Thursday, September 01, 2016

Why is the liberal media helping Trump?

Thom Hartmann asks why the media refused to cover Hillary Clinton's important health care speech. I'm asking why we hear nothing about this from our allegedly progressive media. Even on MSNBC, Hillary may speak only if she is talking about emails or the Clinton Foundation. First rule of politics: If you're defending, you're losing.

Example: Over on Talking Points Memo, it's all Trump all the time. Josh doesn't give Agent Orange positive coverage, of course -- nevertheless, the TPM audience always knows when The Donald will give his next speech. Hillary? Nah. Who cares about what she has to say?

Before you say it: Yes, I'm guilty too.

The left and the leftists are not necessarily on the same page. They have a vague idea where they should be. But (emotionally??)they are not. For along time now I am convinced that most of the leftists are not quite sure what's their ideology entails. Let give you example from the latest fiasco..the Clinton's foundation thing. What's enraged me was ...sure the foundation saves millions of lives but the OPTICS are not good. Seriously a leftist worry about OPTICS over the lives of the poor and the sick. Could be because those lives were dark Africans or other disenfranchised population that would be even more sickening. I am telling you it's not all CDS there's more.

It seems that when Trump gets in the news he improves in the polls. It matters little what crap he says or even whether it's coherent. Why? Because he is a strong brand. He is much more of a brand than Clinton is.

Clinton should attack him. Why doesn't she? I don't expect her campaign to mention Roy Cohn. But they could lay blows on Stone, surely? And Bannon?
Actually, our Corporate Media is serving our democracy--in the sense of "To Serve Man".
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