Friday, July 20, 2018

Trump's women

Every time I spend more than an hour researching and writing a post, the news clobbers us with a new piece of drama -- and all of a sudden, everything I wrote looks ancient. 

Today's bombshell is the revelation that Michael Cohen recorded Trump talking about the payoff to Playboy model Karen McDougal. We still have conflicting information on key questions: Why did Giuliani say that this tape exonerates Trump? Is it true that Trump talked about writing a personal check, even though the payoff was laundered through the A.M.I.? Are there other recordings?

I'm pretty sure that the answer to the last question is "Yes."

Another piece of "female trouble" has just now popped up. So far, the only source is TMZ, which I consider more than a little iffy. Still, mull it over...
Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam who went to prison and was connected to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is being subpoenaed in the Robert Mueller investigation ... TMZ has learned.

Davis worked for former Trump aide Roger Stone for a decade, and had numerous interactions with Stone and Andrew Miller -- who ran Davis' campaign for Governor and who was subpoenaed by Mueller a month ago.

Sources familiar with the matter tell us, Davis' lawyer is negotiating the scope of the subpoena with Mueller's team.

As you know, Stone was referenced in the indictments last week of 12 Russians who allegedly meddled in the 2016 election.
We do know that Mueller is deeply interested in the Stoney One.
CNN reported Wednesday that two attorneys representing a former Stone associate were in court Wednesday morning for a 90-minute sealed proceeding that followed the associate Andrew Miller's refusal to turn over some documents to Mueller's attorneys.

Miller, who worked for Stone during the 2016 campaign, was subpoenaed last month, the third ex-Stone associate reportedly subpoenaed in the Mueller investigation.
Kristin Davis would be the fourth.

This just in: As I wrote the above words, other sources picked up the Davis story. Here's the Daily News. Here's Law & Crime. Here's Raw Story.

By the way: Shera Bechard is still obsessed with the topic of narcissism. One of these days she really must tell us why.

Fish scent fill the air,
There be snuff juice everywhere.
i went ahead and gave Shera Bechard's tweet a Like. it's good, logical information regarding narcissists and their empathizers.
Joseph and Allesandro, I have a close relative who married a narcissist (and I worked under one previously) so I've had the time to see this up close and personal. You might like my take on it here.
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