Monday, September 12, 2016

Was Hillary poisoned? (Follow up to the previous post)

Consider the following a follow up to my previous post. You may not be able to comprehend fully what follows without first reading the earlier work.

Behind the scenes, I've privately corresponded with a few people about this idea. Although it would be indiscreet to reveal the names of the people I've pestered, perhaps it would be helpful to publish here (in somewhat adapted form) an argument originally made in private.

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As for Hillary's health: I hate to be the eccentric fringe writer who goes around begging more mainstream writers to pay attention to his goofy-sounding theory. In fact, I despise myself for falling into that stereotypical role. But please, I beg you not to dismiss this idea so rapidly.

I'll give four reasons:

1. The world's leading expert in forensic neuropathology, Bennet Omalu, has basically said what I've said. He suspects that Hillary (and her staff, it seems) was poisoned. Dr. Omalu is a serious person -- not to be dismissed.

2. Paul Manafort's campaign in Ukraine is widely believed to have used dioxin to poison Viktor Yushchenko. The poisoning occurred EIGHT WEEKS before the election. And where are we right now in the current cycle...?

3. Dioxin can manifest itself as pneumonia. That said, I don't think that dioxin is the culprit in this case, since the most characteristic symptom of dioxin poisoning -- REALLY bad acne -- has not appeared, and would, in any case, be too obvious. But other toxins can also induce pneumonia.

4. The "Hillary is sick" meme was always a bizarre smear based on false evidence. Whenever we see fake documents, we see the clearest possible indication of a Republican smear job. (People must understand that a fake document does not make itself; such things take a lot of effort. In all likelihood, paid effort.)

But why did they go after Hillary on the health front? Until now, we had no clear motive for this particular choice of tactic. Somehow, Team Trump knew that Hillary would come down with pneumonia.

They called the shot. That fact tells us much.

Added note: The origin point of the pneumonia was certainly environmental; we know this because other staff members got sick. This fact has not stopped the right-wing propagandists from claiming that Hillary's pneumonia diagnosis is a falsehood designed to deflect attention from the imaginary more serious illness which they have ascribed to her.   

If my theory is correct, both she and her staffers do have something more serious than pneumonia.

Obviously, if more than one person has the same illness, then we are not talking about the "long-term condition" which right-wing liars have tried to pin on Hillary Clinton.

(In far-right kook circles, they are already circulating the fall-back theory that Barack Obama poisoned Hillary!)
Are they really circulating the idea that Obama poisoned Hillary? Because that stinks to high heaven that there is something to your theory...we're either totally off the rails or really on to something. The health related attacks, I think could be explained as an attempt to make her seem old, weak, infirm. I don't know if they "knew" she would get pneumonia (etc), but it certainly smells a lot fishier now.

Also note that bacterial or viral pneumonia is contagious, however chemical pneumonia is not (person-to-person) contagious. I saw a story on memeorandum where they were bitching about Hillary hugging a little girl when she has the Doctor could have told her she was not contagious any longer. But if the campaign knew it was chemical, obviously there would be no cause to worry about spreading it beyond the point of initial exposure.

Russia's documented use of poisons include: polonium, dioxin, cadmium, ricin, sarin, gelsemium, mercury. I discovered this fact after doing the research on cadmium.

I'm not normally a tinfoil hat type of person. But our elections are not usually being tampered with by the KGB and we do not usually have a candidate who seems to be in Putin's pocket.
Sorry for the lack of documentation, here's the link on Russian poisons. Though they have a full spectrum available, these have provably been used in the past:
I just read that Clinton is in fact dead and that a body double is being used because her nose looks different when shot from two different angles and she has lost weight between entering the building and leaving the building. Oddly enough, one pix shows her on the steps with a dark blue Hillary power suit but on the bottom steps its a bright pink Hillary power suit. Go figure. As far as poison goes, nothing, in this campaign is beyond the realm of possibility.
In light of the fact that any replacement of HRC would have at least equal if not better chances to beat Trump in the election, what would be the point of physically eliminating her?
You said that pneumonia is bacterial, I pointed out that it could be, among other things, chemically induced. That you didn't crdedit me is ok, but remains on your blogroll. I told you that site was not to be trusted, it had only two theories: Russia and Iran good, US and Israel bad. Since Netanyahu's visit to Russia, it has been noticeably silent about Israel. More importantly, have you seen the recent posts there about the Russian attempts to influence the race? I will tell you again, that site is simply a propaganda organ of the Russian government. Do you now agree with me?
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