Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Good news!

If Mr. Doom-N-Gloom (a.k.a. me) has a smile on his face, it's a good day.
NEW: @NYGovCuomo announces his office is prepared to send a referral to the state A.G. to conduct a criminal investigation of the Trump Foundation. This would go quite a step further than the civil lawsuit, @NewYorkStateAG previously launched. @ZephyrTeachout had called for this.
A presidential pardon can't save Trump's ass here. I'm predicting that the pro-Trump media will declare all-out war on Governor Cuomo, with smears and stings and frame-ups galore. You know damned well that there will be a "Me Too" smear job.

If Cuomo survives the onslaught, he'll be a hero. In all likelihood, though, they'll find some way to give him the Scheniderman treatment, and he'll be forced to resign.

Sorry. You know me: Always gotta push some doom-n-gloom into the narrative.

Cuomo's primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon will gladly #metoo him. She seems awfully Bernie.
You mentioned in a previous that you might take the puppy, Charlie, to his first protest march. Charlie probably is doing an excellent job training you as Australian shepherds are very smart and he will want to go where you do but don’t take him to the protest.
Connecting the (dead) dots. It's being reported that Trump was briefed on Russian election rat fucking directed by Vladimir Putin two weeks before his inauguration. Why has this been released to the public unless the Kremlin source is either in witness protection or known dead. Who tipped Putin,Trump @ Helsinki?
Hi Joseph. Great series of posts.

I know how you want to take your puppy everywhere, but not to a protest. I've seen older, calm dogs at protests.

@Petersen - Thanks for the link to some very interesting and maybe good news regarding the exposure of that jackle Tad Devine.

In a note of interest to those who like movies, "Sorry to Bother You" is disturbing and great.

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