Monday, August 29, 2016

I did not know that

For a long time now, I've been under the impression that Trump has lead his company through four bankruptcies. The actual number is six.
People close to Trump have described one feature of his mental problems in a way that sounds scarily accurate: "Trump tends to echo the words of the last person with whom he spoke".

Dara Lind commments on that description here. Although she's right that this behaviour is "terrifying", she's wrong to blame his political inconsistency and his moaning about the media on it. He's politically inconsistent because he's a highly astute, highly focused populist non-politician candidate who's running a shit-hot campaign, and he moans about the media because he doesn't like opposition.

The behaviour of agreeing with whatever the last person said adds to our understanding of his psychopathy. I've encountered such behaviour before, albeit not associated with Trump-style egomania.

Behind Trump's big, big ego there's clearly a naughty little boy who wants to blow the world up so that his mummy can give him a really hard smack on his bottom. Then at least his mummy will pay attention to him.

And he'll get off on the deep feeling that he's a worthless turd too. It'll be win-win for the loony!

"Oh why can't I play with the nuclear warheads? I'll show the bitch!"

Take off your mask, Trump. I know who you are now.
How did Politifact pass up a chance to award "Pants on Fire" to Hillary because she only spoke of four bankruptcies?
Well put, Stickler
I also didn't realize how many Companies Trump is involved with (over 500) and his name is on about half of them. Unfortunately, in my life, I would be thrilled if only 6 of them were winners (lucrative) let alone only 6 failures. I've only had success once in my life and I have tried many many things.

I am certainly in no position to put that guy down for being a failure.

I have a homeless buddy who sleeps in his car and sometimes I take him to lunch. I feel embarrassed when he gets mad at the cashier at Fatburger and calls her a dumbass loser if she screws something up. She made a comment to him asking what he did for a living to be able to judge her and he told her he is a talented Hollywood Screenwriter...but left out the part that nobody has ever paid him a dime for his writings.

Watch 5 or 6 hours of CNN in a row and you will be surprised such a complete fool could even hold down a job working the broiler at Burger King.

What's your average of success/failure in life??
According to the Jerusalem Post, writing as Seattle-based billionaire Martin Selig has withdrawn his support for Trump, most Jewish billionaire Republicans aren't backing the orange-haired loon.

Interestingly, Tom Rose, former publisher of that newspaper, describes Mike Pence as "one of the best friends the State of Israel and the Jewish people have ever had". And Haaretz calls Mike Pence "a longtime supporter of Netanyahu". They say that Pence "has been a longtime friend of Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, ever since he took to the national stage in 2001 as a member of congress closely tied to the Christian conservative wing of the GOP."

Watch Pence. He could be the next US president. Has someone found out what Christian denomination he belongs to yet?
I should have added more from former Jerusalem post publisher Tom Rose:

Rose describes Pence as his "closest personal friend for over 25 years".

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if Donald Trump wins the election, at some point Mike Pence will be president of the United States. If Donald Trump loses the election, at some point Mike Pence will be president of the United States."

You called it, Joseph. You're my blog of record for a reason.
Steve......most of us don't go around touting how great, successful, rich, and all around wonderful we are at every opportunity. Most of us were not born into great wealth, as Trump was. We we're given a million dollars and didn't have the plentiful business and mob contacts of our fathers to draw on, as Trump did. On top of that, by the accounts of economists and many other successful businessmen, Trump is far less successful, given all the previous advantages I mentioned, than he should have been. There is every indication he is worth far, far less than he claims. Much of his success is also attributable to many of his "businesses" being outright scams.
That he failed isn't the problem. The problem is that his only claim to the presidency is that he is going to transfer his model of running his biz to run the government. Don't you think we are allowed to look closely at that model and assess its success or lack off.
GUS...I guess you're right, he's a loser and a scam artist who should learn how to make money the good old fashioned way and honestly (scam free) the Clintons?

All jokes aside,

I must admit, if I were worth even 200 or 300 million, my ego would be so over the top, I would have some new baboon hair on my head and a whore in each arm for the rest of my short life :)
Trump is a very clever businessman who started off with mob contacts, with family connections and with more money than most of us ever have, and who has multiplied his worth manyfold. But there are indications that his wealth may well be far more precariously balanced, as well as smaller in size, than the assets enjoyed by, say, Michael Bloomberg, the Koch brothers, or - someone who seems to have made his way up from far less pecunious initial circumstances - Sheldon Adelson. That's as far as I would go. Perhaps some scandal will damage the bastard irreparably in the next 10 weeks. That idea is bound to be on the map in the Clinton war room. It may or may not be in the strategising of Mike Pence, who may or may not be a fan of Ignatius Loyola.

Why aren't there more conspiracy theories about Trump?
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