Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump's "small donations"

A few scattered observations about this bizarre moment of history:

Charles Pierce had the best line of the day -- The GOP's frayed relationship with Team Trump is a classic case of the ship deserting the sinking rats.

Roger Stone, that quintessence of slime, is predicting civil unrest if Trump loses. Stone also predicts massive vote fraud, and even goes so far as to allege that the major voting machine companies are biased in favor of the Democrats. Riiiiiiiiight. If ever I draw another cartoon of Roger Stone, I'll picture him as an anthropomorphized AIDS-ridden condom in a bespoke suit, with a heroin needle sticking out of the fly.

Remember: Team Trump is all about mirror imaging. If Stone is predicting election fraud, that means he has plans to commit same. We're talking about the same guy who got Dubya elected in 2000.

The most troubling story of the day: The NYT says that Trump is now rolling in cash (compared to his situation just a short while ago), and that his good fortune is entirely due to small donors. You can guess what I think about that. Trump's fundraising efforts have been notoriously bizarre, and I simply do not believe that Billy-Bob and Cleetus have been tossing him large numbers of $40 donations.

As with the Bernie campaign, so too with Trump's: Small donations are more likely to be dirty, not less. There is absolutely no way to double check who is sending in the money -- and no way to stop multiple donations from the same donor. Yes, I know what the law says. What the law says and what the FEC can enforce are two very different things, because the campaigns are self-policing when it comes to small donations. Again: If you doubt what I'm saying, simply call up the FEC as I did, and they will explain it all to you.

So where is the money actually coming from? Russia. Cah-MON. It couldn't be more obvious.

The video embedded above should tell you all you need to know. Also see here.

You know how I know that Trump's getting money from some unknown Mr. Big -- probably Putin? Because Trump blew off his chance to raise money from rich donors.  He wouldn't have acted that way unless he were assured of funding from some other source.

My views vis-a-vis small donations will strike many as bizarre -- right now. But in time, more people will understand the dangers.

And here's your good news: Hillary has a nine point lead -- in Michigan.

The Purple Heart
a poem
by D. Trump

I never got a Purple Heart
although I wouldn't spurn one.
But I can tell you, for my part,
I'd rather spurn than earn one.

Ogden Nash would approve.
I will build a border wall.
Believe me, it'll be YUGE!
But if I lose through voter fraud,
Apr├Ęs moi, le deluge.
I think Trump's fundraising numbers came from the Trump campaign. Last month he bragged something like $55M but when the official numbers came out later it was closer to $25M.

You just can't believe a single word! If he's saying "80", I'd guess $40M or less.
Joe, it's so good to see that you're back. Tried a response earlier in the week but I lost the post. Computer fizzled.

In any case, I agree with Old Coastie. I don't believe a word Trump or his campaign issues. Until the FEC verifies the totals and the wherefore, the veracity of the donations is in limbo. The whole operation is a scam and very dangerous.

Btw, the more I hear/read about Roger Stone, the more my skin crawls.

Welcome back!

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