Monday, December 05, 2016

Ours is not to reason WI

Bill Palmer reports a serious allegation that Trump votes are intentionally being counted twice.
Observers in some counties have found no issues at all, while others have reported concerns and suspicious incidents. But one recount observer Waukesha County is now making the flat out accusation that county officials are purposely double counting Donald Trump’s votes and pulling other shenanigans during the recount.

The accusation comes from recount observer John West, who has been documenting his experiences on his own publicly visible Facebook page. On Sunday evening he flatly declared that “I’m calling out fraud.” West went on to make the following specific accusations: “Waukesha County Wisconsin is obstructing the recount blatantly. Making up rules to shut out allowed observers. Double counting Republican ballots. Taking machines out and returning machines that break down after midnight hoping to avoid any observers.”

In the comments section of his own post, linked above, he went on to elaborate that “They aren’t invalidating clear duplicate and unsigned ballots that were mailed in,” thus explaining how the double-counting is taking place.
The post was later taken down; no-one seems to know why.

There's more hugger-mugger in the same county. Jill Stein says that officials are intentionally hiding the ballots:
While most counties are conducting their recounts in clear and transparent fashion, we have gotten reports of observers not being allowed near the recount tables or not being allowed to view the ballots. For instance, in Waukesha County, officials are entering the ballots in to the machine face down. Remember, we have a legal right to see the ballots.
I see no reason why every aspect of this process should not be open to the public. Of course, I also see no reason why machines should play any role in the recount. And yet Waukesha refuses to do a hand recount, even though most WI counties are taking the manual approach.

I suspect that a small group of pro-Trump conspirators in Waukesha knows full well that the vote was irregular and they now hope -- need -- to cover up what happened. What's more, we may have the name of a suspicious party: County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. She has made her presence known before. She has a habit of shoddy vote counts:
Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, who has been under fire for past election snafus, is at the center of attention again because new procedures in tallying votes resulted in lengthy delays in getting election results Tuesday.

Nickolaus, who garnered national attention last April when her office made a mistake that flipped the outcome of a hotly contested state Supreme Court race, said she introduced new procedures Tuesday to follow guidelines set forth by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, which oversees elections in the state.

As a result, some elections results were not posted on the county’s website until 6 a.m. Wednesday.
Even though the county keeps assuring us all that this woman will no longer have anything to do with the elections, she keeps worming her way back into the position.
Former Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has been appointed to a three-year term as the clerk-treasurer for the Town of Waukesha, the Freeman reports.

The town had two clerk-treasurers resign in close succession. The Town Board met in closed session Thursday night to appoint Nickolaus, according to the Freeman.

Nickolaus came under fire in 2011 when she reported that she had failed to count City of Brookfield results, resulting in a statewide recount of the Supreme Court race that ultimately found Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

A year later reporting problems plagued election night tallies in April 2012.
I'm not saying that she is corrupt. All I'm saying is that she seems to be the right person in the right place, and that strange things seem to happen whenever she's around.


Alessandro Machi said...

I'm betting on an NRA / Russia connection that Did NOT involve hacking, but rather simply volunteering on election day at voting locations as volunteers. it would take less than 1% of NRA members to have turned the election via vote fraud in small, out of the way precincts.
The NRA PAC raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Alessandro Machi said...

Russian NRA connection exposed. Russian NRA Connection Exposed

b said...

What is Roger Stone saying or doing in connection with the recounts? Given his experience in 2000, this kind of gig is right up his street.

Jackson said...

Is anyone checking voter lists to see that all voters actually are alive and live in the in the precincts where they voted?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Trump Chump "Deplorable Jeff" now worries about losing Medicare.

Yep, DJ, it looks like you may be spending your golden years eating Fancy Feast, and bartering for health care from your local unlicensed quack.

But hey, dude, you Trumped That B!+&# and showed those uppity wimmin and uppity culluds and arrogant librulz that White Doodz Rool, and isn't that more important than your continued survival?

DJ and his fellow DAWBs (Dumb Ass White Bigots) will now get the government, economy, ecology, and society which they deserve.

The problem with that, of course, is that those of us who deserve better will ALSO get what the DAWBs deserve. :(

Anonymous said...

Apologies if I read it here in comments, but I think this has not been mentioned on this site. If it has been mentioned already, it is still timely to revisit it.

Back in the primary season, Roger Stone said Preibus and Walker had perfected an election fraud method that they used, he said, four or five times, including to win the recall special election.

The Hill reported it, citing it from somewhere else, iirc. Of course, Stone's intent at the time was to explain DFT's large loss there.


Propertius said...

Clinton would probably have done better in Wisconsin had she bothered to campaign in the state - even once - which she did not. Neither did any of her surrogates. I don't think it's necessary to postulate any sort of vote-rigging conspiracy to account for a defeat that is so easily explained by arrogance, neglect and indifference.

CBarr said...

U.S. 2016 Unadjusted Exit Poll Discrepancies Fit Chronic Republican Vote-Count Rigging, not Random Statistical Patterns