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Shera and the narcissist: Is she giving us a covert confession?

Last night, I published a long-ish piece about Trumpian sexual sleaze. The post included the latest developments on the Shera Bechard front. She's the former Playboy model who got a big pay-off (via Michael Cohen) after terminating a pregnancy which resulted from an affair with RNC bigwig and Trump cohort Eliot Broidy. Or so we have been told.

Most forget that Broidy was careful to imply that he was the father without making the claim directly.

Many have now warmed to the theory that the child was actually sired by Donald Trump, a.k.a. David Dennison, infamous bareback rider. Major publications now take the idea quite seriously: Example. Example. Although the theory is primarily associated with New York Magazine writer Paul Campos, it all began here, in this humble blog.

If Trump paid for an abortion, his fundamentalist followers will find their powers of rationalization put to the ultimate test. (We already have the beginnings of rebellion against pro-Trump evangelical leaders.)

We now have further evidence that the "Trump diddit" theory deserves serious attention. Shera Brechard may have signed an NDA, but nothing stops her from retweeting some very notable material. For example, she recently retweeted Ronan Farrow...
The whistleblower who leaked Michael Cohen’s financial records is stepping forward to say why: records of bigger, potentially more sensitive, swaths of suspicious transactions appeared to be missing from a government database. My @newyorker investigation:
The link goes, of course, to this important story concerning Cohen files that should have appeared in  the FINCEN database but which seem to have gone missing.

Shera, what are you trying to tell us? Her usual tweets are more personal and quotidian -- cute pictures of her dogs, that sort of thing. 

Here's her next tweet -- or rather, retweet:

Shera, what are you trying to tell us?

Scrolling down, one soon discovers that this woman seems particularly interested in the topic of narcissism. The following message (retweeted by Shera Bechard) comes from a group or person called Narcissist Sociopath Awareness.

Here's another retweeted message from the same source:
Covert narcissists are often described initially as “sweet, kind & loving” but theirs is the worst kind of betrayal. You’ll never see it coming & no one will believe you when it does.
Why is this woman so compelled to draw our attention to this psychological malady? Most of the messages concern the superficial charm of the narcissist.

Trump is, of course, the world's most famous narcissist. I've never heard anyone use that particular "N-word" to describe Broidy. So far, we have no indication that Shera Bechard is concerned about some other narcissist -- some other person who first "love bombed" her then betrayed her.

Shera's readers are now inundating her with requests to confirm or deny Trump's responsibility for the pregnancy. She has not denied having an affair with Trump. I cannot see how such a denial would violate her NDA -- if Broidy were the father.

Heather Digby Parton has written a longish piece for Salon on the "Trump diddit" theory. I swore never again to link to any story published by the creeps who gave us Lord H.A. H.A., but...what the hell.
Broidy's company, Circinus LLC, did make a bundle in 2017 off federal government contracts, however. The Daily Beast reports:
Prior to 2017, Circinus had been paid a total of just $7,501 for its work on various defense contracts. Then, in August 2017 it finally received $3.9 million for a contract it had begun bidding on in 2013 with the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). The INSCOM contract — which is for unidentified intelligence services — nearly doubled the company’s income for the year. The following month, Circinus received $242,011 from the Defense Security Service for a separate contract.
Broidy had an important meeting with the president at Mar-a-Lago on Dec. 2, 2017, at which this Qatar business was apparently discussed. Just two days before that, Broidy had wired the first of what were to be eight payments of $200,000 apiece to an attorney representing Shera Bechard, the onetime Playboy Playmate with whom Broidy supposedly had an affair. But the contract for these payoffs was in the name of "David Dennison," the same pseudonym that Donald Trump had used in his hush-money contract with Stormy Daniels. A few days after the Mar-a-Lago meeting, Broidy got word that $600 million in "consulting" contracts had come through.
For more Trumpian sleaze, scroll down to the previous story. And if you are kind of heart, tell a friend: The "Trump diddit" theory first appeared in this humble blog, not in New York Magazine.

(Then again, maybe I shouldn't insist on recognition. Don't want to be accused of narcissism.)

Stormy Day. The other woman who received money from Cohen after an affair with "David Dennison" has received a surprising honor: West Hollywood has declared today to be Stormy Daniels Day. She will receive the key to the city.

For those unfamiliar with the cultural geography of Los Angeles, West Hollywood is usually associated with...well, let's just say that we're talking about guys who are not often considered part of Stormy's target audience.
Officials of the city, bordering Beverly Hills and considered a prominent LGBT community, said in a release they chose to recognize Daniels because in "these politically tumultuous times," she has "proven herself to be a profile in courage by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation."
I stopped spending time in that part of town when they closed down the Tower Records Classical Annex. Nice to know that West Hollywood still appreciates the finer things.
Great work on this story Joseph. Good to see it's getting aired in the MSM. I would say that the odds that Trump isn't the father are vanishingly small. However, I wonder if we'll ever really know? I can imagine he and his people will go to great lengths (as they already have) to keep this from being confirmed. We'll see.
Shera Brechard's tweets regarding "the narcissist", make it pretty plain that she lost herself in what she thought was a warm loving relationship with Donald. Then she told him she was pregnant. She was needing and hoping for support from Trump but he treated her like she was radioactive. After that, Shera found herself dealing with Michael Cohen.

Half our population doesn't care that Trump's a career criminal in the employ of the Russian State... or they're incapable of comprehending the situation. Maybe this will get their attention? Or will we have to wait for evidence of trafficking underage eastern European girls?
Over at Palmer Report, Bill is claiming that Trump has totally lost it, while I view it as Donald preparing his base for civil war. But there's a new writer named Daniel Cotter who's good at seeing things.

In 2009, Elliot Broidy pled guilty to financial crimes in New York. Cotter found these tidbits in the press release regarding the plea announcement;

"Broidy paid over $90,000 to the girlfriend of a high ranking OSC official.... Broidy also covered the girlfriend's hospital bills."

Very interesting look st malignant narcissism.

And Trump keeps getting away with his disgusting sadistic act and destructive actions.

Those bribes, that blackmail must really be strong stuff.

Joseph, most spellings are Bechard.
"Say hello to Elliott Briody" - below is just segment from a Briody timeline listed in an English language translation of a Romanian publication which started investigating Briody after Circerus did a Romanian arms deal with curious features and Briody started legal actions against the publication -- sometime after Briody started appearing in U.S. news coverage...
"Al Jazeera revealed on March 9 that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has launched an investigation on Elliott Broidy. “The Prosecutor General of Ukraine has launched an investigation into claims surrounding an alleged multi-million dollar lobbying contract that names one of US President Donald Trump’s most influential fundraisers, Elliott Broidy. The 12-page document, which appears to have been signed by Broidy, outlines his role as providing “political advocacy” on behalf of a now sanctioned Russian bank, VTB. The deal was apparently dated June 12, 2014, just weeks before VTB Bank was blacklisted by the United States and European Union as a key Kremlin asset following Russia’s invasion of Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin is guest of honour at VTB Bank’s investor conference every year. The document raises serious questions about whether Broidy is in breach of the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)...”
Briody sues Qatar over hacked emails. "Jassim Al-Thani, a spokesman at Qatar’s embassy in Washington, described the lawsuit as an attempt by Broidy to divert attention from media scrutiny on his activities.

“It is Mr. Broidy, not Qatar, who orchestrated nefarious activities designed to influence Congress and American foreign policy,” Al-Thani said in a statement.

Broidy, a vocal critic of Qatar, met with Trump in September and tried to set up an informal meeting between the president and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the UAE, according to a person familiar with the matter."
"Broidy claims Al Jazeera published an article on March 8 based on falsified documents accusing him of entering into a lobbying contract in 2014 with a Russian bank under U.S. sanctions."

I cannot believe I misspelled Shera Bechard's name in the original version of this post. My humblest apologies to all.

Actually, she spells her name with an accent over the e, but those diacritical marks are difficult to accomplish on this keyboard.
Billionaire Roman Abramovich is having difficulty getting his British visa renewed and he seems to be about to run to Israel. Like the Kushners he is connected with Chabad.

OT, but in re: earlier remarks about Devin Nunes, those escapades on the yacht, in which he may well not have taken part, have resurfaced in the past day or so:

From Huffpo:
"The Los Angeles Times said Nunes has three main assets: stakes in two wineries (Phase 2 Cellars and Alpha Omega Winery LLC) and a Bank of America savings account. The three are worth a combined $101,000, the outlet noted."

The summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has now been cancelled as I predicted. (I tried to get a bookmaker to quote me odds on that outcome, but to no avail!) The relationship between North Korea and the United States is of far more significance than most observers have any clue about.

Much more minor but confirmatory contingent considerations included the NK statement that they didn't want any US investment, and the choreographic near-impossibility of staging a meeting between the two heads of state. Can you imagine Trump picking dandruff off Kim's shoulder the way he did to Emmanuel Macron? Or Kim taking Trump's hand and "AMOG-ing" him the way he did Moon Jae-in in the demilitarised zone? Then wonder what message Israel would prefer to go out about Korea.

Where next for our world? (Click there to find out.)
Talking of narcissism, Donald Trump's letter to Kim Jong-un contains 13 sentences, 11 of which contain superlatives or intensifiers:

1) greatly appreciate, long sought
2) totally irrelevant
3) very much looking forward
4) tremendous anger, open hostility, long-planned
5) (none, but the words "to the detriment of the world" are included)
6) massive and powerful nuclear capabilities
7) wonderful dialogue
8) look very much forward
9) (none)
10) beautiful gesture, very much appreciated
11) most important summit
12) great opportunity, great prosperity and wealth
13) truly sad moment
A now for a different kind of sleaze...
""Shortly after the Ukrainian president returned home, his country's anti-corruption agency stopped its investigation into Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort."" adding...

"Michael Cohen received a secret payment of at least $400,000 (w/ sources saying it was up to $600k) to fix talks between the Ukrainian president and Trump, sources in Kiev tell the BBC."

"Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine as required by" U.S. law.
@kylegriffin1 5/23/18

In return for dropping the Manafort investigation, Trump claims he has a deal to sell US coal to Ukraine and 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles, a departure from the U.S. refusing to sell arms to Ukraine in the past.

"Ukraine's domestic intelligence service, the SBU, did their own - secret - report on Mr Manafort."

"It found that there was not one "black ledger" but three and that Mr Manafort had been paid millions of dollars more from Ukraine than had been made public. (Mr Manafort has denied any wrongdoing.)"

"This information was given to me by a very senior police officer who saw the report. He said it had not been passed to the Americans."
b: Thanks for the breakdown. Rhetoric is important.

Those are some the best descriptions of narcissism I have ever read. Whatever their purpose, the narcissism quotes are educational.
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