Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tweet it, Donald! TWEET! TWEET! TWEET!

For the first time, liberals are encouraging Donald Trump to tweet out the latest inane conspiracy theory circulating in fringe circles. The kook right's response to the kids in Parkland has been so insane and repellent that -- from a purely political point of view -- Dems want the kooks to keep kooking it up. We also want the Very Stable Genius to hop aboard the Nut Train and take it all the way to Nutland.

See Charles Pierce's fine essay here.
An entire generation has grown up within this wingnut terrarium, which has its own private history, volumes of its own private conjuring words, and, in the case of the climate crisis, its own physical laws.

Those people are now in positions of influence, inside the government and out. One survivor, David Hogg, has been specifically targeted by the Gateway Pundit site, which is owned and operated by Jim Hoft, aka The Dumbest Man On The Internet (copyright, Wonkette LLC.). These clucks have White House press credentials. They shouldn’t be allowed any closer to the White House than the nearest locked ward. But Donald Trump, Jr. thinks their coverage has been just swell.
Also here: one has ever really gone wrong underestimating his interest in intellectual consistency or overestimating his willingness to get involved in petty, self-defeating feuds with people who have the moral high ground. Should be fun!
Do it, Donald. DO IT. You know you want to. You need to. It's up to you to inform the world that the shooter was programmed by subliminal Satanic messages and chemicals in the drinking water! Nobody was actually shot at that high school. They were all CRISIS ACTORS! None of those kids actually died because none of them actually lived. And those students on TV, the ones asking for stricter gun laws...? They were all paid by George Soros and Hillary Clinton! They're all part of the FBI conspiracy against Donald Trump!

Tweet it, Donald! Everyone will love you if you do. The spirit of your father will look down on you and say "Son, I'm sorry I sent you to military school. I am SO proud of you right now. You're a much better man than I ever was." Only you can tell the world the truth, Donald! TWEET IT NOW!
Will Democrats do a Pelosi and FUBAR the opportunity handed them by lunatic Trumptards?
Unless I missed it there haven't been any calls from Democratic Party congress members for republicans to disavow the Conservative media. Remember republicans chastising President Obama every time a Black community leader stepped in it?
The NRA is a very much different beast now than it was when I was a kid taking my hunter safety course. The NRA paid to promote their new video several weeks ago playing with the other advertisements on YouTube. It showed many film cuts of individual white people, young and old, taking aim with their rifles from a standing position, while the narrator droned on about protecting rights and freedoms. Basically it's about preparing their base for civil war. The NRA has become an extremist right wing, Russian funded advocate for armed insurrection. What could go wrong?
The silence form most Democrats is deeply troubling.
I hope Trump kooks out on this too. Insulting the parents of massacred children by calling them "crisis actors" is so obscene that if this crazed president joins those who are doing it, who knows, it could be a pivotal time. That's if there are still grounds for retaining hope. It could lead to a peaceful "everyone block the streets or stay at home for a few hours and then rejoice when Trump gets straitjacketed and Mike Pence invokes the 25th amendment" moment.

Meanwhile in Britain Jacob Rees-Mogg may be about to click his fingers and trigger a Tory leadership election. He's practically running a parliamentary party within the parliamentary Tory party already. Two of his sisters have been supportive of the Rudolf Steiner organisation and so was their father William, editor of the Times.
The NRA, pre-1977-78, was a sane organization that actually supported some gun control legislation. Then you had a convicted murderer (later pardoned, I think) and certified whack job Harlon Carter and his goons taking over with their idiotic misinterpretation of the second amendment. It has been downhill ever since.
Why hasn't Israel had mass shootings? Three things: 1. Gun permits are hard to get, 40% of applicants are rejected, 2. Mandatory psychological exams before and during gun permit ownership and 3. Limit of 50 rounds per person.
Funny, I've read and heard and seen mass amounts of commentary from various Democrats. But "lock her up," Benghazi, Corporate Dems, emails, Foundation, DNC, onward soldiers of purity and light!
You know, I have to wonder, if this was a "false flag", then who carried it out? The Republicans have complete control of the government at this point, so how would this get carried out by anyone but them? Of course, I don't buy into the "false flag" scenario, but it's interesting to me that when Obama was in office, and Sandy Hook happened, it was his administration that got blamed for carrying out the "false flag" attack. Now that Republicans control the government, who exactly is responsible now in this theory, and if not Republicans than how, exactly did "leftists" or the "deep state" manage to do it without getting exposed by the sitting government? I mean, I know the whole crisis actors false flag thing is absurd anyway, but this is an angle I haven't seen put forward. How would Trump and his supporters have not seen this coming, now that they are in charge, if it really was a staged incident?
@joseph - 4) In the highly militarised society that is Israel, those who enjoy using guns to murder people get satiated by taking up their many chances to do it when they're wearing army uniform.
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