Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PROOF of election fraud in Wisconsin?

I have been asked to publicize the findings of a small -- and, so far, nameless -- research group which is looking into the possibility that the 2016 election was rigged. They have found one county where the numbers strongly indicated fraud -- numbers that are difficult to explain away.

Welcome to scenic Outagamie County, in east-central Wisconsin, not far from Green Bay. Estimated population: About 180,000. Largest city: Appleton, home of the Wisconsin Institute of Urology and a haunted Dairy Queen on North Richmond Street. Unfortunately, that's not the only unexplained phenonenon in this area.

In the words of my informant:
I've been working with a small data team going over the returns to look at machine v. paper voting and any inconsistencies there.

Today we found one: In Outagamie County, WI four precincts have more votes for President than ballots cast. One precinct - Hortonville - has more votes than registered voters.

ALL were machine-voting only.

The only paper-ballot precinct in that county...was won by HRC.
This is important. Others have stated that the Trump vote exceeds the exit polling only in those precincts where the vote is machine-only. In the battleground states, the exits and the "official" results tend to match in those areas where paper ballots are used.

If you go here, you will see a striking map which demonstrates where the paper ballots were cast. The blue area corresponds to Appleton, which is the closest thing to a "big city" available in Outagamie County, even though it's not very large, as cities go. It looks as though someone "punched up" the population of the rest of the county in order to overwhelm the blue. 

In the town of Hortonville, there are 1696 registered voters, yet 1949 votes were cast. The conversation here explains why same-day registration does not explain this anomaly. (It seems that registration actually went down this election.)

According to the NYT, Trump beat Hillary by 27,257 votes in the state of Wisconsin -- a margin small enough to justify the term "razor thin." There are no automatic recounts in WI; any candidate can ask for a recount within three days of the announcement of the final tally. (Which has not happened yet: Trump is still listed as the "projected winner.")

Let us not leap to conspiratorial conclusions; at the same time, let us not be too quick to scoff at the idea of fraud. The fact that the sole paper-only precinct went for Hillary may be significant -- but if you insist on being a "coincidence theorist," I cannot prove you wrong. Nevertheless, it is undeniably significant that four precincts report more votes for President than ballots cast.

Granted, we are not talking about large numbers. But in rural areas, small and subtle shifts can create a Red Sea.

Please spread the word, folks: We need eyes on this story. I strongly suspect that Outagamie is not the only place where mysterious things occurred on election day.


Alessandro Machi said...

Hortonville hears a who?

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, AP was the only news organization to write about the 2007 election (Governor's race) vote tampering in Baldwin County Alabama. Daily Kos followed up on it. Here's that link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/10/1/392528/-

joseph said...

What about Feingold?

jo6pac said...

I'm sure what you are talking about is important to some but.


prowlerzee said...

Yeah...what about Feingold?? He was up in the polls. Could he demand a recount?

Maybe RECOUNT should be our message right now.

The graphic says it all. Paper vs machine. Shared. If the news media is oblivious to Standing Rock, there is no way they're going to cover a call for a recount.

Chris "Tingles" Matthews is too busy fluffing Trump. Thought you might like to see this coffee house in Lynn, Massachusetts: https://www.facebook.com/whiteroselynn/about/ Maybe White Rose could be like-minded coffeehouses.

Check out their graphic: white, red and black work well together. Since you asked what might work besides blue! If you kept the blue, a true blue might work better, or red, white and blue would be taking back our nation's colors.

Anonymous said...

Appelton! Brings back memories. When I was young, people would gather at Joe McCarthy's grave there, and piss on it.

'Hope there's help on this vote count.


Anonymous said...

Did Votecastr have any operatives in Outagamie? They were in Wisconsin.

As I have said before, I suspect they were up to something different from what they said. That makes their incompetence at what they said they were doing, and their crap PR, of little relevance.

Who were their "third party vendor"?

"VoteCastr works with a third-party vendor to collect early voting data".

The younger siblings of art students and removal men?

b said...

Damn - forgot to sign "b" to the Votecastr comment. I don't like Captchas!

Howard A. said...