Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Withdrawal symptoms

Arrgh! Just when I had steeled myself for the challenge of blogging in the Age of Trump -- just when we were all girded for the formidable effort of mounting a resistance -- just when it was time to end the year with a cry of "Once more into the breach, dear friends" -- I had a minor disaster.

A power surge done fried me computer, it did. A loud POP and smoke and sizzling. Quite spectacular. It was as though the ghost of Tesla had played poltergeist in this home.

Time, now, to earn some scratch and buy new kit. In the meantime, I can get online only at the local Starbucks and/or fast food emporium.

The first night without the internet was tough. Started to get the shakes. I actually went downstairs to watch TV. That lasted about fifteen minutes; soon I wandered back upstairs and read a book.

I'll be back online soon. I hope. In the about weird scenes inside the canyon! Can you folks make sense of this? Of anything? The relations between Netanyahu, Putin and Trump are beyond baffling.

In a way, I am glad for my enforced vacay.

I'll be back soon. In fact, I'll probably pop up for a bit every day. This blog began at a time when I had no internet connection and was forced to write using the local library's computers. If I did it once, I can do it again.

We ARE going to have the best of New Years. Struggle brings out our best.


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Good luck in finding a new computer. My Windows 7 laptops still get along okay, although the older of the two has gotten cranky about downloading Windows updates.

Unknown said...

Speaking of "time to earn some scratch"... Bill Palmer has a tag line at the end of his posts, "If you enjoy Palmer Report, consider making a contribution." Riverdaughter has a tip jar. You might consider bringing a little more attention to your Donate Button. Live long and prosper!

Shadowfax said...

Cannonfire, haven't posted here before but have read your site for 8 years.

Now is the time to buy a computer, best deals after Christmas. Check for good sales at BestBuy, Newegg or other sites.

Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

b said...

I wonder when a senior figure in a US or British government is going to do something about Israel when he's in office, rather than saying critical words when he leaves office or after he's left? Although I do accept that doing the latter is better than nothing.

Settlements on occupied territory are unlawful under the 4th Geneva Convention. No big news there.

I had two days offline over Christmas - best two days for a long time.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the computer troubles. What a bad time for that to happen -- not that there's any good time.

--NW Luna

Jack said...

Hey Joe, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Sorry to hear about the computer. Where did the pop and smoke come from? There's a possibility that it was the computer's power supply that died. If that's the case, you may be able to repair it by replacing the power supply.

Alessandro Machi said...

So we have a resurgence and comparisons to Hitler's rise (not that Trump is Hitler, but that Hitler supporter types like Trump), meanwhile Trump is backing Israel 100%. Yes, it makes no sense.

Alessandro Machi said...

Did anything melt or burn when the surge happened? Post a picture so we can feel empathetic. Ask the local Power company what their policy is as well.

b said...

Both the Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal are promoting the possibility of a victory for Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election.

The British government may trigger Article 50 around 31 March, three weeks before the first round of the election in France, so one of Le Pen's big issues will be all over the French media. And on 15 March there will have been a general election in the Netherlands in which Geert Wilders's "Party for Freedom" is expected to win a plurality. It's already leading in the polls.

Remember that while sports events can be called off, nationwide and indefinitely, church services can't. One obscenely brutal terror attack at the right moment in a church or elsewhere could put the fascist straight into the Elysée, perhaps even with an absolute majority in the first round and therefore no need for a second round. Terror attacks against Christian targets have already happened in both France and Germany.

Telegraph: "A victory for Marine Le Pen, the far-Right candidate, would be a major win for the anti-establishment movement in Europe and cause the EU to lose the support of one of its most important members. Even if Ms Le Pen doesn’t win, a strong performance could have a destabilising effect."

Wall Street Journal: "Of the two candidates, Ms. Le Pen is the more strident supporter of Mr. Putin. Mr. Fillon, however, is more likely to become president." (That's called speaking with a forked tongue: "more likely" is weak language and the idea is conveyed that Le Pen may win.)

OldCoastie said...

Boy, that donate button is WAY DOWN on the right hand column!

Michael said...

You'll enjoy this:

The 'Innocent' Explanation of Trump's Behavior

b said...

@Alessandro - It does make sense. When the cameras are off, the view that most Zionists hold of the people who were classified by the Nazis as Jewish and who perished in the Nazi camps is that they were weaklings and losers who had no fight in them. The ethnic volkstaat ideology of Nazism is admired and most Zionists know that had they been goyish Germans in the 1930s they would have enthusiastically supported Hitler, just as if they were Palestinians today they would back a powerful terrorist campaign against the Jewish population. They read the "14 words" of the white racist movement - "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" - and they aren't so moronic as not to realise that that's exactly what they themselves stand for if you replace the word "white" with "Jewish". Those such as Mordechai Vanunu and Gilad Atzmon are viewed as race traitors.

In the 2000s there were the "neocons". This article on the ongoing "rise of authoritarianism", written by the Zionazi "political violence" expert Amichai Magen in the latest issue of the disgusting rag Standpoint, illustrates what will be the dominant western ideology in the Trump era. It's a hack piece but it's worth reading.

Standpoint is being positioned as the Encounter of our time. Contributors include many well-known right-wing pro-Israel pro-western goals "Atlanticist" fuckers, some of whom have worked with CIA and Zionism for decades: Tom Stoppard, Nigel Lawson, Michael Gove, Robert Conquest, Nazir-Ali, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Clive James, Robert Conquest, Paul Wolfowitz, Piers Paul Read, etc.

Note too that as well as Zionism another of the ideologies they are pushing is right-wing Catholicism. Luther apparently was overrated. Yeah right. Gotcha. Admittedly they aren't pushing sedevacantism - yet.

Their second issue contained a piece by Melanie Phillips, doyenne of the British media on issues of "morality", a rabid racist hailed by the British National Party who foams at the mouth as she says that any criticism of Zionazism amounts to exterminationism. Phillips "argues" in this article that the young Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Dura, whose murder by Zionist soldiers was widely publicised around the world, is in fact still alive, his murder having been "faked".

Does any serious person think that this filthy racist bitch believes a word she says? "Israel fails to grasp that it is in a psy-ops war — hence its ineptitude in reacting to the al-Dura claims", she says. Yeah, right, the Israelis don't know anything about psy-ops. They're way behind the PLO and Hamas in that department. Right, Melanie?

I thought at the time of al-Dura's murder that the Zionists would never allow themselves to take such a propaganda hit again.

The envelope is now being pushed forward. Liberal democracy is being consciously replaced with fascism. The dominoes are falling. In Europe, the EU is finished.

I have a prediction to make: Marine Le Pen - or, if not her, then Nicolas Dupont-Aignan - will win the French presidential election this spring.

joseph said...

I meant to put this comment here. As long as you're stuck reading books, may I make a few suggestions. I don't read much fiction, but "Butterfly Winter" by Kinsella is great. He also wrote "Shoeless Joe" which was made into the movie, "Field of Dreams." "Banvard"s Folly" by Collins is also a lot of fun. "Drunkard's Walk" by Mlodinow is very interesting, if only for the explanation of the Monty Hall problem. "John Lennon and the Jews" presents an interesting ethical issue. Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Here is the republican game plan:

"In 2012, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist described the ideal president as “a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen” and “sign the legislation that has already been prepared.'"

“In 2008, Obama’s entire premise was built on fixing Washington by ending partisanship. It was dependent on getting two parties to work together. Mitch McConnell figured out quickly that he alone held the keys to success or lack of success.”


Unknown said...

Missing you terribly. Send a smoke signal.