Sunday, March 04, 2018

Mueller's list

Axios has a scoop which -- if true -- could be big news. Last month, Mueller's team sent a subpoena to a certain witness, whose name we do not have. The subpoena asked for all communications with certain named members of the Trump administration, going back to November 1, 2015 -- five months after Trump announced his candidacy.

If memory serves, this was still a time when people considered the Trump bid to be something of a joke.

Here are the individuals named on the subpoena:
Carter Page
Corey Lewandowski
Donald J. Trump
Hope Hicks
Keith Schiller
Michael Cohen
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
Roger Stone
Steve Bannon
Now, you should not conclude that all of these people are necessarily targets of Mueller. But the list tells us something of the scope.

I'm particularly intrigued by the appearance of Keith Schiller, the former "body man." He accompanied Trump on the trip to Moscow when the alleged "pee-pee tape" was attained. He also would have been with Trump in Saint Petersburg, which (as most forget) was the site of more sexual kompromat. Or so sayeth the Steele Dossier, which -- despite what the nay-sayers will tell you -- has proven correct in many particulars.

This is not the only indicator we've received lately that Mueller is looking into the, uh, really juicy stuff. (If I may be permitted to borrow one of Colbert's recent witticisms.)

As for Roger Stone: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Mr. Mueller! Lift up Stone and reveal the dirt! Stone told Congress that he used an intermediary to communicate with Assange, and now we are told that the interface was direct.
“I have never said or written that I had any direct communication with Julian Assange and have always clarified in numerous interviews and speeches that my communication with WikiLeaks was through the aforementioned journalist,” Stone told the committee in his prepared statement in September. The full hearing was held behind closed doors and the transcript has not been made public. At least one lawmaker had already obtained a screenshot of the exchange before Stone testified, according to two sources familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that Congress knew Stone committed perjury? If so, why'd they let him get away with it?

And why'd they let Bannon get away with the shit he pulled?

Why did they let Hope Hicks refuse to answer questions?

Why do Republicans get to flout all of the laws, regulations and norms that Democrats must always obey?

On some level, the conservatives must know that they benefit from a double standard. Will they ever admit in public that this double standard exists? No. That's too much to ask for. But deep down, they know.

Elsewhere: I should say something about Italy, shouldn't I? Sorry. I can't even think about it. Belusconi...5Star... It's just too hideous to think about.

How can this happen? My mother's mother considered Italia to be her mother. We're talking about a country with the best food, the best art, the best sports cars, the best volcanoes, the best epic poem and the world's most beautiful women. Religion? You may not think it has the best religion, but you gotta admit: The RCs know spectacle.

So why do the Eyetalians always screw up when it comes to politics?


Mr Mike said...

The Shit Circus that is the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election is run by republicans like Devin Nunes. What did you expect?
The Senate Intelligence Committee has or will be filing an ethics complaint on Nunes for leaking information about the investigations.
Robert Mueller is no Ken Starr think how long he had George Papadopoulos turned before it was revealed. The congressional investigations are a distraction, Mueller is were it's at. The republicans may have a double standard now but one Mueller publicises his results it's blown up.

nemdam said...

You forgot the best empire.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a complaint against the 5 star party, are they another right wing group? I've never heard of them but wikipedia says the 5 stars are; " public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access, and environmentalism."

Anonymous said...

Standards, whether double or of whatever order are of no interest at all to the Republicans, any of them, since they all refuse to criticize Trump. All the powerful Dems seem to be on that same page.

Tom Steuer is independently collecting signatures on an impeachment petition. Pelosi doesn't like it

It seems they're all bought and paid for.

The legal news counts for a lot.


Michael said...

Who's NOT on Mueller's list?

b said...

Off-topic: what's the significance of the electoral victory of the "faceless one" - anti-mafia woman Piera Aiello, whose face is always obscured when she appears in photographs - yesterday in Sicily? Example images are here, here and here. Sometimes she appears in a veil or with her face covered with a cloth bag, and in most published photographs the image of her face has been altered so that she seems to be emitting strong white light. No shit.

She stood for the Five Star Movement, but she is in NO WAY a satirical candidate. Some of her gruesome personal story is here.

Gotta wonder how long it will be before miracles start occurring.

b said...

@Michael. "Who's NOT on Mueller's list?" The Emir of Qatar?

b said...

The new, sexually burning hot European fascism: Luigi di Maio, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Alice Weidel.

No moustaches. No screwed-up angry faces. No Hindu solar symbols. No serious-faced marching. Style style style. Eyes. Lips. Teeth. Skin. These three will scorch straight through people's computer screens. Never even mind that only one of the three is a heterosexual woman!

joseph said...

Beauty and best are always idiosyncratic, but for my money the best food is Cuban and Middle Eastern. And all woman have their own beauty, sometimes you have to look deeper. The best religion is always "your religion" but every religion has something to teach us. With Roman Catholicism it is the concept of suffering. One of the most important books, to me, that I ever read was "Last of the Just" which takes a distinctly Roman Catholic view of suffering.