Friday, September 23, 2016

The REAL enemy

Holy shit. This is it.

For a while now, I've bemoaned the conventional thinking that Hillary can win this one through teevee ads and ground game. That approach is SO last century. Now, it's all about social media, Reddit, Facebook, troll armies, meme control. Most of all, it's about "shitposting," the new word for smears.

Even Republicans have decried Trump's refusal to run a traditional campaign. Why should he bother? The important thing is controlling the online narrative. We all love to bitch about the way mainstream media has covered the candidates, but the mainstream media no longer matters -- not the way it once did. Moreover, the websites we normally consider part of the alternative media have become nearly irrelevant. These venues count only when links to planted stories legitimize the shitposts on social media.

Welcome to TrollWorld.

The evil genius behind it all is Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus and sold it for $700,000,000. He's a homeschooled, utterly arrogant 24 year-old POS -- a tech industry libertarian who probably read the Gospel According to St. Ayn at some point and now thinks he knows everything.

And the creature through whom he works is the mondo-bizarro white supremacist and high-tech hatemonger Milo Yiannopoulos, lieutenant to Steve Bannon. Milo is the Ernst Roehm of cyber psy-war. Here's a quote from Milo that I've published before and will probably publish again and again:
“We live in a post-fact era. It’s wonderful,” he says, pointing to various web pages on his giant computer screen that show photos of, supposedly, Bill Clinton’s grown black son. “The Washington Post gives a truth check, and no one cares...."
And that's why we are where we are. Social media has drowned the nation in a sea of post-facts.

That's how Hillary's team lost. Generals always prepare to fight the previous war. Hillary's Generals geared up to fight a pre-Facebook, pre-Reddit battle. On the other hand: I don't know how you fight a vile creature like Milo without turning into Milo. Maybe Axelrod could have done it.
Palmer Luckey is a sick fuck and a real life villain, who funnily enough, hates wearing shoes and socks. Anyway, please correct your post. He sold Oculus VR LLC. for $2,000,000,000 to Facebook, it is estimated that his share of the loot is $700,000,000. A hell of a lot more than the $700,000 you have listed.

Wikipedia, citing Forbes, says "Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook in March 2014 for US$2 billion, and although his share is not public, Forbes magazine estimated the founder's net worth to be $700 million in 2015."

Palmer Luckey make me want to vomit. Luckey, Trump, Bannon, Stone and Yiannopoulos are some of the most vile human beings to ever walk upon this Earth. They are a blight upon the universe, and no, I'm not whistling Dixie. They are sick fucks we should all, collectively, be fighting to take down and marginalized out of existence. Instead, they are profiteers, gaining in power and influence.
you forgot to mention that Trump is the ultimate 'new media' candidate. He has an 'uneering' ability to control the news cycle.

He is unafraid to take chances with'bad publicity' which freezes the normal politician.

If your afraid to manufacture bad press than you have no chance to control the media.

However my prediction is that unless there is another 'candidate' like Trump we will go back to the same old stuff once he's out of the picture.
Should've paid more attention to Beavis and Butthead, our future leaders.
JSL, leaving out a few zeroes was pure accident. I've corrected my post. Thanks.
Joseph, this is an urgent matter that needs your attention. I'm trying to raise this issue in more places than the blogosphere. This needs the widest possible scrutiny and attention to it. Every adult American needs to be made aware of this, yet the media is completely ignoring it.

Please, please, please take a look at these links:

NeoGAF has a thread titled 'Oculus' Palmer Luckey funds white supremacy group' here:

"Luckey still works at Facebook, the social network confirmed to The Verge." here:

One of Luckey's anti-Hillary posts was screencapped here:

If we don't stop Luckey, Bannon, Trump, Stone, Jones (that is, Alex Jones), and Yiannopoulos, then America will fall into fascism. We must rise to the challenge and stop these monsters. We have to stop them or we our fucked and so are our children and their children for who knows how many generations. Please, America, WAKE UP!
JSL, I don't know who you are, but I like you.

Write a post. I'll publish it. I'll do anything I can to publicize it.

Send an email to discuss further.
I am going to laugh at you when Trump goes down to defeat. Most voters are not users of social media, and those most likely to use it, the young, are least likely to vote.

It is still mainstream media for the vast majority of people, especially those most inclined to vote.
OTE, I will positively relish being laughed at by you. It will be the most welcome bit of ridicule any human being ever experienced.

IF it happens.

I don't think it will.

But think about it: If mainstream media is IT, then why are so many people so passionate about Trump, and why do so many believe total nonsense about Hillary? Propaganda is working in new ways -- ways that are so insidious that many people don't even comprehend what is happening.
From Ars Technica:
Joseph, have you ever seen the Dead Zone? Or have you read the King novel upon which the film is based? The reason I ask this is because a dawning realization came over me today. I know who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump is Greg Stillson. Trump is presently muscling his way into power, he and his cohorts convincing everyone that feminism and 'immigrant huggers' are to blame for all the world's woes. If only meddlesome females had never attained suffrage nearly 100 years ago, we could have the Roaring 1920ies back.

Did you see Trump's speech in Detroit? Your attack of him doesn't go far enough. He didn't just say he would end the EPA, he said he would use executive fiat to declare a moratorium on ALL regulations. ALL REGULATIONS. He wants to end all economic regulations and bring about Ayn Rand's City on the Hill.

If Americans shrug now, and Trump (and Trumpism) is not held accountable, we'll soon find out the true meaning of Atlas Shrugged. The world will come tumbling down because of our error.
Polygon is applying pressure on Facebook to investigate. There are people calling for Facebook to not only distance itself from Luckey, but to banish him to the Phantom Zone. And yes, I'm one of those people, absolutely.
I don't and won't laugh at you, Joseph, but OTEA's argument makes sense to me.

After all, despite all the propaganda, Clinton is still ahead--not as far ahead as I would find comfortable, but ahead.

I suspect the Internet community contains a disproportionately high number of right-wing Orcs, so if one focuses primarily on the Internet community, one will get a skewed picture of the general public.

I just can't accept the idea that the fate of our country, and perhaps our species, could rest in the hairy-palmed hands of a cloven-hooved horde of nasty white punks, lifelong mediocrities who will never ejaculate inside a vagina without committing solicitation of a prostitute, or else rape of one or another degree. Those filthy little snots are NOT the majority of the American public.
Aw, I forgot to mention that I think the Internet is disproportionately well-supplied with passionate Trump Chumps who believe the 25 Years Of Smears against the Clintons--and so it might seem, to someone who concentrates on Da Intertoobz, that Trump has the advantage.
I liked your Ernst Roehm analogy; the Alt-Right's Tame Pet Fag Milo might do well to recall the ultimate fate of Herr Roehm.

(Sowwies for the multiple posts, but I keep having afterthoughts.)
I suppose that the recent news may bring some attention to the lawsuit accusing Luckey of stealing the Oculus Rift technology:

Steve Bannon is Donald Trump's recently appointed electoral campaign CEO. Bannon was called out by The Guardian for providing a voter registration to an empty house in Miami. He has now re-registered to a beach house in Sarasota, Fla, and,as anyone who follows MadCowProd can tell you, that spells dodgy ties to spies, drug traffickers and con artists.

The new house is owned by Andrew M. Badolato one of Bannon's former business associates. Hopsicker takes it from there. One of Bandolato's business partners was Jonathan Curshen -- currently serving 17 years in federal prison for stock fraud. Curshen's juicy claim to fame was in helping to buy a DC-9 airliner busted in Mexico in 2006 while carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine. It's typical Hopsicker and riotously colorful.

I mean, really. Never have the grifters and the criminals been so openly linked to high office.

On a more sober note the latest edition of Newsweek says Donald Trump's overseas financial ties are a monumental conflict of interest and threaten national security.
OTE, what Joseph said to you. Yes, younger folk are less likely to vote. That's terrible news since the MSM have been propping Trump up 24/7 so as to dampen the vote. The fact that Ivory Bill "may the Big Imaginary Pecker in the sky bless you misguided fools but I must leave you....oh wait, no one begged me to stay but I'll just stay anyway" Woodpecker agrees with you is not a positive sign.

Yes, it would be a joyous occasion for you to be right. Alas.
@OTE Admin - "Most voters are not users of social media".

I think you're mistaken about that. According to, 78% of "US Americans" (i.e. presumably, people of any age who live in the US) "have a social media profile" in 2016. According to this site, citing research by Pew, in 2015 the proportion of senior citizens in the US who used social media was 35%.

In any case, social media is just part of the mass social war on the mind that probably would have bewildered even Wilhelm Reich. TV remains important - and not just the wrestling - otherwise we wouldn't be talking about Monday's debate.

I am encountering people on an all-purpose chat site I go to who are openly looking forward to fascism in the US. They want places like Charlotte to be sealed off and the population "allowed" to starve, as white men with powerful guns go "whoop whoop whoop" and the "weak" go to the wall. Friends in the US are telling me that their fathers and other family members are expressing the kind of fascist views that previously they were either coy or half-hearted about, or which may have joked about once every blue moon but didn't hold to in discussions or when they had to follow things through mentally even just a little bit. Now they feel liberated. They're not in the mood for discussion. They just want to kill the enemy and achieve a fascist society. And their sense of something rising is focused on electing Trump. Fascism stalks the US.

A military confrontation between the US and Russia is possible before the election. If it starts, and Trump calls for letting loose nuclear weapons, Clinton is unlikely to get anywhere by saying "But...Manafort! Ukraine! You praised Putin!"

Even if Trump loses, which is unlikely, a fascist "revolution" is likely.
Whoa, I thought a disproportionately high number of Trump Chumps were antique flatulences?

How are they going to stage a fascist revolution?

It's hard to goose-step on a Hoveround, and it's hard to shoot straight through cataracts. ;)
Are people crying because Trump has beat the Left at their own game of manipulating minds through media that bypass the Left side of the brain? Trump is against certain people within ethnic groups, sexual orientations, etc. Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary are welcoming in the real fascists that have been abusing women and shooting up gays in their investor's lands, in Europe and here, in America. Trump is working to stop all these subgroups from dividing America amongst themselves. He is the liberal voters' best friend and they are too brain-washed to see it!
It's interesting that gay people are "f-gs" and blacks are, you can pick the slur" if they are not brain-washed by the Left. Hillary failed the gays and blacks and Trump is calling them out on it. You like it when churches fail their people, well wake up. Your favorite candidates have failed theirs. It's not so funny, anymore, when your favorite candidate's alleged base leaves them having awakened to the fact that those groups were mere pawns in their power struggle (the real struggle of socialist leaders)
Psieve2: Isn't your bridge getting lonely without you?
Let's accept the first part of your argument for argument's sake.
Why would the awakened, enlightened, newly free from the bounds of psychological manipulation rush into the arms of a racist, fascist, egotistical, out of touch with reality lier and manipulator con artist?
This is not a site where this kind of obvious trolling results in massive conversion to Trump mania. If you were not new to this site, you may have noticed that readers of this site are much tougher nuts to crack than what you are capable of.
Now, kindly move on and don't embarrass yourself.
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