Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Julian Assange and Roger Stone

Added note: Just after I finished writing this post, I learned that Trump has made a stunningly obvious -- but transparently coded -- call for right-wing gun owners to murder Hillary Clinton. (Also see here and here.) This incitement to violence by a major party candidate has no parallel in the history of American politics.

As is his usual wont, Trump's garbled, marble-mouth phrasing gives him an out. If pressed, he will no doubt say that he did not mean his words to be taken as a call for assassination. That denial will be ludicrous and deceptive, just like his denials concerning his lowbrow joke about Megyn Kelly and blood flow. Whenever Deceptive Donnie says "I didn't mean that," you can be sure of one thing: He meant it.

Donald Trump has not-so-subtly signaled his followers to commit an act of political barbarism. Keep that fact in mind as you read the following. My original post about Julian Assange and Roger Stone is just below the asterisks.

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I can't believe that I once felt sympathy for Julian Assange. In the past, I've written many posts decrying the way he was set up. But right now, I hope that President Clinton declares war on Ecuador, and that the first act in this war is to bomb that embassy in London.

Assange overplayed his hand when he decided to go along with the Russian conspiracy to place Donald Trump in the White House. Like Putin, Assange may not have understood that Trump has always seemed buffoonish and bombastic to most Americans.

I can understand how someone raised in another culture might form a stereotypical view of this country's voters. I can see how a Russian and an Australian might jump to the conclusion that all Americans are scarlet-necked oafs, eager to pull the lever for a demagogue like The Donald.

But Assange knows European history. He must comprehend that Trump appeals to the same low and primitive regions of the brain that Hitler and Mussolini called home.

Apparently, Assange feels comfortable with that.

Well, Julian: I do not feel comfortable with that. If you're asking me to tolerate an administration headed by Donald Fucking Trump, you are asking for way too much.

If Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin consider an American fascist to be a fit political bedmate, then we should apply the F word to Assange and Putin themselves. Always keep in mind that Putin is not just the force behind Trumpism -- he's also funding the fascist Le Pen movement in France.

Sure, when interviewed by someone like Bill Maher, Assange may utter derogatory comments about Trump. But Assange does so cannily, for the sole purpose of maintaining some credibility with the left. His "a pox on both their houses" stance is a pose, a disguise, a sham.

Assange wants Trump to win.

Why? Probably because Trump -- who "makes the best deals" -- has promised Assange an exit from his present confines.

We know that Assange is pro-Trump because Julian Assange and Roger Stone (the real boss of the Trump campaign) are working together. And if Julian Assange has formed a relationship with an ambulatory tumor like Roger Stone, then Assange has forevermore divorced himself from human decency.
With Roger Stone and Julian Assange in cahoots, Hillary Clinton should prepare for an October surprise.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has made no secret of his distaste for Clinton. As Robert Mackey noted in The Intercept, “In recent months, the WikiLeaks Twitter feed has started to look more like the stream of an opposition research firm working mainly to undermine Hillary Clinton than the updates of a non-partisan platform for whistleblowers.” If Assange is acting like an oppo researcher, then it’s not a surprise that he’s hooked up with someone who knows all the secrets of playing dirty political tricks: Roger Stone, who is Donald Trump’s unofficial adviser and a legendary “rat-fucker” with a history of campaign shenanigans going back to the Nixon years.

As Media Matters reports, in a speech at the Southwest Broward Republican Organization yesterday, the following exchange took place between Roger Stone and an audience member:
QUESTIONER: With regard to the October surprise, what would be your forecast on that given what Julian Assange has intimated he’s going to do?

ROGER STONE: Well, it could be any number of things. I actually have communicated with Assange. I believe the next tranche of his documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.
WikiLeaks is good at ferreting out information and Roger Stone is good at presenting that information in the worst possible light. The alliance between Assange and Stone should keep the Clinton campaign worried until election day.
We should note that Russia Today and other pro-Putin media outlets are also functioning as adjuncts of the Trump campaign. Then again -- is "adjunct" even the right term? Perhaps so, but only if you're the sort of person who might call a dog's head an adjunct to the dog's tail.

What a spectacle! Wikileaks, Breitbart and the American far right, marching in step with the BernieBot American far left -- all joined together in a conspiracy directed from Moscow. I never thought I'd see the day.

I wonder: Did Roger Stone have any link to THE October Surprise, the one that put Reagan in office? We now have excellent reason to suspect that Stone was the manipulator behind "Debategate," the theft of Jimmy Carter's debate preparation papers. Maybe things went even further.

I am certain of this much: One characteristic Stone tactic is the planting of an agent deep within the enemy campaign. That move is classic Stone. In any given campaign, planting the mole would be the old ratfucker's first order of business.

So the Clintonites must ask themselves: "What would James Jesus do?" James Jesus Angleton would not have wasted time wondering if a mole existed. He would have presumed the existence of one, two, many moles -- and he would have taken action to identify the enemies within.

The classic way to "out" a mole is to expose him (or her) to a document containing false information. We know that Ratfucker Roger will want Hillary's debate materials. Word to the wise.
What a spectacle! Wikileaks, Breitbart and the American far right, marching in step with the BernieBot American far left -- all joined together in a conspiracy directed from Moscow. I never thought I'd see the day.

Me neither, Joseph...me neither. Add to this Jill Stein and her relentless attacks on Hillary and the Democrats--while giving one or two love taps to Trump--and yeah, it's one hell of a combination.

All because they fear Hillary.

It boggles the mind, to be honest.
OTOH, if our country's national security establishment decides it wants Hillary Rodham Clinton rather than Orange Julius Caesar--and that is what things are looking like--then Orange Julius and Roger Stone and Julian Assange and even the high and mighty Tsar Vladimir will not be able to do one damned thing about it.

BTW, ever since I switched from Google Chrome to Pale Moon, your damned verification whatchamacallit always gives me a f**king challenge, whereas with Chrome, it only did that once in a while. Harrumph.
LOL...in the same post, almost the same paragraph.

Trump is a dickweed suckwad because he appears to be inciting violence...Shame (ding ding)

Blog author CLEARLY recommends the bombing of an Embassy in London which is okay because he is not Trump...(thumbs up)

LOL...looks like one of Putin's, er, Trump's, trolls has shown up again.
Trump is an American citizen inciting other American citizens to kill a Presidential contender (quite clearly, no matter what denials may be forthcoming). Cannon is an American citizen, suggesting/hoping the US bombs an embassy containing a non US citizen who is basically a fugitive from the US government. I'd say there is a distinction, wouldn't you? Besides that, one of them has no reasonable expectation that his wishes might actually be carried out. Unlike Trump.
It's said you can know people by their enemies. A dark alliance of Roger Stone, Assange, Putin, and a broad coalition of American neofascists tells us a lot about them, and who they're working against. Although the American left is loath to admit it, the leading warrior against the rising neofascist Right is actually Hillary Clinton ... not Michael Moore, not Cornell West, and certainly not Jill Stein.

People whine about neoliberalism, but if you want the road to civil war and mass murder, fascism gets you there faster than any other system.
Hey Gus...the point was we all knew Cannon was not really wanting to actually blow up some place where there might be innocent women and children (I doubt assange is pimpin' it alone there)...and the same sentiment/intentions were likely in Trump. I was just pretending I took it all serious. You know, like a Troll :)

Let's change things up and elect Gary Johnson.

Don't feel the Bern...feel my Johnson !!

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