Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump's tweet: WRONG

Saturday Night Live opened with a hilarious parody of the second debate. Donald Trump tweeted a response which encapsulated everything wrong with his approach:
Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!
No no no no.

Even if that's how Trump actually feels (and I'm sure it is), it was the wrong thing to say in public. Trump already has a reputation as a thin-skinned blowhard who can neither take nor tell a joke. He is also known as someone who, if given power, would deal with his enemies in a fashion reminiscent of Benito, Adolf, and Uncle Joe. So why does this idiot keep firing off tweets which feed into those perceptions?

He should have tweeted something witty, something which conveys the message "I can be a good sport." My suggestion...
Thinking of hiring Alec Baldwin. If Hillary can use a double, why can't I?
If you give the matter five minute's thought, you may be able to come up with a better offering. Unfortunately, Donnie is not a good sport, and he simply doesn't do wit. When it comes to humor, he's probably one of those guys who gets Curly but feels that Shemp is too abstract.

Added note: Everyone loves Alec Baldwin as Trump, and rightly so. But this is the episode in which Kate McKinnon nails it: "Naw. I'm cool."

Added added note: In this scene from The Caine Mutiny, does Bogie remind you of anyone running for president right now?


joseph said...

My biggest fear about this rigging charge is that it is Trump's projectionism. That is, he expects the Russians to rig the voting machines and now the Democrats can't say anything, having said that the results should be respected.

Alessandro Machi said...

Very funny comeback you came up with, that would have nailed it for Trump in terms of showing another side, but, since that side does not exist….
DailyPUMA has 104 hits from Russia over the past week, but 101 of those 104 hits are in the past day, something is up or about to be up, no?

prowlerzee said...

hahaha, whining about a comedy show, awesome! Nothing says loser better. I laughed so freaking hard!!! That Saturday Night was hilarious. My guiding principle in life is EB White's quote that despots don't fear fiery diatribes, they fear a drunken quip from a poet that may take hold. I always aspired to be that drunken poet, but would be happy to leave that role to SNL stars. They were tremendous.

Anonymous said...

I second joseph on the "Trump's projecting" fear. I'm sure the Russians have discussed whether rigging the election is possible. They might try, but I doubt they can pull it off. At the very least, though, I think they'll cyber-attack voting systems to, if nothing else, discredit the election and destabilize the country.

I also completely reject the premature call that Trump's lost this thing.

b said...

Well worth reading: what Tony Schwarz, the real author of The Art of the Deal, says about Trump's personality, women, drugs, and Armageddon, here and here.

This election isn't over yet.

And even if Trump loses, the Trumpmare won't be over.

Regarding Russia, people should remember the Manchurian Candidate and beware of underestimating the ~KGB. Imagine if between now and the election there are terrorist attacks in the US, or if there is a flare-up between US and Russian military forces in Syria. There are other ways that Russian interests - and certain US interests - can be helped than by a candidate declaring his admiration for Putin.

b said...

Anon 10.00pm - Yes indeed, the country is very susceptible to further destablisation.

b said...

OK can someone get hold of Tony Schwarz's "A Different Kind of Donald Trump Story" fast (New Yorker, 11 Feb 1985). It doesn't seem to be online and sounds as though it needs to be, fast.