Friday, September 30, 2016

Alicia Machado

The hypocrisy on display here and here is outstanding, even for Trump.

1. The "sex tape" to which he refers does not seem to exist. The falsehood began -- but of course! -- with Alex Jones, scumball extraordinaire.

2. Even if this non-existent tape did exist, so what? What the former Miss Universe did with her life after her encounter with Trump does not excuse the way Trump acted at that time.

No matter what the surrounding circumstances -- and I'm certainly not going to accept Trump's unverified word for anything, given his history -- one thing is clear: A gentleman does not call a lady "Miss Piggy." Period. And a gentleman does not refer to a Spanish-speaking lady as "Miss Housekeeping." Period.

Call me old school, but if I had ever referred to a girl or woman in those terms, my Mom would have slapped my face so hard my eyes would have popped out of my skull. What kind of people raised Donald J. Trump? Bill Maher was wrong: Fred Trump was clearly a life-form more primitive than the orangutan.

3. Even if this non-existent tape did exist, by what right does Donald Trump criticize the sexual history of any woman? He used to hang out at Studio 54, and he would pretend to be his own publicist in order to tell reporters about Donald Trump's sexual prowess. He has acted in icky, inappropriate ways toward his own daughter. He deliberately humiliated his first wife -- while still married to her -- by cheating on her with another woman, then planting a story about the affair with the New York Post in which the new conquest supposedly coos that Donald Trump was the best lover she had ever had.

I've met actual adult actresses who would never sink so low.

By the way: I'm old enough to recall a time when Melania's nude photos would have been classified as pornography. 

4. Should we not judge Trump by the way he treated the women who worked for Trump's modelling agency? They were often underaged illegal immigrants kept in slave-like conditions, vastly overcharged for their crowded living quarters, and not allowed to keep the money they earned. Trump profited from their exploitation.

How dare Donald Trump attempt to "slut-shame" Alicia Machado? Trump himself is clearly beyond all shame.

Donald Trump is in this situation because he is psychologically incapable of saying "I'm sorry." This man cannot apologize even when doing so would benefit him tactically. He'd be ten points ahead of Hillary right now if he could at least pretend to be a human being.

One final word about Melania. I don't want my previous words misunderstood. Yes, I said "I'm old enough to recall a time when Melania's nude photos would have been classified as pornography"  -- but do not presume that I personally agree with said classification. I'm simply reminding the readers of the societal attitudes which prevailed within living memory. Melania is a handsome woman; none of her photos offend me in any way.

What bothers me is the double standard. You know damned well that if the wife of  Democrat had ever posed for such photos, Fox News would suddenly become extremely moralistic.

Here we have another example of the IOKIYAR and IACIYAD principles.
I suspect that Trump's Cuba dealings have lost him Florida and thus the presidency. This nonsense just puts an exclamation point on what a fool he really is.
Joseph - THANK YOU! <3

If Trump goes down the "bimbo eruption" avenue he'll sink even further.

Also - cannot stand Maher who is a misogynist creep IMO. No clue what he said about Fred Trump but ole Fred was apparently a white supremacist who almost got caught red-handed in a KKK hood.
You are not old school. You're a capitalist liberal modernist. This is old school.

"The irrepressible Russian senator Elena Misulina says that men who beat their wives are not as guilty as women who demean their husbands and that Russian law should reflect this reality (
Joseph, where did the drawing for your Temperament Blog Cover image come from?
Trump has a big problem with women.

His plan to focus in the next debate on Clinton's actions in relation to her husband's infidelities before he left the White House 16 years ago - it's a feint, right? Right?

I am wondering whether he is only capable of seeing a woman in terms of one thing.

Clinton has held public office; he hasn't. Surely he could find something to criticise about how she discharged her responsibilities when she was in office? After all, the loony right has been preparing such narratives for years.

Can't he show how he'd be better at the job than he would?

Or does he prefer to boast that he's got the "greatest assets in the world" as he tries his hardest to humiliate women and then says it's their fault, not his?

We all know Trump is mentally ill. Is this motherfucker trying to lose?

In the next debate, will he have a James Forrestal ("the Russians are coming") moment? "The women are coming! Bleeding out of their whatevers! Pigs! They've been pigs all of their adult lives! They're bitching at their husbands' lovers!"

Trump's mother, by the way, was herself an immigrant who worked as a domestic servant, after she left her native Isle of Lewis in Scotland to cross the Atlantic.

Is he trying to behave in ever more disgusting ways towards women until he can imagine his mother giving him the thrashing he so richly deserves?

I can hear cackling in Jesuit headquarters... They educated Trump... They make him explode... Clinton wins... They feed her some apple pie or some poisoned coffee... And Mike Kaine, their man, takes presidential office by March. IUSTUM NECAR REGES IMPIOS.
Alessandro, I wish I could say I did that, but I just modified it to give the Joker orange skin. It's probably the single most famous drawing of the Joker ever created, and the artist is Brian Bolland, one of my all-time favorites. It's from "The Killing Joke," the Batman comic to read if you are reading only one.

If Bolland objects to my repurposing, I'll take the piece down.

Basically, when I came home from my debate-night outing and read that Donald Trump had dared to say THOSE words, I started to laugh uncontrollably. was the biggest laugh I've had in years. I laughed so hard that I reminded myself of Brian Bolland's most famous drawing.

And that's how the idea popped into my head.
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