Saturday, November 19, 2016

I can't STAND this

During the campaign, Trump refused to put his holdings in a blind trust, even as he said that he would do so. His children, when interviewed at the time, said that it there would be no conflict of interest if they ran the family business, since they would have no role in government. And now we learn that the Trumplets are to get security clearances and will have a role in the administration.

Obviously, Trump intends to turn this nation into a kleptocracy.

And yet the majority of Americans -- of both parties -- think that the Clintons are corrupt. Most people will not attempt to provide a concrete example of corruption. They just know.

I cannot stand this! It's as though we have collectively decided to make Bill and Hillary Clinton -- our best post-war President and the woman who should have won in 2008 -- the scapegoats for our sins. All of our own evils have been projected onto them.

Can you imagine -- can you freakin' imagine the shrieks of outrage we'd hear if any Democrat had tried to pull the sheer shit that Trump is pulling?


Alessandro Machi said...

The Reaudit Trump campaign is officially on. There is a Change dot org ReAudit petition that just started. I can't promote it until I have five signatures so if CannonFire Readers want to get behind this, thank you.
There is a Reaudit Trump facebook page, and Dailypuma is also involved. Joseph, if you want to channel your energy into supporting the ReAudit Trump Movement. Will you be putting up links, I'd happily make a donation to show my thanks.

Alessandro Machi said...

And yes, you are right, the Trump must sell all of his businesses to avoid conflict of interest meme turned into my kids will run the businesses to my kids are involved in the government is the height of hypocrisy.

fred said...

Donald Trump has met with his Indian business partners after the election.

But don't bother making a protest at the Inauguration ceremony because you won't be allowed to.

Alessandro Machi said...

Which is why now is the time to respond, not the inauguration.
ReAudit Trump Change dot org Petition

Fred said...

Could Trump be self-sabotaging or hedging against some foreknowledge that he may not be inaugurated as President?

gavan said...

Fred@11:59 AM. I am the other 'Fred'. To avoid any confusion I will post henceforth under another name. Cheers.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Trump Klan will steal everything not nailed down. Things nailed down will be pried up and then stolen.

Alessandro Machi said...

Fred, I think Trump has mastered the art of falling forward so that people forget the stuff he did days, weeks, months earlier that still need to be investigated.