Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quiet flows the Don

I don't like it. Immediately after the NYC bombing, Donald Trump spewed his usual spew -- "Everything's going to hell, folks: Only I can save you." I expected a lot more of that. I expected more conclusion-hopping, more unseemly and unpresidential chest-thumping, more me-me-me-ME. I also expected him to capitalize on the Minnesota stabbings, an event seemingly intended to put Trump in office.

But he didn't do it. Instead, he has been uncannily muted, aside from a standard tweet of condolence. The bad boy has behaved himself.

That's not good for Democrats. I still don't think that Hillary can win this election, but Donald Trump can certainly lose it. He heads into loser territory every time he gives the public a glimpse of his ugly, malformed psyche. Hillary always looks like the better option after Donald spews incoherent paranoia and reveals himself as a frothing, snarling carrier of political rabies. Unfortunately, his handlers -- he has handlers now -- have applied duct tape to his Twitter-fingers.

I don't like it. Let Trump be Trump!


gerry said...

She's going to have to win on her own.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

"She's going to have to win on her own."

The ultimate goal of the Global 1% is to own the natural resources and labor of the entire planet.

The Global 1% already own the governments of the USA and its allies; therefore, the chief obstacles to that goal are the continuing independence of Russia and China.

Trump the Grifter acts friendly to Putin, and says (however incoherently) that he wants to ease up pressure on Russia, and try to befriend Russia.

This would interfere with the goals of the Global 1%, which suggests that the Global 1% would prefer a second President Clinton to President Trump.

Given that, will Hillary really be compelled to win on her own? (cough*Diebold*cough)

The Grifter had better hope that Putin's hackers are better than the Global 1%'s hackers.