Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bill Maher gets it

If you're as annoyed as I am by the enforced optimism of the big Dem sites, take a big, depressing swig from a bottle of truth.
Zuckerberg in concert with the new incarnation of Cambridge Analytica will engage in blatant rat fuckery. They'll play the Bernie Bros n Hos, drive a wedge between the Democratic Party and the Black community, and GOTV Klan Tiki-Nazis. The end result will be Dems might get majorities but not big enough to do much.
If the Great White Dope doesn't make it to 2020 it will be due to nature cause, not justice.
Next Friday, 25 May, Ireland will hold a referendum on a proposal to remove the clause in its constitution that "acknowledges the right to life of the unborn" as equal to the "right to life of the mother".

"Save the 8th", the official campaign against repeal, has hired Kanto, the London-based company founded by Thomas Borwick. Borwick was technology director of Vote Leave and previously worked for Cambridge Analytica.

An Ipsos poll conducted last week showed support for Yes (to the repeal proposal) as having fallen from 63% to 58% since late April. (I'm disregarding Don't Knows, Won't Votes and Won't Says.)

In 2015, polls prior to a referendum in Ireland on gay marriage showed Yes (to a proposal enabling such marriage) running at 70%. In the actual vote, Yes got 62%. Since a similarly sized poll-to-vote drop next week will yield a 50-50 result, it is quite possible that the proposed repeal of abortion law will be unsuccessful.

Google, the filthy outfit which as we know has a "$pecial" relationship with the hoods who run the Republic of Ireland, seems to be backing Yes, insofar as it won't circulate online adverts for either campaign, a policy which commentators seem to think is more bothersome for No than for Yes. Facebook, meanwhile, has said it will no longer accept adverts for either side in the referendum from interests based outside of the Republic. And the third major member of the fascist communications trio, Twitter, has banned all advertising for this referendum.

Whether these policies are because the controllers of these dirty companies don't want to be in danger of being tarred with the same brush, especially after a No win, as Bannon and Cambridge Analytica, I don't know.

In other news, the British authorities recently sought to kill a young disabled boy by assistance withdrawal, refusing to allow his parents, who had obtained Italian citizenship for him and also the support of Pope Francis, to take him to a Vatican-owned hospital in Rome.

And the British media were getting ready to whoop it up when the parliament of Guernsey voted in favour of "assisted dying", drooling with glee as they reported that that small island would become the "first part of the British Isles" to introduce such a law - but the parliament failed to oblige them and voted against.
b, why should the state have a say about what a woman does with a bit of gristle growing in her uterus?
Along the same line why should anybody have a say when an ailing person says "Enough" and decides to check out?
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