE infuriated me. This meme plays right into the right-wing narrative that Dems want unrestricted immigration.

When will progressives learn how this "democracy" thing works? It's basically a popularity contest. "Don't separate babies from their mothers!" is a popular notion. "Unrestricted immigration!" is not a popular notion -- in fact, it is deeply unpopular. As this CNN commentator puts it:
With Democrats attacking ICE, the administration has been given an opening to paint its opponents as extreme, radical and a threat to national security. Even though we are long overdue for a rigorous debate over our immigration system, a call to abolish anything makes it sound as if the proponents want the entire system to go away.

Though Democrats are on the airwaves explaining they want something else that is better, Trump is already using this as a rallying cry to tell Republicans who strongly support his policies that the opposition is made up of extremists who don't want any kind of border security at all. "The Liberal Left, also known as the Democrats, want to get rid of ICE, who do a fantastic job, and want Open Borders. Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable!" he tweeted on Sunday morning.
Barring a bombshell on the Mueller or Cohen fronts, I'm predicting a red wave. Frankly, the Dems deserve to lose. "Abolish ICE"? Good Lord, the sheer idiocy of that position! It's as if Hillary Clinton's supporters responded to Pizzagate by adopting the slogan "Legalize pedophilia."

Look, Dems, it's simple. Ask yourself: "If I take X postion, will Roger Stone or Stephen Miller smile?" If you sense a grin, don't fucking do it.  

I just went off on a tangent, didn't I? My intent was to discuss Kamala Harris. Let's return to her.

She appears to be the person referenced in a blind item which appeared in the Crazy Days and Nights blog. That site, run by someone calling himself Enty Lawyer, is usually focused on celebrity piffle. That said, a number of people take the site seriously. Many of the puzzles are easy to figure out, and the claims appear to be accurate(ish).

The Weintstein affair is said to have begun here. So did the exposure of Kevin Spacey.

Having theorized that "Me Too" is largely a ratfucking op perpetrated by the Trumpers and their overseas enablers, I am open to the suggestion that Enty Lawyer regularly receives information from certain Foreign Sunza Bitches. Then again, maybe those foreigners have a number: 8200. (It could go either way. Those two foreign entities are basically partners in the worldwide project of ending multicultural democracy in favor of ethno-nationalism.)

Am I being paranoid? Look, I lived in L.A. for many years and often worked on the outskirts-of-the-outskirts of the industry. Yes, they all love to gossip. But believe me: I don't care how well-connected you are in town -- there's no way you can write that many accurate blind items on any given day if you ain't gettin' ELINT.

With that in mind, let us note a recent political blind item run by Crazy Daysky and Nightsky:
It is well known that this female politician who is being talked about as a possible future president started her career by having a relationship with a married senior politician in her state. For this, she was appointed to a number of part-time boards with hefty salaries. What isn’t so well known is the senior politician she had an affair with used to take her to swinger parties which were basically glorified orgies where she would engage in sex with large numbers of men and women. What not even she knows is there are compromising pictures of her at these orgies which is why senior leaders from her party are quietly trying to discourage her presidential ambitions and the leader of the other party, the current president, is very excited about running against her, her being her party’s nominee.
Kamala Harris. Obviously. The senior politician is probably Willie Brown. Enty has obliquely written about both before.

The only question is: Are there "senior leaders" in the Democratic party who are quietly discouraging a presidential run? If so, then I can see no reason for quiet. Best for the damage to hit now than later.

Right now, I doubt the story. If Kamala Harris has such a past, would she consider a presidential run? Nobody is that stupid. Everyone knows that conservatives may swing and liberals may swing not. That's the double standard in America right now.

We must therefore ask if Enty's item is a Roger Stonian ratfuck, perhaps inspired by this movie. Perhaps the providers of ELINT have slipped in a smear. After the success of the Pizzagate hoax, anything is possible.

In point of fact, Enty has been providing gossip items supportive of the Pizzagate/Q-Anon delusion that All Dems Abuse Kids. And he has even tried to tie Harris in with this. Enty's readers tend to push Q-Anon conspiracy theories. (Example.) (Example.)
I'm beginning to see what it's like, living in a failed democracy.

So much bad theater, that's real. Plus so many opportunities for faked videos.

Keep well, Joseph.

Nice to know our fate was sealed w Bill Clinton's Third Rail ...Way. Hope your issues can be resolved.
What you think of what Marcy Wheeler is saying about the Russians. Too late.
Great White Dope and Putin meeting in Helsinki to be private, only translators present. Wanna start a pool on how many days the translators survive until fatal accident?
The translators will be fine; Putin will supply both. Heh.
The allegation of having participated in “orgies” is always bunk. The “orgy” is the American’s fantasy of ultimate sexual depravation. It rarely happens in reality, even at swinger clubs, and then it is usually an awkward affair. It’s a mere mental image. It allows the racists to jack off picturing themselves clusterfcking Kamala Harris while simultaneously despising her for it. And the belief in the allegation provides a convenient excuse.
brumel, you make an excellent point. I know something about "swingers" and bdsm enthusiasts and so forth. Despite shared tastes for sexual experimentation, these people usually have actual intercourse in private. I can honestly say that I've never met anyone who has participated in an actual orgy -- and I've met people who have no problem admitting that they have tried just about everything ELSE.

I'm not saying that the orgy is a complete myth. But most people are too body-conscious and insecure for such activities.

Of course, our putative president spent a lot of time at Platos and similar clubs back in the 1980s. But a Trump may do what a Dem may not.

You think there's anything to that old story about Messalina? I go back and forth on that one...
Mueller no doubt knows everything that Cohen could possibly say. Cohen may add some context to all the documents that Mueller recovered from him, but if he doesn't, the Special Prosecution Team won't miss a beat.
Did you see where Ed Shultz died? Interesting years for him. Going from a big Conservative to big Liberal to big time Democrat to big time Bernie Sanders supporter/whiner to working for RT News (formerly Russia Today news)! Strange voyage...but maybe not as strange as some think. Coincidence that he went from Bernie to Russia Today News??? I don’t think so.
I haven't heard the orgy thing, but I have heard that Harris more or less "slept" her way to the top. So if she ever slept with one of her superiors, that would probably be enough to end her run.

Messalina, and more generally the “Roman orgy”, are another story. The historian David Vincent Kimel deals with this fascinosum here:
Stay well.
Its all about who a democrat cares for more, do they care more for immigrants and migrationists, or seniors who have lived in the US. for the past 30, 40, or 50 years and are being bamboozled every which they turn. Democrats are choosing the migrationists and immigration issues over senior issues.
The irony being the Republicans really don't want to help seniors, but if they can portray the democrats as caring more for migrationists and immigrants than seniors, the Republicans win.
Democrats should ask themselves this question, if they can't help seniors who have been paying into the system for decades before the became seniors, how are they going to pay for a massive influx of middle aged people form other countries who won't have paid into the system for nearly as long?
This of course then plays into the Republicans hands when they claim the influx of outsiders is how the Democrats crank up their vote totals.
I understand that most the migration issues are based on a flood of deadly weapons into areas of the world where the weapons then cause migration to occur. That is the layer that someone like Trump will never acknowledge and won't have to because of the democrat's getting their priorities mixed up.
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