Sunday, April 09, 2017

What do you say when a crackpot gets it right?

Note: I'd like to apologize for publishing the previous post while it was still in a "first draft" state. A rewrite improved it. 

Many strange stories have appeared in the wake of Trump's Syria attack, but none stranger than this one, which comes to us by way of the Palmer Report. Palmer draws our attention to the Twitter account of a strange little group calling itself @RogueLeaks. Little is known about this group, which appears to be the work of two people located in the UK. Until recently, the account had but seven thousand followers -- which, in the world of Twitter, is not a massive number.

In the normal course of events, RogueLeaks would not command much attention. (I omit the @ to make typing easier.) However, on February 1 of this year, RogueLeaks issued the following ominous tweet:
April 7, 2017 is the day they are planning to start #WW3 but we can stop them by calling it out. #LockThemUp. Please friends, this is urgent
When asked why the planners fixed on that specific date, RL claimed that the "insiders" have a deep love for numerology. In other words, RogueLeaks peddles the kind of sub-Infowars twaddle one would expect from paranoid ninnies who think that our world is ruled by Evil Occultists.

Does "4-7-2017" have any esoteric significance? The digital root of that string of numbers is 3, which supposedly signifies joy, tolerance and artistry. Perhaps the reference goes to World War 3, which, we can only hope, will be more joyful and artistic than the first two. Of course, the vague pseudoscience of numerology allows one to read hidden profundities into any series of numbers.

That said...well, let's quote from the Palmer piece:
Trump’s attack on Syria last night took place on April 6th according to local time in Washington DC, and this tweet predicted Trump would initiate his military action on April 7th. But due to time zone differences, it was in fact the morning of April 7th in Syria when the attack took place.
Admit it, you smug bastard: You just felt the bumping of goosebumps. All the malenky little hairs on your plott are standing endwise, with shivers crawling up like slow malenky lizards and then down again.

RogueLeaks offers further information on their Facebook page. Warning: Anyone clicking on that link will be hit by a strong whiff of crazy. Here are some highlights...
To start off, the #Syrianattack was planned by #SteveBannon, #PaulRyan, #RexTillerson, and #‪ValeryGerasimov over those three days at the end of January. Typical narcissists brag about their upcoming "accomplishments" to their victims and, as many of you know, we both have been victims of harassment and gang-stalking by Steve Bannon.
Bannon, according to this scenario, is Moriarity, Blofeld, Palpatine and Dr. Doom, all rolled into one. I wonder how RogueLeaks will respond to the many reports that Bannon is out of favor and may soon be tossed out on on his capacious hindquarters?

Let us return to the tale of the RogueLeakers:
Neither of us are directly involved in the current administration - Robert is from one of the richest families in the world so he grew up around Trump (and was abused by him and his group) and Hepzibah is a pastor, who works as a spiritual adviser to several well-known democratic leaders. But we both know what's going on and we are planning to expose whatever we can whenever we get information.

They've become sloppy this week and that's worked for our advantage.

The #Syrian attack? It was not #Assad who planned it but the four we mentioned. They want war in the #MiddleEast - for money and oil, as usual.

They wanted to set #Putin up as the fall guy and tip his hand for war. You see, Valery has gone rogue - and not in the Resistance sense of the word.

As many of you know, Robert and I have stated from the get-go that Vladimir was NOT behind #electiongate - he was lured into a trap by Jacob Rothschild in spring and summer 2016, during the primaries. He DID do some black hat hacking back then - and worked with #JulianAssange.
I was wondering how long we'd have to wait before the Rothschilds got dragged into all this.
Julian worked side-by-side with Jacob and lured Vladimir in... but only for six months or so. Julian? He was on Jacob's payroll. He created fake Bernie and Hillary supporter profiles to cause division amongst the #Democrats. The reason? It's a spiritual reason which we've talked about on countless posts - many people don't understand the spiritual aspect of what we are speaking about so, unless you are interested, we won't go any further into this (you can inbox us here for more info about this).

What we will say is this: Vladimir WAS partially guilty of the primary hacking but NOT of #electiongate. He stopped hacking around late summer, early fall. Jacob was, essentially, threatening him which is what kept him in it for so long. But he was NOT guilty of the rigged election - Jacob was, along with two hundred plus associates who pulled it off through hacking, payoffs/hush money, or threatening.

Putin was played by Donald J. Trump- Donnie acted like he wanted a friendship with Vladimir only to take advantage of him. He played him like a fiddle - knew very few people in the west liked him and was trying to control him. But, as the election drew closer, DJT stopped his praise of him. And withdrew from Vladimir because Vlad was no longer part of Jacob's inner circle.
Around that time, I (Robert) began opening up about my sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of Donald Trump and his men - I filed a lawsuit and went into hiding - but I also started tweeting the "inside info" I know about Trump and his people. So the threats began.

Bannon began threatening me and Hepzibah, as well as, hiring a group of"Resistance" members to launch an all-out assault against us online to discredit us - this is called projection and the Veil of Confusion (this is just like what Trump did about Hillary). They made up all kinds of lies and spent their entire days condemning us all because Bannon knew, one day, we would be part of his political demise.

But he got too cocky and began to slip. He posted on the dark net about his plans for white domination and World War III.
Had enough? Thought so.

I confess to having a weakness for this sort of silliness. Life is grim, and we must take our amusements where we can find them. Some people like Adam Sandler movies. Some people go bowling. Who am I to judge them, and who are you to judge me?

Even though I got a few grins while reading about the adventures of "English Bob" and Reverend Hepzibah, the calender coincidence still has me feeling all goosebumpy. Here are their predictions of what comes next:
1) The next step is nuclear war - main cities being aimed at? Beijing or Shanghi

2.) April 20 - three members of their club (two of which are leaders of nations and one of which is working for Donald) are planning three simultaneous terrorist attacks - one in the Middle East (don't know what country), one in Australia, and one in North America

3.) Faux financial instability in the markets - stocks to hard crash over the next month. Why? To put Donald's plans of a dictatorship into motion. Note: Trump is NOT planning this, those working for him are

4.) Widespread outbreak of a disease - selectively killing off those who are weakened or poor.

5.) There's talk that there will be two public mass shootings in the next month and a half - Chicago is a probable location they are discussing

6.) Putin is planning to leak much of the dirt he has on DJT and DJT's people over the next week - specifically related to the crime ring they are involved in (sexual abuse, money and human trafficking, and Trump's involvement with a drug lord in Mexico (real reason he wants to "build a wall").
Are we finally going to see that video? Are we finally going to visit the wide, wide world of watersports? Jolly!

If all hell does break loose on April 20, I really will have to insist on a proper explanation from English Bob and Reverend Hepzibah.


John said...

Other events on April 20th:

Hitler's birthday, 1889
1906, 1912 San Francisco earthquakes and fires
1914 Ludlow mine massacre
1978 Soviets force KAL jet into emergency landing
1999 Columbine shootings
2010 BP Gulf oil disaster
Kony 2012 call for public action

-But a good day for pot smokers everywhere...4/20

Anonymous said...

I watched Hillary's interview. Here my take I am NOT ready to quit Hillary Clinton. End of the world or not.

SoConfused said...

Maybe you've already read this?

So the question is: con artists only or some kind of disinfo? Pile on the extra-obvious crazy stuff to obscure the real happening right in front of our eyes? Some realities of Bannon's insane vision mixed in with lots of classic over the top lunacy? Same purpose as Pizzagate craziness being spread to make sane people less likely to perceive obvious sexual blackmail of top cabinet/GOP by billionaires both domestic and foreign??

Dunno - the info from those accounts is obviously primarily insane, are they really just pill scamming con artists or something more???

Joseph Cannon said...

Confused: Interesting article! But I'm not sure that catfishing explains our English friend.

Here's my big takeaway from Robbie's tweeter feed: British eccentrics are much more civilized than the American kind. I mean, Robert seems nice enough, weird though he may be. I can actually imagine inviting him to a dinner party, just to add color to the occasion. I don't think that he would end up shouting mad accusations into a bullhorn, a la Alex Jones: "I like to EAT! I like to FIGHT!"

Maybe it's time for me to move to the UK.

SoConfused said...

Definitely don't think they are British. The article by Rachel seems accurate to me and fits what I've seen of their antics online the past couple of months. Pretty sure she has their doxx correct. The Rothschild, SRA, pedo stuff has all definitely been a big tool of the organized disinfo wars since before the internet - but of course it's also been an un-sponsored part of the paranoid thinking of many independent crazies.

So which is this? Nuts? Con-artists? Paid spreaders of confusion working for whomever (but presumably some of the people behind the Trump takeover - whether domestic billionairs, foreign billionaires, or state actors)??

Don't know at all - but they are so slick and organized and suddenly have a huge pulpit for their "ministry". I'll bet they are no more from the UK than Bannon is a secret fan of multi-cultural modern America.

Love your blog - but I remain - SoConfused

Joseph Cannon said...

My apologies, Confused. I skimmed the first paragraphs too rapidly, and I missed the name Hepzibah.

Yep. Gotta be. These are the same people.

What the fuh...?

All I know is, stay the hell away from SRA claimants, especially the ones who tell tall tales of their personal interactions with the Illuminati. These people are invariably sharpies out to fleece the gullible. Are you familiar with the tale of Mike Warnke? That one takes us back to the early 1970s, but it was a very similar scam.

SoConfused said...

Exactly - anything Illuminati, SRA, Rothschild (beyond the obvious realities), or other pedo/sexcult is a clear sign of either madness, con-artistry, disinfo, or some combination of the three.

But I'm most interested in the use of these themes by the far right. It starts in the early 19th century with the bygone real Illuminati (enlightenment types) being resurrected by the dying aristocrat class and used to represent the threat of the new capitalists to the old system. Then it gets picked up and mutated by the Birchers. And today it's all a key part of the disinfo and memetic warfare being waged by a variety of intelligence agencies and organized trolls.

Pizzagate plays perfectly on all the SRA/Illuminati buttons - resurrecting all kinds of imagery from the last satanic panic that resulted in all the false childcare convictions and so on. But this time it appears to be used not just to rile up the lumpen Trump supporters but also to cast a dubious pall over anyone who dares consider whether sexual blackmail is a key factor in the control of the current administration and GOP leadership (plenty of dems too I suspect - but it's obvious with the GOP and works easiest with very closeted anti-gay right wing pols). As we all justly disregard insane allegations of ritual child killing by Hillary - we are more likely to also disregard genuine video tapes of top politicians held by right wing cabals and/or foreign IC/organized crime.

These themes are very important in the weird psy-ops that have been swirling around this crisis/coup since its inception. So when I see such organized and effective use of them my gut is to investigate whether there is more to their use than madness or a means to scamming drugs.

But these are weird weird times and I just don't know....

Keep up the great work. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

100 years ago, on 4-7-1917, the headlines screamed that the US had declared war on Germany and thereby entered 'The Great War' (the first world war).

The House passage of the war resolution, following the earlier Senate passage, occured on 4-6-1917. Wilson signed the war resolution passed by Congress on 1:11 pm that same day.


Writer said...

I think I know exactly what's going on here. I recently did research for work about a community of people who call themselves Targeted Individuals and who believe they are being "gang stalked" by the government. People who think this stuff have always existed but the internet has united them to validate their paranoid delusions. They blog, self publish books, there's even an economic miniverse where one can buy clothes with tinfoil sewn in or various mind control testing devices. Some have even organized to influence lawmakers about outlawing govt mind control. I spent enough time in this world that I am sure, without a doubt, that that's what we're dealing with here.

Joseph Cannon said...

Writer, I know that world too. Or at least I used to, at an earlier stage, and in another life.

I probably should say no more, but I'll say this: Make your escape NOW. There are many subcultures in this country, but the people in that particular subculture are particularly disagreeable.

Writer said...

Oh I was doing research for work and am in no danger of being influenced, co opted or otherwise touched by these people. I usually write about the intel community and compared to spies, these people are bumbling hillbillies with more wifi than IQ. That being said, I'd love to hear anything you'd be willing to share about your experience. I truly think their community played a massive role in Trump's election.

Hepzibah said...

I'm Hepzibah, Robert's girlfriend. There is a group of people who were paid by Bannon and his people to make lies up about us (hence the cat-fishing article). That being said, I've been established publicly online for years and have a large group that listens to me. I am not British but I do actively deal with this stuff with robert. We have been leaking what they are planning - you may not want to believe what we are sharing but I hope you guys wake up before it's too late. We don't want any of this to happen which is why we are warning people. Robert IS a Rothschild so he knows first hand about what is up. I am a survivor so i know first hand too. Our heart's desire is to see the world safe from Donald's trump - and we aren't altrighters. I am an American citizen and extremely democratic. And jones works for the Rothschilds so don't consider us like him. feel free to text my phone number (prayer line) if you have questions 8147772112 or email me

Joseph Cannon said...

This message is just between you and me, Cait. The post is fairly old; no one but you is likely to read this comment.

Cait, you should have left well enough alone. After taking a fairly deep interest in your story for a day or two, I soon turned my attentions to other matters. This blog probably would never have mentioned you again.

But you had to stick your nose into my tent...and you awakened a whole lot of bad memories.

You had no way of knowing this, HepCait, but I've been dealing with women like you since before you were born. Literally.

In a previous phase of my life, I studied SRA scammers and right-wing conspiracy wackos the way a scientist studies bacteria. Back then, women like you worked differing angles, though the SRA scam became the most popular. In a way, I was there when that whole scam was born.

The experience taught me to be merciless, especially when dealing with con artists with substance abuse issues. When you were two years old, a blonde southern SRA claimant -- just like you -- called me and said that she wanted to meet with me personally. The visit would occur right after she visited Tijuana to, er, um, "see the sights." If I saw through HER right away, what makes you think I can't see right through you?

Do you really think that you can fool me -- ME -- with your pathetic con? I'm not a hick from Tennessee, girl. I'm a well-educated greybearded cynic from a large city in a blue state. I've read EVERYTHING (high and low) and I have a phobic reaction to manipulative religious glop, particularly when the glop-peddlers speak with southern accents.

Do you really think that I'm going to call you on the telephone? That I'm just another mark on whom you can work your dubious charms? Do you really think that you can convince me that you have "four fatal diseases," just like Tootie's dolls in "Meet Me in St. Louis"? Do you really think that I am likely to believe ONE WORD you have to say?

Sorry, Cait, but you're not going to scam any goddamned happy pills out of ME. I would tell you to get into rehab, but doing so might give you the false impression that I care about your well-being.

Think I'm brutal? I've had brutality drummed into me by harsh experience.

If you had any sense, you would decide right here and now simply to avoid me. If you're lucky, I'll once more forget that you exist, since there are so many other things in this world to write about.

But I predict that you won't take that advice. I know all about women like you: One of their characteristics is poor impulse control. They also hold grudges and seek revenge, though they always pretend to be too holy and kind and loving for that sort of thing. So I'm pretty sure that you'll communicate with me again, or that you will complain ABOUT me somewhere else, or that you will in some other way remind me of your existence. I'd wager that you're a lot like the scorpion in that famous parable, always acting according to your character even when doing so insures your own destruction.

Very well then. You want to have at me? You really, really want ME to pay attention to you?

(He leans back. Smiles. Cracks knuckles.)

It's your choice, Cait. What you have seen so far is but a small fraction of what I can dish out.

Writer said...

Well that just got so interesting that I almost forgot how mad I am at you for unwittingly spreading FSB propaganda.