Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why we should disenfranchise the unintelligent

A long time ago, I argued for the disenfranchisement of citizens who fail a basic intelligence test. The test would consist of ten very easy questions, such as "What is the capital of France?" and "Which came first -- the Civil War or World War I?" Anyone who gets three questions wrong would be forbidden from voting in the next election but would be eligible for retesting within two years. Anyone who gets all ten questions correct need never take the test again.

The Trump campaign underscores the urgent need for such testing, as does this video. How on earth could these ninnies not have realized that their legs were being yanked?

I wonder if these people think that Triumph is an actual talking dog...?

(I've read that the editor of this video has confirmed that everything you see is 100 percent real.)
I beieve they tried that in the past. I think the main question they settled on was "You a nigger, boy?"

Still, I'm sure their descendants will be better.

Personally, I like people being able to vote even if they disagree with me. In fact, I like the Australian system, make everyone vote. No more low turnout. All have a duty to the nation to vote.

Oh, blogga please. Those people must have been actors.
Anyone who shows up for the test in a wife-beater shirt or with his cap turn around backwards would be disenfranchised and castrated.
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